We treat the temperature of an infantby means

All new mothers need and very important
знать, как в домашних условиях можно сбить температуру
грудному ребенку обычными народными by means, если она превысила
отметку 38 ºС

We read the article: what is the normal temperature should be
infant and if the temperature is above normal. it is worth taking
first measures!

In general, the best way to beat down the temperature in nursing babies is with candles,
because they are not yet able to swallow the pill. What if
the temperature is accompanied by vomiting, then the orally accepted suspension
may not have time to have the desired effect.

Как сбить температуру грудному ребенку

general information

How to measure the temperature of the baby?

The use of conservative methods of lowering the temperature
used in the following cases:

  • Until reaching three months of age at the mark on the thermometer
    38 ºС;
  • After three months – at around 38, 5 ºС;
  • If the temperature continues to rise;
  • If the child has a chronic illness;
  • If the temperature rises with diarrhea and

Of course, with a strong increase in temperature must
come doctor

At the same time, all moms need to know the folk methods and ways
быстро сбить температуру ребенку в домашних условиях
подручными by means, если врач еще не приехал.


  1. First of all, you should undress the child so that he can
    did not heat up in his clothes. But everything is within reason. Baby in
    this time may shiver, so that a little T-shirt or T-shirt is all
    they can stay on it;
  2. Grind baby with cool water. Here, too, need to treat
    without fanaticism – no cold water from the fridge or from the tap.
    Water should be at room temperature. Avoid places on the body below.
    knees and elbows, so as not to supercool the baby, because
    the temperature will then increase even more;
  3. If the above methods are ineffective, then you can give your baby

The drug, which has the most effective effect
для понижении температуры у грудничка, называется
парацетамол. As a rule, it is the basis of all
antipyretic drugs and directly acting
substance. And it does not matter in what form to give it to the child – in
suspension, syrup or use candles.

But any medications containing paracetamol cannot be used.
more often than once every 4 hours and 6-8 times a day. For children exist
Children’s drugs with a lower dose of the active substance. Can not
give babies drugs containing analgin or aspirin.

Народные средства при температуре у грудного ребенка

как сбить температуру грудному ребенку народными by means

Using folk remedies to bring down the temperature today is very
easy. The child must be provided with abundant drink from fruit drink and also
give drink infusions or decoctions of drugs. Pretty
эффективными by means от температуры служат:

  • Cranberry or lingonberry juice;
  • Infusion of burdock root;
  • Red currant juice;
  • Infusion of elderberry flowers.

Drinking plenty of these infusions will help to reduce the temperature of the baby.
A child may drink a little, but often. But remember that
fever is just a sign of a disease
the reason for which you need to look.

Положительный эффект также окажет холодный компресс,
put on the forehead, rubbing down with cool (not cold!) water,
boiled water enema (water temperature should be about 20

All these procedures should not be long. If you not
знаете, как сбить температуру ребенку народными by means, то
Calling your pediatrician can help with such a difficult question.

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