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  1. How to measure
  2. Mercury thermometer
  3. Digital Thermometer
  4. Other types of thermometers
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Measuring an indicator such as body temperature is one of The main methods of monitoring the health of the infant.

However, given the young age of the baby, such a familiar and simple for everyone action has certain and important nuances when measuring the temperature of the baby. This article is intended for parents who have already encountered this problem or for those who are preparing to become parents.

How to measure

The body temperature of infants tends to change not so, like adults. This is due to the fact that much in the body of the child still just under development.

This also applies to thermoregulation. If for an adult normal temperature 36.6 ° C, and slightest discrepancies by tenths degrees are already considered a bad sign, then in infants everything otherwise.

For them, changes within one degree (from 36.3 ° C to 37.3 ° C) this is a completely healthy phenomenon. How to measure the temperature of the baby with an electronic thermometerHowever, if the temperature is too low or high and remains for a long time such, and the child is anxious, better still look at his health.

For this reason, it is recommended to take measurements every day. Immunity in a baby at this age is not yet developed, the body at risk, because the slightest infection or draft can provoke a disease. And even though the temperature in such a wide range normal, it still remains one of the main indicators of a child’s health status.

As you know, you can measure the temperature by several ways.

Most adults place a thermometer in the armpit, but for measurement this is not the best method. With a similar measurement, thermometer readings may be inaccurate and have serious discrepancy with real temperature. And this, in the case of babies, must not be allowed, because for full control over health the child needs to know the more or less accurate temperature of his body, while while erroneous readings can lead to bad effects. You can make a mistake and not detect the child in time disease, do not take timely necessary measures.

Therefore, it is better to measure the temperature of the baby by placing a thermometer in the mouth or rectally. For the first case, there are special thermometers in the form of nipples, so that the procedure is even easier and does not caused discontent in the child. High temperature – ways, how to bring it down in a child in our material.

Practical advice: choose the most accurate blood pressure monitor The body temperature of the baby must be kept on hand. If measured with a rectal thermometer, the baby should be put to to his knees, belly down, so that his legs hang down.

This is the most convenient position for this method. It is important to remember that the infant has sensitive skin, and therefore it is worth lubricating the tip of the thermometer with petroleum jelly so as not to cause any irritation.

As you know, there are several types of thermometers for the body. Let us consider in more detail the positive and negative sides for everyone.

Mercury thermometer

The use of such a thermometer remained for a very long time. the only possible way to measure the temperature, like a child, so to an adult. But now, when a sufficiently large number of thermometers with another temperature measurement technology, mercury still withstands competition.


The main advantage when using such a thermometer is high accuracy of measurement. This is especially important when the temperature measured not for the purpose of simple monitoring, but when there is suspicion of some disease. Thermometer error is only a tenth of a degree.

But the measurement with such a thermometer in the mouth or rectally is very unsafe. As you know, mercury thermometers do not differ durability. And inside they have mercury – very dangerous and poisonous substance.

The thermometer itself is made of glass. One unsuccessful move – and we have sharp glass fragments and poisonous mercury without a shell. FROM such risk is not possible with a child, therefore it is recommended to use mercury thermometer for armpit measurement only.

Digital Thermometer

How to measure the temperature of the babyElectronic a thermometer is much safer than a mercury thermometer. Them You can measure the temperature in any way.

Measurement time is much shorter compared to time. measuring a mercury thermometer. Great for daily measurements, but if you suspect a disease, believe him one hundred percent is not worth it.

The thing is that the accuracy of measuring an electronic thermometer quite low. The error is 1 degree. And this enough.

It is not recommended to measure temperature electronically. axillary thermometer due to low accuracy result.

Also a small drawback of an electronic thermometer is that that it is somewhat more expensive than mercury.

Other types of thermometers

Recently, infrared thermometers have also been invented. Measurement with these instruments does not require their axillary insertion. the cavity, mouth, or gut of the baby.

Such thermometers either do not require contact at all, or require short-term contact with the baby’s ear. Do not differ high accuracy, but the price is noticeably affordable. Main advantage is a short measurement time.

There are also disposable thermometers. To measure temperature you just need to attach a thermometer to the skin. Also has a low accuracy. The plus is ease of use outside the home.


Remember, the body of babies is very different from the body an adult. If the child has a high fever – what to do, the pediatrician will prompt.

If you have any suspected illness in a baby, do not act at your own peril and risk, it is better immediately seek help from a specialist who will tell you how measure the temperature of the baby.

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