We treat a cough in an infant childby means

Если грудной ребенок закашлял, начинать лечение
required by calling a doctor. The body of the baby is very gentle, exchangeable
the processes in it are accelerated. Mild inflammatory process sometimes
quickly becomes acute. Deciding what and how is more correct
лечить кашель у новорожденного ребенка, необходимо определить
the cause of its occurrence. Чаще всего причина кашля может
be:Как лечить кашель у грудного ребенка народными by means

  • ARVI;
  • Allergic reaction;
  • Inflammation of the larynx;
  • Inhalation of foreign body or clogging
    their fluid;
  • Bronchospasm.

After the pediatrician determines the nature of the cough, he may
advise parents to combine the use of traditional therapy and
treatment by folk methods. It speeds up the healing process and
does not give a large number of side effects.

Народные способы лечения кашля у детей до года

В качестве альтернативы лекарственным препаратам от кашля
There are also folk remedies for treating babies, which
must be used wisely so as not to aggravate the situation

Первое и главное —  не
should warm up and put mustard plasters if your baby
elevated temperature. 

Младенцам до 2-месячного возраста быстро
help get rid of cough onion jam. Onion finely rubbed on
grater, mixed in a ratio of 1/1 with honey, allowed to stand about 1.5
hours Then squeeze the juice. Give every hour for half tea

Herbs to fight cough

The use of herbs in the form of decoctions for the treatment of babies
possible from 2 months.

Coltsfoot and plantain

С 4-месячного возраста младенцем можно давать
herbal decoction made up of coltsfoot and plantain.
It is made like this: a tablespoon of raw materials is poured with a glass
boiling water, insist in a thermos or a warm place for 2 hours, and give
child before meals – 2 tablespoons – for 15 minutes. Mixture has
expectorant properties. If a child has vomiting after it
the effect means the dosage should be reduced.

Солодка, девясил и алтей

Также оказывает хорошее воздействие корень
. It is recommended to use it in combination with
девясилом и алтеем.

All three roots are mixed in equal amounts. Take 1 tablespoon
the resulting mixture and poured 500 ml of cold boiled water.
Настаивается 8 hours Give the child 2-3 times a day for 50

Heating packs

For children under the age of 2 months, speed up the healing process
The following recipes will help.

  1. Honey compresses. Honey cake is mixed on the basis of honey,
    adding flour and vegetable oil to it. Flapjack should
    get enough dense consistency, so as not to spread
    after it is placed on the baby’s chest. Some parents
    Mustard powder is added to the cake, but it can cause
    irritation of tender infant skin. With 4 months mustard, you can already
    use without restrictions.
  2. You can warm your baby by putting him a compress from camphor
  3. For warming up the baby, a compress from potato is used.
    mashed potatoes.
  4. Breast baby pounded badger fat, and insulated
    gauze compress.

Compresses do this:

  • Diaper in several layers;
  • Therapeutic agent;
  • Another diaper;
  • Polyethylene layer;
  • Fixing tour with gauze or diaper, folded angle.

Exception: badger fat or camphor oil – breast rubbed
these substances directly.

All warming compresses to the child are placed on the chest.
If compresses are put on the back and breast at the same time, there is a risk
provoke the development of pneumonia.

Badger fat can be rubbed not only the chest of the child, but
at the same time and foot. Rubbing badger fat
позволяет ускорить процесс отхождения мокроты, если она
there is. In the case where the baby suffers from a dry cough, it is possible
the air in the room is too dry and should be extra

(See the article on dry cough in infants)

Inhalation for baby

Relieve the condition of a child up to 2 months of age
сухой кашель, можно с помощью ингаляции пассивного типа.
It is done this way. Boiling water is poured into the bath and waiting for
the room warms up with steam. Inhalant coughing baby is about 5
minutes If the aroma of eucalyptus essential oil does not cause a child
allergic reaction then you can add a few drops to water
данного oils.


In addition to decoctions, compresses and inhalations, the use of effective
массажа — нежными похлопываниями и постукиваниями массируется
the chest and foot of the child. Massage с применением растительных
balms will increase the effectiveness of treatment. Massage application
improves sputum discharge.

Берите ребенка на руки и нежно похлопывайте по спинке — это
также улучшает дренаж бронхов.

Some tips

  1. It is not recommended to limit the mobility of the child, it can
    provoke stagnation of sputum.
  2. Before using popular recipes in the treatment of infants,
    need to consult a doctor.
  3. Warming procedures are used only when children
    no temperature.
  4. In addition to the means described, you can bathe the child in
    various herbs, for example, have a good effect

Thus, not always there is a need to load the immature
the body of the infant only drugs, you can additionally
use proven and effective recipes of traditional medicine,
used by more than one generation of moms.

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