We introduce soups on meat into the child’s dietbroth

когда ребенку можно давать суп на мясном broth

Much has already been said about whether or not an adult should be consumed.
every day such a dish as soup. There are both opponents and
proponents of this approach. However, neither they nor others deny
exceptional value of soups in the diet of the child, because:

  • this dish contains healthy fiber in the form of boiled
    vegetables, which stimulates digestion;
  • rich in vitamins and trace elements broth
    absorbed by the body.

При этом суп, сваренный именно на мясном
broth, можно начинать давать ребенку,
только когда ему исполнится хотя бы 1 год.
even then the dish will need to be cooked using dietary
meat (turkey, rabbit), and not pork and beef. 

Meet the puree soup

We recommend to get acquainted with
 Первый прикорм грудного
ребенка (правила и советы)

This dish is not just a liquid with floating vegetable pieces,
and such a combination of certain vegetables that are in the process of cooking
�”Share” with water with its beneficial substances and give the dish in
whole unique taste and aroma. Already based on this his
отличительной черты, суп можно
давать ребенку, когда он хорошо познакомится с
introduced in turn individual vegetable mashed potatoes, in particular from
цветной капусты, из кабачков, из картошки Овощные же пюре
usually entered into the baby-fed breastfeeding menu from 5-6
months. And if the baby is in the mix, then you can enter the vegetable puree
a month earlier.

We read all about vegetable foods: when to introduce vegetable food (in

Давать суп как полужидкую пюрированную субстанцию из
several vegetables (for example, from potatoes, carrots and onions)
можно ребенку, который уже знаком со вкусом отдельных его
компонентов, с 7 months. It can be said that at this age the soup
will be a rather conditional concept, and in fact it will be somewhat
cooked together and then milled vegetables.

Vegetable soup with meat

Мясо рекомендуют вводить в рацион малыша с 7-8 months. Not necessary
to rush to the introduction of this product to this age, but also
As early as 8-9 months, the meat should not be neglected, because the growing
the body really needs proteins and vitamins of group B, as well as valuable
minerals contained in meat. Accordingly, by defining
время, когда ребенку давать суп с мясом, можно ориентироваться
на возраст 8-9 months. This, of course, is about the dish,
cooked on vegetables. Meat is boiled separately and then
added to the soup.

Читаем все об мясном прикорме: когда вводить мясной прикорм
(в puree)


At the same time, children usually already have some teeth.
in the mouth, so you can not mash the finished dish, but just good
mash with a fork. Тогда же понемногу можно давать супы
с некоторым количеством крупы, например,
buckwheat. For a child about a year it is quite possible to use such
cereals like rice, millet, barley groats.

An example of such a soup can serve as the following

Vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions, sometimes cauliflower or
zucchini) boiled until tender with a small amount
buckwheat groats. Meat is boiled separately (chicken, turkey,
rabbit). The fat contained in such meat, low-melting, and the meat itself
contains important polyunsaturated fatty acids, iron and large
the amount of B vitamins used to prevent anemia.
It is estimated that at 9 months the child already needs about 50-60 g
meat per day.

Everything is mixed using a blender (or the vegetables are kneaded
fork, and the meat is mastered separately). Then you can in the soup
add quite a bit of vegetable oil. After that you need
let it cool and start feeding. Remember that although this
the dish is called “hot”, in fact it should not be
too hot or not too cold.

Овощной суп на мясном broth

Детям до года мясной бульон вводить в питание не
recommended for the following reasons:

  • all the harmful substances present in the broth are digested
  • broths due to purine bases have a high
    extractive, cause blood flow (hyperemia) to mucous
    the membranes of the gastrointestinal tract and irritate them, stimulate
    production of gastric juice;
  • due to hyperemia increases mucosal permeability
    digestive tract for allergens.

Начинать давать супы на broth из мяса лучше не раньше
of the year. Even then, the first meat broth merges, and the dish itself
варится на втором broth. Супы на первом мясном broth будут
heavy for the child’s digestive system. After boiling water,
where the meat is cooked, you just need to pour it and pour it into the new pan
a portion of water, wait for it to boil, remove the foam and boil it
meat 40 minutes. After that, you can send there cut into
little pieces of vegetables that will stew until ready yet
half an hour. Not necessary чрезмерно солить блюдо, но небольшую щепотку соли
you can still throw it.

If the child is not too fond of soup, then mom needs to make sure
that vegetables with a sharp taste (for example, with onions) or with taste,
unpleasant to the child (it may be, for example, cauliflower) in
it is not too much that baby it is convenient to swallow it (i.e.
the dish is neither too liquid nor too thick). If a
the measures taken do not really help, do not offer your child
some time (at least a few days), and then try
feed the baby with another combination of vegetables or cereals.

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