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At night, on a day off or on a trip – children always get sick unexpectedly and at the wrong time. Especially painful are the pain in the ear, which are so intense that they cause lumbago, the child abruptly cries out in a dream and cannot calm down for a long time.

Overnight shooting pains in the ear can be repeated until several dozen times. How to save a baby from torment, not waiting for a morning or a visit to the doctor?


Since young children may not always indicate exactly what they have it hurts, parents should differentiate the cause based on results of a small home examination. Child need examine if there is redness or swelling of the auditory canal, any discharge from it. You can shine a flashlight in your ear to determine if it has a foreign object.

Preschool children periodically thrust themselves small objects in your ears or nose that could lead to unpleasant sensations. An insect can get into the ear canal, causing severe pain.

To find out the presence of inflammatory processes, the child gently click on the tragus – a moving cartilage at the entrance to the ear. Toddler in front this must be distracted so that he does not cry. If touch or pressure leads to sharp pain, which means that it develops inside inflammation. Be sure to measure body temperature.


A child’s ear hurts, what to doInflammatory process in The following signs correspond to the baby’s ear:

  • Soreness when touching the tragus;
  • Shooting pains in the ear at night;
  • Redness or swelling inside the ear canal.

If the inflammation is caused by an infection, a slight swollen lymph nodes, sore skin behind the ear. Can increase in temperature is present.

If the child’s ear has a foreign object, then it can be see by peering into the ear canal. With a deep location beads or other small object in the ear call an ambulance or take the baby to the hospital. Don’t try pull it out yourself.

An insect entering the ear canal may not visualized, but the pain it causes is always acute, and Continues without a break. A cat or a bug scratches its feet delicate skin of the ear canal, trying to find a way out. Kid is strong cries, rubs his ear. If there is a suspicion of penetration of midges or another creature, they can be easily neutralized by dripping into the ear ordinary warm vegetable oil. The insect suffocates and along with the oil will come out, or the doctor will get it.


If a child’s ear hurtsIf the baby’s ear pain is caused inflammatory process, and discharge of purulent or bloody no character, if not temperature, then alleviate the suffering of the child in the following ways:

  • When shooting at night, be sure to give the baby “Nurofen” or any other familiar children’s pain medication.
  • Drop propolis tincture into alcohol diluted in ear in half with vegetable oil. Preschool children Propolis can not be diluted with oil. After that, close the auditory Pass with a cotton swab and tie your ear with a warm cloth.
  • Grate the area around your ear with an asterisk or doctor ointment Mom, “then tie it with a warm scarf.
  • Make a vodka compress on the area around the ear, for small children vodka warm and dilute in half with water. Compress hold at least two hours.
  • In the absence of all available means, you can drip in your ear any vegetable alcohol tincture diluted with vegetable oil, tie a warm scarf on top of the ear. Be sure to give the baby hotter drinking, best herbal tea.

High temperature – a direct ban on any heat procedures!

First aid always helps babies and pain intensity decreases, but inflammation remains. Infection can enter the brain, causing severe inflammatory processes: meningitis, meningoencephalitis. With a pronounced inflammatory process should be sure to use drops in the ears containing antibiotics. At combined infections, take antibiotics inside.

Anti-inflammatory ear drops sold in pharmacies without recipe, so you can choose the most suitable for age baby remedies. Usually, after the first application, pain intensity decreases, the child feels much better.


Ear infections are a common occurrence in children; they can start in as a result of hypothermia, as a result of water entering the ear during bath time, or after a viral or respiratory infection. Careful care of your auditory canal will help prevent inflammation and relieve the child of pain. If it hurts ears, is it worth giving the baby antibiotics in tablets.

The rules for caring for a newborn boy provide for and ear prophylaxis.

Practical tips in the article how to remove excess from the ear sulfur. After bathing in the bath or in the pool, the child’s ears can dry with a napkin or warm air from a hair dryer. If infection often repeated, then as a prophylaxis after bathing they drip divorced tincture of propolis. She not only warms, but also It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.


Parents cannot always prevent ear diseases in baby, but skip the onset of inflammation when the process only begins, quite possibly. Children’s ears are especially sore, suffering from respiratory infections, therefore, treatment for the common cold should accompanied by careful observation of the ears. Sometimes first a harbinger of inflammation is the hearing loss of the child, which may persist for some time after illness.

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