Wean the child from the bottle

Just as breastfeeding moms wean babies from
Breasts, mothers of artificiality forced to wean the children from the bottle.
The habit of sucking the nipple and falling asleep with a bottle in the mouth
Artificially developed very much. Still wean the child
from a bottle at a certain moment is simply necessary because
the mixture does not satisfy the need of an older baby in useful
substances, and to him to fully eat, it is very important to learn
eat “adult” food and drink from a cup. Making the baby part
with a bottle, the process is not easy, and during this
процесса дети капризничают и со слезами требует свой
любимый аксессуар, ведь сосание из бутылочки не только утоляет
голод, но доставляет ребенку удовольствие, успокаивает и

отучаем ребенка от бутылочки

Когда начинать

It is impossible to name a specific age when you need to start
wean from the bottle. In terms of psychology and physiology can
talk about the fact that there is a period of readiness for parting with this
attribute of infancy, but for all children it occurs in a different way.
time. Moms need only fix the presence of signs of readiness
your child and decide on the situation.

  1. From the point of view of physiology, if the baby is sitting confidently, it can
    keep a cup and a spoon – you can refuse a bottle. Usually all
    these skills are formed by 10 months or first birthday.
  2. From a psychological point of view, sucking is necessary for the baby as a way.
    calm down. If the baby does not suck, it sucks the pacifier and
    bottle. In this sense, it is worth cleaning a bottle out of daily use,
    when the child has mastered more advanced ways of coping with
    anxiety and stress. This usually occurs between 1.5 and 2 years. It,
    Of course, does not mean that up to 1.5 years the child will receive food
    только через bottle. For this age only nightly

Sometimes circumstances are such that wean the child from
bottles have to, without waiting for full readiness for all
fronts. For example, if you have to travel in which it is impossible
take care of the sterility of the bottles and dilution of the mixture.

Some moms even think that a child doesn’t need
забирать бутылочку: придёт время – и он откажется сам.
Perhaps there is a grain of common sense in this, but as we have already
they said it was better to weigh all the arguments. Do not separate the baby from
bottle, until he refuses, should be convenient to all. Mom at
this has to withstand public pressure, because the view
two-year-olds with a bottle (as, by the way, and with a breast) quite often causes
condemnation and disapproval.

How to wean – practical advice

  • Do not wean abruptly. Give your child the opportunity
    calmly and smoothly survive this stage of maturation. Contrary to opinion
    some moms and even doctors, throw the bottle away, say what
    Babayka took the bottle, hide it and not give it under any circumstances
    – these are tips from the “how not to do” series;
  • Choose the right moment. Period
    parting with a bottle should not coincide with some
    significant changes in life and stress (parental divorce,
    relocation, the appearance of a brother or sister);
  • Do not give and do not feed from the bottle to the dinner
     At lunch we eat from a cup, drink from a mug. AT
    the very last thing night sucking goes from a bottle;
  • For intermediate drinking, use between
    bottle and cup – spillpile.
    кружка поильник

    In shape, it resembles a favorite bottle, and in principle
    extracting the contents is a regular cup. ATариантов поильников
    there is a lot: with handles and without, with a plastic “spout” and
    with rubber (here’s an article on the topic of drinking cups);
  • Motivate a child to eat from his dishes and drink from
    To do this, first, all these items must
    appear in the house and be always in sight. ATыбирая первую посуду
    baby, do not overdo it: a cup and a plate, of course, should
    attract the attention of crumbs, but they should not be associated with
    game, therefore distracting from eating maneuvers in dishes not
    must be in excess. Keep baby dishes in sight regularly
    offer a crumb to drink from your mug. Some moms go on
    tricks and poured into a cup of obviously more pleasant drink, and in
    bottle – on the contrary (for example, sweeten drink in a cup, or
    add some salt to the liquid in the bottle). The intentions of this reception are good,
    but the reception itself is questionable. Much better when baby
    consciously grow to a new way of drinking, without
  • When the baby is ready to completely abandon
    bottles, you can hold a kind of ritual of refusal.

    The meaning of these actions is to “officially” together with the child
    admit: you grew up, the bottle goes into the past. Can solemnly
    donate a bottle of “lala”, take little squirrels into the forest or
    just put it on the high shelf. The main thing is that all this be on
    positive note.

Weaning the baby from the bottle, mom should be flexible and
focus not only on their goals, but also on the child himself. If a
any attempt to part with the bottle causes hysteria, better
postpone them for a week or two. Children grow up very quickly: more
yesterday he shouted up hoarse, not wanting to change the bottle on the cup, and
tomorrow he will do it easily. 

Opinion. If a вы готовы несколько дней
calmly respond to the baby’s cry, whims and tantrums, to
request to return the bottle, you can simply say that the bottle
съела собачка :) На самом деле, каждый ребенок индивидуален, и правильных
Ways and tips on this issue simply do not exist. ATы
must themselves feel when it is time and how right it is
to do! Remember! Difficult – only the first
один-два дня, затем ребенок забудет о бутылочке сам. But
if you constantly return the baby a bottle, indulge
to the whims, the child will quickly feel it and start intuitively
manipulate you. Those. then the process of weaning may be delayed.
for a long time. ATозраст детей 2 — 3 года — это тот самый возраст, когда
children are checking how far adults are allowed to go
so sometimes you don’t let the little manipulator take over you


развитие ребенка

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ATидео вопрос

«Дочери 2 года и она до сих пор сосет
a bottle. Моих нервов не хватает на то, что бы отучить
her. What do you advise? Может подождать и она сама от
will she refuse? ”

Psychologist-teacher Ekaterina Krivosheeva answers:

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