We recognize childhood skin diseases rashes


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In the world of people, about a hundred childhood diseases with rashes have been identified on the skin. All of them can be divided into groups characterizing the cause. the appearance of a skin reaction.


Many diseases are not limited to external manifestations. At the child may have a fever, sore throat, abdomen, vomiting, coughing and chills. Here are the most common infectious and not only childhood ailments:

  • Measles. A rash of red bulging acne begins with an area head and gradually lowers down to the legs. It happens on 3-4 day after the disease. Before the rash in the child is noted high fever, irritation of the throat, runny nose, cough.
  • Rubella. Fever, swollen lymph nodes and baby skin rashes occur simultaneously. Spots 3-5 mm begin to appear in the neck and head, descending in just several hours to the feet and go through 3 days.
  • Chickenpox (chickenpox). Red spots almost immediately turn into bubbles that itch a lot. Before they appear the child rises in temperature, which decreases after rashes. To prevent skin rash marks, do not give comb it.
  • Scarlet fever. The onset of the disease is similar to a sore throat. Point rash in the groin and folds appears the next day and goes through three of the day. After recovery, the skin in the rash peels.
  • Meningococcal infection. This is a very dangerous disease. characterized by a rash in the form of small hemorrhages and high temperature.
  • Parasitic scabies. The rash is located in the abdomen and hands, itches heavily and looks like red dots.
  • Prickly heat. The appearance of a small red rash in the neck, groin and other folds of the baby may signal insufficient hygiene, dirty diapers or excessive wrapping.
  • Allergic reaction. Rash of raised pimples that strongly itchy, accompanied by a runny nose. The patient watery eyes. Everything goes right after taking antiallergic drug or after elimination of external irritant.

Be sure to read in advance how to treat chickenpox in children.

Mom will also be interested in the topic: because of what on the pope red spots appear.

It is advisable to study the instructions on how to treat prickly heat.


Lay the baby in bed, measure the temperature and call a doctor on house. You can’t go to the children’s consultation, because of the risk of infecting other children. If meningococcemia is suspected, it is necessary call an ambulance.


You can not smear pimples before the doctor arrives. If these are symptoms infectious disease, then the source is inside the body, and lubrication will not help, but it will greatly complicate the formulation the diagnosis.

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