We remove the crusts on the eyebrows of the baby


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After birth and in the first months of the baby’s life, his skin is rarely happens to be clean. The work of the sebaceous glands is not enough adjusted, and the immune system reacts sharply to any changes in nutrition or climate with skin rashes.

A common occurrence in infants is the appearance of gneiss – crusts on eyebrows and hair.


In the first months of a child’s life, his skin releases a large the amount of fatty substances that form flakes on the eyebrows and sometimes on to the head. In the presence of yeast on the skin, the peels become thick and strong.

You can find other names of gneiss – generic or dairy flakes. They are very difficult to remove during water procedures, not hurting a child. Because of this, they are able to dry out, forming dense translucent layer resembling oily dandruff.

What to do – the baby has scales on the head? Such a child crusts are not dangerous for the life of the child and do not deliver to him discomfort, burning, or itching. There are crusts painted white or brown. Sometimes milk crust may form on the neck and buttocks.

Reasons for the appearance

The causes of crusts on the eyebrows in a baby may be several, it all depends on the age of the child and related factors.

So, if crusts occur in the first weeks of a child’s life, the reason is the hormones from the mother that caused hyperfunction sebaceous glands. For some time, the child’s body will experience a hormonal crisis, cleansing itself of excess hormones.

This period may be accompanied by the appearance of not only milk crust, but also characteristic pustular red rash with white pimples. After normalization of the hormonal background, all formations must themselves disappear.

If the crusts did not appear immediately after birth, but through several months, the cause of their occurrence may be an allergy and as a result, seborrheic dermatitis.

So, yellow crusts on the eyebrows of the baby can occur as a reaction to the overuse of cosmetic means or lack of hygiene. To prescribe treatment you should identify an allergen, pass feces for bacterial inoculation and dysbiosis.


If, in addition to crusts, red itchy spots and nodules on the cheeks of the body, inflammation on the mucous membranes, sweating and diaper rash, this indicates the presence of exudative diathesis in the baby.


How to remove crusts on the eyebrows of a babySince crusts very tightly attached to the skin, in no case can they be removed mechanically – you can severely damage the baby’s delicate skin and leave large scars.

Before you remove the crusts on the eyebrows of the baby, for a couple hours before swimming, they must be lubricated with warmed baby oil, burdock oil or petroleum jelly. When the baby is in the bath should lather the eyebrows with baby shampoo and try to remove crusts with a soft washcloth or toothbrush. We recommend reading, how to get rid of a crust on a baby’s head.

Learn from this article why babies get dry rough skin. After bathing, it is advisable to wipe the eyebrows with any disinfectant and apply an antiseptic cream. Usually 2-3 such procedures are enough to remove dried formations.

If such measures do not help, you need to contact a pediatrician, who will prescribe a special ointment. There are special solutions designed to lubricate seborrheic zones and contribute to exfoliate crusts.

For the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, a course is prescribed desensitizing therapy.

In breast-fed babies, crusts may arise as a reaction to some mom’s food. So if they continue to grow actively, mom should give up eating fatty and smoked foods and minimize availability on the menu of salty and sweet foods.

If the cause of crusts on the eyebrows of the baby is exudative diathesis, a nursing mother should abandon products containing trophallergens. It is advisable to increase the amount of vegetables consumed by mom and fruits – healthy

Babies who are breast-fed, preferably replace milk with fermented milk products – acidophilus, kefir and etc.

Important! If no improvement is observed within 14 days, peeling intensifies, a red rash occurs, the child itches – it is necessary to show the baby to the pediatrician and allergist.


Crowns on the eyebrows appear in most newborns, not you need to be afraid of this phenomenon. Careful hygiene and management by mom food diary will help get rid of crusts on the eyebrows baby forever.

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