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One of the most commonly diagnosed injuries in young children. age is a concussion. may fall from any surface to the floor due to oversight adults or even too intense motion sickness.

Infant parents need to know how to identify damage and take immediate action. signs and symptoms of trauma will determine the nature of the treatment and protect the baby from further negative consequences.

The concussion is considered by doctors to a slight degree of damage the brain, in which the structure of the organ does not change, but its functions are temporarily disrupted due to the shaking of molecules. Skull baby is a fragile design and therefore so easy injured. When falling, the main blow falls on the head (usually the parietal region) due to its severity in relation to body weight and lack of coordination of movements of the crumbs.


Immediately after the fall, pay attention to the presence of external damage to the baby’s head. After any fall redness of the site that took the hit is observed; the child feels pain.

If after some time only a little remains swelling, then everything turned out to be a soft tissue injury, which does not apply to the category of injuries. But the appearance of hematomas is an alarming sign, indicative of a probable concussion.

Typically, infants rarely lose consciousness with concussion, unlike older children and adults.

If after hitting the floor there was silence lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes before the scream begins, baby survived a loss of consciousness.

In infants, this is noted mainly with a head injury brain – an even more serious injury.

Due to physiological characteristics, concussion in infants manifested in a special way. So, normal condition immediately after falling dramatically gives way to poor health, definitely indicating that something is wrong with the baby. To the main symptoms concussions in infants are usually attributed to:

  • Frequent episodes of regurgitation;
  • Blanching of the skin;
  • Repeated vomiting;
  • Increased anxiety and moodiness in the absence of visible reasons;
  • Sleep disorders – insomnia, or atypical drowsiness.

How to understand that a baby has a concussionSpecific signs definitely indicating brain damage in no babies. The above symptoms are noted with other negative conditions in children under 1 year old. Therefore, at the slightest doubt, you should definitely seek help from to specialists.

Signs of trouble following a trauma after a few hours or days may come to naught: respectively, parents Decide that the critical period has passed and the baby has recovered. But negative processes in the brain continue, which is very dangerous for little man. Let things go by themselves in such cases not worth it.



Final confirmation of the diagnosis in a small child only possible in a hospital where a small patient will be examined neurologist and traumatologist, listen to the complaints of parents and accompanying. Diagnosis of concussion in this age categories (from 0 to 12-18 months) runs this way:

  • Doctors evaluate physical activity and reflexes a child. The degree of mobility and sensitivity is clarified.
  • An ophthalmoscope determines intracranial pressure. Also, trauma is diagnosed by ophthalmic neurological featured.
  • Neurosonography (ultrasound of the brain) is performed. This method Diagnostics is best suited for children under 1-1.5 years old, not yet the fontanel on the head closed.

Treatment of mild brain damage in infants usually takes place at home. Doctors prescribe a restriction physical activity, taking safe medications to reduce convulsions and intracranial pressure. Sometimes for a warning possible brain edema in babies is also prescribed a diuretic in in combination with potassium preparations.

If after falling, the baby has redness of the bruised part of the head, the child is nervous and, having calmed down, continues behave in an atypical way, you should call an ambulance, not tempt fate. After all, it is important to make sure that babies are not threatened conditions as serious as a brain injury or cranial fracture bones.

Immediately after the child falls, it is necessary to attach to the zone bruise any cold object (wet towel, ice pack and etc.) – this will help reduce the inevitable manifestations of edema and relieve the pain of the little sufferer.

How to determine a concussion in a babyThen best will call an ambulance crew that will deliver the child necessary specialists. You can also see a doctor yourself, but time will pass, and diagnose the degree shaking will be harder.


If a concussion is suspected, many parents do not want to show the child to specialists for fear of rebukes. AND it’s very vain.

After all, even if the head injury soon passed, and the baby feels healthy, enjoys life, there is still no guarantee that a concussion experienced in infancy is not will manifest itself negatively in the future.

The consequences may be as follows:

  • Severe headaches;
  • Scattered attention;
  • Problems with memory and thinking;
  • Poor academic performance, the impossibility of quality assimilation educational material.

In the most severe cases, even the development of serious disability and mental illness backwardness. It is interesting to know at what age a newborn begins crawl?

After the fall of the baby, you need to understand how cramps occur in infants.

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In order to avoid such serious problems, you should carefully look baby, and if the fall did happen and there are signs of concussion brain in the baby, then you need to minimize all the risks, just resorting to medical care.

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