Wean the baby from swaddling

Как отучить ребенка от пеленания

Before weaning a baby from swaddling, you need to understand
Why teach diapers and do I need to do this? Analyze all

There are two types of swaddling:

  • tight
  • free.


Tight пеленание происходит с выпрямлением ног и рук малыша, в
two diapers. With this kind of child without movement, he is not afraid
their body parts and accordingly does not wake themselves. This method
slows down the basic movements of the hands and slows the development process.
Regular immobility leads to dislocation
Byrd or osteoarthritis. One of five newborns is diagnosed
hip dysplasia, with tight swaddling problem
aggravated and leads to complication. Light form goes by itself
to myself.

Tightly swaddled baby is harder to breathe. Child is limited in
movements and forced to be in an unnatural posture.
To warm up in a tight dressing is harder than just wearing clothes or
free swaddling. The conclusion suggests itself: tight
Swaddling is suitable for a short time. Better to this
the way not to teach the child.

Loose swaddling

Freely baby girl has the ability to move. Take
comfortable position, breathe freely, do not stop. With this technique
the child feels warm because the movement warms.
Children’s bedroom is considered a good alternative to such swaddling.
bag. When any of the species, the baby sleeps more calmly, he feels
protected, blood circulation goes naturally. Diaper
provides tactile contact.

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  • Swaddling a newborn: “FOR” and “AGAINST”
  • How to swaddle a newborn baby

Be sure to watch the video, and then many concerns will dispel
by themselves:


Coming out of the maternity hospital, you can never swaddle the baby or tie
only legs, and handles to leave in free flight. Such a way
not suitable for all children, but not for premature babies

How easier it is to wean the baby from the diaper

Отучаем ребенка от пеленания

Baby grows, begins to be interested in the environment, he
It is interesting to consider toys and reach for them with your little hands.
By three months of activity increases, and swaddling fetters
movement and slows development. So it’s time to wean off
diaper. Many parents, weaning from the diapers, put the baby to sleep with
by myself. The baby always sleeps well with mom, but you have to remember that
Weaning to sleep with adults will be difficult.

A few tips to weaning passed less
painful for both baby and parents:

  1. Gradually translate from tight swaddling to free. If a
    the child does not fall asleep, then put to sleep tightly swaddled. During sleep
    loosen the diaper.
  2. Every day the diaper is made weaker. He will gradually get used
    every night will sleep better. Happy after three months is better not
    swaddle, so the child gets used to the hands and stop being scared.
  3. Укладывать малыша на руках, крепко прижимая к to myself. When
    fall asleep gently in the crib and cover with a sheet.
  4. Sleep in a crib without diapers, but covered with a blanket. So
    the child will feel protected.

Initially, you need to understand why your baby is sleeping.
calmer in diapers. Everyone has different reasons. One baby is in the way
pens, and another leg. Having figured out the reason you can swaddle differently.
At bedtime, perhaps only arms or legs should be fastened. But when
the child will fall asleep necessarily untie the diaper. If a малыш
I woke up and wept, you shouldn’t take him in your arms right away. Watch
a couple of minutes, most likely he will fall asleep again. At the time of weaning
It is recommended to wear special mittens. So вы защитите ребенка
from accidental scratches.

With any method we must disaccustom the baby
gradually, so as not to injure the child.
Swaddle or
Do not swaddle your baby each parent’s choice. Wean from diapers
easy. The main assistants in this matter are diligence and
patience. We must learn to understand and feel the baby.
Watch his reaction, what he likes and what doesn’t. Only
surrounded by love and warmth of mom, the baby feels comfortable and

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