We put the baby to sleep: we sing a lullaby,we rock, massage

A crumb can not sleep? Familiar to many moms! Read three
simple tips that will help your baby fall asleep faster.

Some kids have enough quiet music or
lullaby to fall asleep quickly. Others are lulled by mom’s lungs.
stroking. The third is enough nipples – and they are already quietly
snuffle in the crib. Which way best suits your
baby, you can determine if you try different options

укладываем новорожденного спать


The crumb can quickly fall asleep from stroking with gentle mother’s
by hands. Calm, measured movements with palms or fingers
will help calm the baby, relieve tension and relax. To that
however, the massage will be useful for muscles and ligaments.

Start massaging your face: lightly slide your fingers along
forehead, brows and cheeks. Then make some circular
clockwise movements over the tummy and breast. Stroke the handles and
baby legs in the direction from the periphery to the center. Complete the massage
stroking the back.

массаж перед сном


When stroking, sentence the child tender words
calm, quiet voice. The kid already remembered the voices of the parents,
being in the womb. When he hears the familiar timbre, he will
feel safe, calm down quickly and become
fall asleep.


The lulling song in my mother’s performance – truly
magic tool! It was used by moms and dads of many generations.
At the same time, any song can become a lullaby for a baby, if
perform it correctly. And no matter what language you sing.
The main rule is melody and monotony. Gentle mother’s voice and
calm intonation will serve as a good sleeping pill for babies.

колыбельная ребенку

Motion sickness

Another ancient way to help your baby fall asleep quickly –
motion sickness In the hands of the mother the baby will feel protected
and gradually fall asleep. A slight wiggle will remind him of the time when he
Mom had a tummy. The main thing is not to overdo it with
swinging. Movement should be smooth and small.

Some of the ways will definitely help you to fall asleep sweetly.
your little one. And soon the baby will go to bed
without mom’s help.

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