Wean a child from the breast correctly: ways,rules, myths and what not to do

Breastfeeding a newborn baby is the most
natural state for every young mommy. This she gives
to him his love and protection, strengthens the immune system, maintains close
tactile and psychological contact, very important and necessary
for the proper development of the baby. But even with the most successful chest
feeding time comes when mom starts to wonder
вопросом о том, как отучить от грудного
вскармливания своего, уже достаточно подросшего и окрепшего

ATидео: когда отлучать ребенка от груди?

ATарианты, способы и методы отлучения от груди

отучить ребенка от грудного вскармливания

You can wait for the natural involution of the breast – a state where
breast independently ceases to produce milk, glandular
the breast tissue is gradually replaced by fat and the breast returns to
your pregame condition.

Or, focusing on the state of sucking the needs of the child,
wait for his complete self-radiation from the mother’s chest.

But, not every mother is able to go through all this long
process. Here many factors affect – physical and
emotional fatigue from long-feeding, nasty or
pain in the chest during feeding older
child, his frequent “hangs” on the chest, very similar to
�“Hang-ups” of a newborn baby, wrong hold or just
pampering baby at the breast.

Other reasons to stop breastfeeding may be
the need to go to work, travel, hospitalization or
the shaky health of mom and just public opinion.
Unfortunately, mom-long-feeding moms today are more likely to cause
perplexity or even censure of others, rather than universal

Depending on the urgency of the weaning, you can choose from
способов отучить ребенка от грудного вскармливания. They
differ from each other both in the rate of weaning and
«стрессовости» и травматичности для мамы и baby

You can stop breastfeeding,

  • Grandma’s way;
  • Medical method;
  • Soft or natural way.

Video: how we completed the chest

Wean from the chest “grandmother’s way”

How were our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers weaning children?
Very simple way, but exceptionally sharp and traumatic as
for mother, and for the baby – heavily over-puffed sheets,
simultaneously sending the child for a while to

For a child, this method was a double shock – no love
Breast, nor beloved mommy. And my mother, in addition to psychological
discomfort from a long absence of a child and feelings for him,
a whole bunch of physical ailments was added – a terrible pain in
breast full of milk and heat, always
accompanying strong engorgement and the appearance of a lump in the chest.
When using this method, you can bring the chest to inflammation
glandular tissue – mastitis, often resulting in surgery

Отучить ребенка от груди этим способом, конечно, можно. But
at what cost … the risk of mom’s health complications and tremendous stress
for the baby. A feeling of regret for this method of termination
feeding the baby can stay with mom for a long time if not
forever and ever.

Excommunication in the “Medical Way”

Medical excommunication is usually suggested by doctors.
(gynecologists or family doctors from the clinic). For this they
prescribe drugs that suppress the production of hormone
prolactin, responsible for lactation in the female body. AT
частности, одним из таких препаратов является «Достинекс».
Do not forget about the possible side effects of taking
drug that violates the hormonal background of your body – nausea,
headache, dizziness, insomnia.

Also the drug Dostinex will not act enough
effectively without minimizing the number of attachments to
breasts followed by their final cancellation. Especially it concerns
ночных и подутренних кормлений baby How to cancel
feeding mother decides for herself, but this is not done in one day. Most
common tricks to distract the baby from sucking

  • Spread the breast with green paint, mustard, tincture of wormwood or
    motherwort and other “horror stories and bitters” for a child –
    psychologically it is very difficult for a child to perceive
    trust in such a beloved and dear from birth subject as my mother’s
  • Maximum distract the child from the requirement to suck the breast – here
    the help of grandmothers, nannies, popes and in general all family members is useful,
    inventing all sorts of entertainment for the child;
  • Often hug, kiss, carry a child,
    giving him a substitute for other tactile sensations from contact with
  • Do not bare the chest in the presence of a child, do not wear open
    blouses or cleavage, do not provoke a child to the requirement

In this case, the chest should not be tied up – simply
wear a comfortable and not tight bra pitted.

With a feeling of filling and bursting in her chest is necessary
decant, but a little bit, only to a sense of relief. This is not
painful condition of the mother’s breast is allowed and is not provoked
increase lactation. Gradually, the chest ceases to produce
milk, and the baby ceases to demand breast.

Отучить ребенка сосать грудь таким способом менее
problematic for mom and baby. The child continues to communicate with
mom, trusting relationships remain, excommunication occurs more
softly and not too fast, as in the case of the use of “grandma’s
way “. But медикаментозное гормональное вмешательство в женский
the body should still be used only in exceptional

Отучаем от груди «мягким или естественным способом»

отучить ребенка сосать грудь

Mild weaning is a fairly long process,
takes up to six months and more. This is not an involution and not
self-radiation, and conscious gradual cessation of feeding in
зависимости от готовности к этому процессу baby What for
этого требуется или какие этапы is necessary пройти:

  1. Gradually cancel all messy and not so necessary
    daytime feeding to the child – when the child is just tired, missing,
    requires solace or communication, trying instead to devote more
    time for other activities – games, walks, entertainment;
  2. Gradually cancel the daily feeding of the child “in a dream” and “about
    sleep ”, replacing them with fairy tales, songs or motion sickness;
  3. Gradually abolish morning waking feeding,
    having woken up earlier a child and having prepared a porridge for it for breakfast;
  4. gradually cancel the evening feeding “before bed”, feeding
    child hearty dinner and continuing to distract him with fairy tales,
    tactile contact and motion sickness;
  5. Gradually cancel the remaining night feedings, moving on to
    stroking a baby and hugging in a dream.

The emphasis in these stages is put on the word “gradually” … then
there is, until the first stage is fully mastered go to
subsequent does not make sense. Therefore natural excommunication from
Breasts are the best way to let your baby
quietly adapt to new, changing conditions for him
communicating with mother, mother’s breast and the world around him.

Mom is also gradually moving to a new level of communication with
a child without experiencing physical discomfort from
painful sensations in the chest and not undergoing a drastic change
hormonal levels.

Lactation decreases slowly and correctly, the amount of milk
decreases in response to a decrease in the number of attachments in
day. This method is the least traumatic for all its participants, but
It requires a lot of peace and patience from the mother, since there is enough
greatly stretched in the time span.

ATыбирая из всех существующих и практикующихся в настоящий момент
methods of weaning are much easier to complete
feeding, focusing on the willingness to do so

Mom’s emotional attitude to stopping feeding also has

If mom doubts whether to stop
feed, then it means mom herself is not yet ready enough for this

By the end of breastfeeding, everyone should be ready – and
a child, and mother, and even mother’s breast. От того, как мы отучаем
от грудного вскармливания свое дитя, зависит в будущем
психологический комфорт и физическое здоровье мамы и baby

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What not to do

What not to do when weaning? Myths,
folk ways and other bad advice:

How to wean a child from the chest? Says Nina Zaichenko

The most detailed guide – how to wean
ребенка от chest How to wean a child up to a year? how
wean a child after a year? how отлучить от груди ребенка
after two years? What do you encounter when weaning? what
Do you need to know when weaning a baby? how
to prevent milk stagnation when weaning?

My twice experience, my advice! Alla Dvoretskova

Mom’s school. Консультирует Олеся Кочина. Specialist in

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