We fight with the smell from the ear in the baby


  1. External reasons
  2. Internal reasons
  3. Treatment
  4. Conclusion

The appearance of a bad smell from the baby’s ears is an alarming sign, during in many cases, indicative of inflammatory processes. Moms babies worry about this, but usually try to overcome the problem on your own.

In fact, the smell from the ear in the baby is a symptom specific diseases, except when affected lack of hygiene. To identify a specific cause smell from the ears, you need to pay attention to other related changes.

External reasons

In infants, the smell may not come from inside the ear, but directly from the folds of the auricle. On it exist following reasons:

  • Frequent spitting up. If sour comes from the ears of the baby, similar to emetic odor – when burping with copious discharge saliva, fluid flows to the ear and accumulates in the folds. Such occurs when the baby lies in one position for a long time, and for it ears are not cared for carefully enough.
  • Prickly heat. The disease occurs due to overheating and poor hygiene and accompanied by, in addition to smell, red spots on the ear sink and behind the ear. You can usually get rid of sweating at home. conditions, if you wipe the baby dry after bathing and use powder in the affected areas.
  • Allergy. With atopic dermatitis (scrofula), wet spots with unpleasant odor localized in the ears and cheeks. And from the ear liquid may come out. In turn, the cause of allergies in baby becomes the wrong diet of a nursing mom, inappropriate powders for washing children’s things or even pillow filler, on which the baby sleeps.

Internal reasons

The smell emanating from the inside of the ear indicates getting infected. Children under one year of age are extremely susceptible to inflammation. in the ears, since the Eustachian tube (an external connection element middle ear with nasopharynx) they are wider and shorter than more older children and adults; accordingly, infections are easy there penetrate.

Unpleasant odor from the ears in the presence of an inflammatory process always accompanied by pain, which makes the baby more moody, whiny, restless. The situation is complicated by that the baby is not able to notify that he feels, and therefore, parents will have to rely only on their intuition. Inflammation of the inner part of the ear is defined by medicine as “otitis”.

Bad breath from the baby's earA number of infectious diseases can also be accompanied by bad outgoing from the ears smell. These diseases include:

  • Angina;
  • Laryngitis;
  • Sinusitis;
  • Adenoids.

Pathogens easily during a cold pass from the nasopharynx to the ear. Often this happens when unnecessarily Thoroughly rinse your nose out of a highly liquid spray bottle.

Infection in the infant ear often gets from the wand for ear cleaning. And everything comes from the carelessness of parents: on packages with sticks always indicate that they cannot be deeply entered (no more than 3 mm).

The most severe case, accompanied by an unpleasant odor from ear, – this is getting into a foreign object and its further decay. If other signs of distress are not observed, the baby should be shown to the doctor.


If the “aroma” comes from the outer part of the ear, then you can do home treatment. Care must be taken to monitor the hygiene of the crumbs. and regularly wipe the ears with furacilin or infusion See also why bad breath comes from a child.

Many will find useful information on how to help a child with pain in ears.

Only we have detailed material on the complete prevention of otitis media in a child.


If in addition to the unpleasant ear aroma there are other symptoms, the child in a row order needs an examination by an ENT doctor. The specialist will prescribe adequate treatment, and the unpleasant smell from the ear the baby will be eliminated along with the disease itself.

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