We teach babies to fall asleep on their own


  1. Why can’t he fall asleep alone?
  2. How to teach a child to fall asleep on his own
  3. Conclusion

Today, hundreds of parents puzzle over how teach a baby to fall asleep on their own.

Sometimes this task seems unrealistically difficult, since the child parents do not immediately calm down, which one there.

However drag out with upbringing in his cub independence is not worth it, therefore, to accustom him to sleep himself all it is necessary. Perhaps in order to teach the child to fall asleep yourself, first you need to think – why is it so difficult for him?

Why can’t he fall asleep alone?

What prevents your cub from falling asleep on its own? Sort it out we shall be together. Causes:

  • Fear. This is the most commonplace and understandable of all reasons. We are all in they were afraid to fall asleep alone in childhood, and even at that age the child knows little about the monsters that live under the bed, about which I’ll certainly read later in some book, but still there is the fear of being left without parental attention, without their presence, is even just the fear of the dark.
  • Not enough fatigue. Sometimes we put the baby to sleep when you are tired yourself. But the crumbs have a different daily routine and if he still if you don’t waste all your energy, you won’t be able to put it no methods. Better spend these half an hour on some kind of game, than a meaningless lulling.
  • Reluctance to be alone. If a child falls asleep in his arms Mom, then it’s worth it to notice it, she puts it in the crib, it is so? At some point, the cub notices it and tries fight sleep, just not to part with mom. He always remains alert, with some sort of anxiety.
  • Unpleasant memories of the child about the bed. Maybe a baby stayed in bed wet or cold for a long time, or maybe he has nightmares. This forms a clear understanding that he will feel bad in the crib. Do something in this situation is quite difficult, you need to provide the child maximum comfort and true pleasure of staying in crib.
  • To go to bed means to finish playing. When everything is around a child fiddling with toys, songs and fun, he’s fun and healthy, because the baby doesn’t want to go to bed – so that the fun doesn’t stopped. In this case, he will meet only when exhausted enough.

Any of these reasons may be an obstacle to your child. to sleep. Further we will talk about how to eliminate them and yet teach the baby to fall asleep without parents.

How to teach a child to fall asleep on his own

How to teach a baby to fall asleep on her ownFor adult human understand that the cub cannot fall asleep after the whole playing a day is extremely difficult, because we often fall asleep earlier than the head touches the pillow. The baby’s body is something completely otherwise.

Such a child craves the attention of parents more than sleep.

Often people ask themselves: when is the best time to teach a child sleep yourself? Experts say that the most favorable the period for this is the age of 1.5 to 3 months.

Some parents have already missed this moment and still created some conditions due to which the baby cannot sleep on his own. Can it may be falling asleep in the hands of parents, maybe a sleep schedule that has been shot down. But still there are methods by which you can teach a baby to sleep without adults in just one or two weeks:

  • When the child is still very small, he already needs to be placed in his own crib. Parents should be around while the baby will not fall asleep. A child who is used to sleeping under motion sickness in a stroller or in the hands of parents, will feel great discomfort, being in a motionless bed, and even without mother’s hands. Not worth it console yourself with the illusions that rushing with the child day and night, you make him better.
  • If the baby cannot fall asleep in the crib, no need to turn this process is in hard labor both for him and for himself. When he screaming and crying because he was alone in the crib, so he not yet ready to sleep on my own. Sobbing cub need reassure, and not wait when he all the same falls asleep. Take it on hands, and when he calms down, put back in the crib, but so, so that he sees you. How to teach a baby to fall asleep on her ownSing baby lullaby, tell him a fairy tale, you can turn on some unhurried and quiet melody. You yourself will soon see how much time you were freed due to the fact that the child began to sleep in his crib instead of napping in your arms.
  • You noticed that at certain hours the child falls asleep better. Put him to sleep at this time, for someone it’s evening, for some kids it’s morning. After all, this is useless at some point suddenly decide that now the baby will sleep alone, teach him to this gradually. If you put it in a favorable sleep periods, the cub will understand that sleeping alone is quite possible. With time will develop a habit and it will be much easier for a child to fall asleep by yourself.
  • Swaddle your baby tighter so that he feels as if located in my mother’s tummy. So he will be sure that he is in safety and fall asleep without any problems. Over time, the need for such wrapping will pass, the cub will still be as calm Plunge into the arms of Morpheus, it is worth putting him to bed.
  • When reading this article, there is no need to worry if your child accustomed to falling asleep on your chest. A very effective way to teach him to sleep alone – let the cub is in the crib during wakefulness. He must understand what is there – comfortable and safe. Over time, the child will form a certain sleep mode, during this period it is necessary to lay it after feed. Many recommend feeding the cub already after sleep, it depends on which part for he loves sleep.
  • It helps some kids to calm down and sleep. pacifier. If it helps your child, it’s fabulous for you lucky. But in this case, you need to monitor when the child falls asleep when his dream is strong enough, neat take the nipple, because if it falls out by itself, the baby will wake up. How to teach a baby to fall asleep on her ownCan and such a situation will happen that without a nipple, a baby’s dream before a certain age is not possible in principle, in which case a calm sleep is provided to him when the cub learns to find himself dropped out of the mouth nipple.
  • Children love to fall asleep when they rest against something on the top of the head, it reminds them of the womb. Try twist the diaper into a small roller and put over the head cub when he is in the crib. You can also just cover headboard with a thick blanket so the child can safely rest there with your head.
  • The smell of mom is so dear and familiar, it affects a child like a sedative. Therefore, it will be great if next to the head you put something from your mother’s wardrobe, better let it there will be some kind of soft sweater or scarf.
  • A very important nuance is in teaching a child to fall asleep on your own is time. When the cub will be already a few months, by observing you can determine when he sleeps the best thing. Do not forget that the child should be enough get tired, because if you don’t want to sleep, it’s just because a lot of unspent energy, all your efforts lull to harm will be in vain. Ideally you need to create schedule. Determine the time for games, food and sleep, thus you will adjust the “internal clock” of the child and he will fall asleep much easier.
  • A nightlight can help. This is absolutely normal if the child will sleep in a dim light. So he will fall asleep at times easier, it will feel safer. To date traffic lights are becoming more popular, these devices imitate the night sky or flying butterflies. So baby lying in the crib, will observe the points on the ceiling and with time calmly fall asleep. It’s better to hide the night light on a day, so the baby will understand over time, the nightlight turned on – it’s time bainki.

Find out from us why the child sweats his head in a dream. Useful Tips for parents: Is it possible to watch TV for infants. Read here, is it possible to sleep on infants.


Remember, the sooner you start to teach your child to sleep yourself, the easier it will be to do it. By this you also make life easier for yourself, because you get a little more free time for yourself or for the same dream that parents really lacking.

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