Wean the baby from the nipple (pacifier): tips andrecommendations

For many moms nipple (dummy) in the first months of life
a newborn baby becomes a real salvation. Baby with her
falls asleep easier, less worrying and naughty. But children
so tightly attached to his “girlfriend” that sometimes
continue to use the nipple and in two and three years. Naturally,
this is not a very good habit at this age and parents try
gradually take and wean the baby from the pacifier by all possible
in ways. Но все способы подходят для неокрепшей психики
child and in order to pick the best option and
подходящее время для отучения сосания соски, необходимо
take into account the nature of the baby and follow the advice of pediatricians.

The content of the article

  • 1 Benefit and harm of a pacifier
    • 1.1 Pros and Cons
    • 1.2 It is impossible
    • 1.3 When it is time to take the pacifier
      • 1.3.1 Experience of the Brovchenko family
  • 2 Smooth failure
  • 3 Sharp failure
  • 4 Opinion doctor pediatrician (video)
  • 5 Parenting experience

отучаем ребенка сосать соску

The benefits and harm of dummy

Читать подробно: Нужно ли приучать ребенка к
dummy? How to teach if a child spits out a dummy

Sucking reflex is considered one for a newborn baby.
of the most important, it is not for nothing that at birth of a baby pediatricians must
check its availability. If the sucking reflex is developed properly
level means the baby will eat well and develop. TO
Unfortunately, the little ones cannot control it, and can calmly
suck the blanket tucked under the arm or the edge of the pillow, even worse
if the child pulls his finger into his mouth. The biggest trouble from
this is infection in the mouth.

Some babies have a sucking reflex completely.
satisfied when he sucks the breast. Others start
worry without nipples when falling asleep or at the first sign

Many believe that the dummy can ruin the bite and
correct pronouncing of sounds, in fact, this theory is nothing
backed up by Fear causes more psychological aspect –
baby accustomed to the nipple, less interested in the world and can grow
closed Completely abandon the pacifier is not worth it, but for
further, without further problems, wean the child from the nipples,
There are several basic recommendations to consider:

  • If the baby feels great without a dummy in the first
    weeks of life, does not pull diapers or fingers into your mouth, does not act up and
    easy to fall asleep, then you should not impose it. Many children grow up and
    without rubber assistant;
  • In the daytime you need to talk more with the baby, show
    the world around him – it will allow him faster and better
    adapt to an unfamiliar and not familiar world and will not leave
    time to suck dummy;
  • From about 6-7 months a baby should be taught to drink from a cup. Than
    the faster he learns to swallow well, the sooner the house will disappear
    бутылочки, а значит и привычная пустышка (TOак отучить от
  • Closer to 7-8 months, you need to clean the nipple, so that your
    the child did not see her. You can give the pacifier just before falling asleep.
    day or evening hours;
  • Baby closer to the year already likes to listen to fairy tales and the process of falling asleep
    with a pacifier, it is better to replace two or three read fairy tales. Usually
    the child falls asleep to the sound of her mother’s voice;
  • Your child must have an activity during the daytime.
    – games with pyramids, cubes, that is all that allows him to
    interest to explore the world, without being distracted by sucking.

Pros and cons

Tips on how to wean a child from soother many
Moms hear from grandmothers, neighbors, or just friends. It does not follow
each of them is immediately carried out, each baby is already a personality
with their temper of character and mental stability, therefore,
what has come to one, to another can be harmful.

Can not

Smooth failure от соски


First of all, in the process of weaning, it is necessary to understand that
may cause even more harm than the nipple itself. therefore
can not:

  • To smear the nipple with various bitter substances, for example,
    mustard or garlic.
    Not all adults can move this.
    Spice, but imagine what the child will be like. TOроме того это не
    safely – in recent years, allergic diseases have been growing and
    spices can cause swelling and spasm of the throat;
  • Many advise weaning the baby from the nipple, cutting it along
    chamomile type.
    It is also unsafe – the baby has a mouth
    there are a few sharp teeth and he can bite off a piece of latex and
    it is easy to imagine that he will fall into the throat and at best
    will advance to the stomach. And at worst, sticky gum can attach
    to the throat mucosa, causing cramping and choking;
  • Can not на ребенка повышать голос и тем более кричать в
    период, когда он просит свой «успокоитель»
    . Baby not
    will understand why mom is angry with him and will be even more
    капризничать (Важная статья по теме: что делать если вы кричите
    на ребенка)
  • You do not need to deprive the baby dummy in the period when he
    sick or teething
    TOаждая мама наверняка
    understands why – your crumb will feel worse and
    the healing process will be delayed.

TOогда соску пора забрать

Many psychologists рекомендуют начинать отучать малыша от
соски начиная от трех месяцев и до года. Do not delay with
Decision, the main thing is to choose a favorable moment and attach a maximum
their efforts. And for this you have to do the following

  • Spend more time with the child;
  • In the daytime you need to constantly walk with him, show
    all new and play toys;
  • After falling asleep, the nipple needs to be removed from the mouth and placed next to it in
  • Never offer your child the nipple yourself, and in the afternoon remove it from
    his eye

The Brovchenko Family Experience

What time you need to wean the baby from the nipples. TOак лучше и
painless to do it. Three ways to wean from a pacifier.


There are two methods of weaning a baby from a pacifier, each of
them coming to a certain age.

Smooth failure

Any habit is formed in 21 days!


Smooth failure от любимой соски подразумевает избавление от
habits in a few weeks. This method is more suitable for kids.
up to a year and a little older. Gradual failure implies following
such tips:

  • Do not take a pacifier for a walk;
  • In the daytime, keep the nipple away;
  • Учите малыша как можно больше пить из чашки (как научить
    пить из чашки)
  • Come up for it exciting new games and
  • At bedtime, you can put your favorite toy in the crib, so baby
    will understand that he is not alone and will spend less of his time
  • When you fall asleep, wait for the crumb to fall asleep, no need to leave
    him at this time.

Weekly weaning regimen

  1. For the first 5 days, give a dummy in half the time
    than usual.
  2. For the next few days, give the nipple only for the night (and
    daytime sleep).
  3. Time to fall asleep with the nipple to cut in half, giving after
    nipples breasts.
  4. Give the pacifier a few minutes – then breast.

The pacifier should be given to the baby only in those difficult moments when he
really can not calm down without it.

Abrupt failure

This method is suitable for kids from one and a half years and older, then
is for those who already understand mom and can understand that she is to him

Abrupt failure от соски – это значит раз и
forever and ever!

But the crumbs for this must be prepared. And for that
a lot of effective ways, depending on the warehouse
nature of the child, each mother will be able to choose a convenient and optimal
option.Abrupt failure от пустышки

  • It is necessary to give someone a pacifier. Ideally –
    newborn baby – a neighbor or relative. Your son or daughter
    they already understand that they are older, and a little crumb needs
    nipple. It must be said that the nipples are necessarily transmitted from older to
    younger, and for even greater effect, you can organize a moment
    solemn transfer from hand to hand (of course, in jest);
  • Соску можно «отправить маленькому зайчишке в лес или рыбке
    в море
    «. Your baby needs to be told that the animals are afraid in
    only dummy can protect the forest and protect them;
  • For some children, a method of throwing into the sea, a window
    cars, trains or just in the trash;
  • After getting rid of the nipples crumbs must be presented
    A good gift, emphasizing the fact that such toys
    only big and independent kids play.

Getting rid of the nipples, you need to endure a few days whims
baby Perhaps he will wake up at night, cry and demand

If the vagaries last more than ten days, and you understand
that the baby is getting worse, you don’t need to put on it
эксперимент – купите ему новую dummy.

Most children themselves, about the age of three, throw out their
�“Pacifier” and forget about him forever.


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Parents experience

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