We make a camomile for bathing a baby


  1. The choice
  2. How to brew
  3. How to use
  4. Conclusion

The first years of the life of the baby mom pay special attention skin condition of the baby. So that she is not reddened, excessively dry or weeping, decoctions of herbs are added to the baths.

One of the flowers became the most popular. How to brew daisy for bathing babies and how then use?

The choice

It will be right to acquire dry flowers in pharmacies, since then there is a guarantee that the grass was collected in the proper way time, was dried in compliance with all the rules and that it passed radiological control.

It is forbidden to pick grass near roads or plants and use them as medicinal, since such plants can bring harm to the body, even if used exclusively for external procedures.

It is undesirable to dry herbs yourself, because for this you need to know the procedure for their collection and drying rules. It is worth avoiding buying grass for bathing a child with neighbors, herbalists and few friends.

How to brew

Option 1. A handful of dry chamomile is poured into enameled dishes (this is about 3 tablespoons) and pour three liters of boiled water. You can use such a decoction in an hour and a half.

Option 2. Pour in a thermos 1 liter of freshly boiled water and pour in 1 tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers. Give infuse for about 15 minutes.


Option 3. Pour boiling water into a porcelain teapot and pour chamomile (per 1 liter 1 tablespoon). Wrap up for a period of 40 minutes to 3-5 hours.

How to use

It is important to check before using camomile for the first time. child allergies to her. To do this, moisten a piece of cotton strained infusion and wipe a small area of ​​the skin of the baby. If redness did not occur within 15-30 minutes – so it can be apply for swimming.

The use of herbs is not the case where at a higher concentration the best effect will be achieved. Children’s doctors advise not to pour more than 30 grams of strained chamomile broth in a baby bath. Bathing water should not be dark brown, but only slightly colored.

It is better to cook a decoction shortly before bathing (1.5 hours). Then it will retain beneficial substances, beneficial affecting the skin of the baby. Find out from our publication, which oil is better to use for baby hygiene.

Useful tips for young mothers – we struggle with the smell from the ear at baby.

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At the end of the water procedure, it is useful to rinse the baby pure chamomile water left for this occasion. Now It’s clear how to make a camomile for bathing a baby?

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