We clean the nose from the bones, crusts andcongestion

When the baby does not sleep well at night, she begins to eat badly and
naughty, then the cause of all these vagaries may be kozyavki or
runny nose that do not give the baby quietly rejoice first
discoveries and knowledge of the world. Question about
том, как правильно почистить носик своему
newborn baby from bastards or snot cares every
new mom. And not without reason, because to help the little one in this
Deal can only mom and do it is not so easy.

Как почистить носик новорожденному ребенку от козявок

Cotton flagella, pear, aspirator and aquamaris for cleaning

Cotton buds do it not

  1. First, because it may not be safe – tiny
    размер spout и дыхательных путей малыша могут быть меньше, чем
    the size of a cotton ball on a stick. And inexperienced moms can just
    deep shove the wand.
  2. Secondly, cleaning your nose with dry cotton is unpleasant.

But how to clean the stuffed nose of a newborn so that it does not
turned into torture for both of you? There are more loyal
nice and safe ways of making such a delicate

Flagella of cotton pads

Как почистить носик новорожденному от козявок

Homemade flagella of cotton pads to clean the nose will be
much easier than the same flagella of cotton that are sold in
pharmacy. This is because a cotton pad does not spread like cotton wool.

So, take a cotton pad, tear it into two parts. One
leave the part (half) the next time, and tear the second one
into two and then again into two parts. From this whole half of the disk
It turned out four parts. Of them twist flagellum. But before
приступить к чистке spout, этот жгутик желательно смочить тёплой
boiled water or breast milk. In the process of purification
crumbs airways need not just shove the flagellum into the nose, but
scroll through it so that the gables “wrap” on it.

We clean the nose with a pear

Как почистить носик новорожденному ребенку грушей

Как почистить носик от козявок грушей, должна знать
every mom. Her грушу, можно купить в любой pharmacy.

To soften the crusts in the nose, first drip it.
breast milk, saline or special nasal drops.
Before use, the pear must be thoroughly washed.
Then squeeze it in your hand so that it leaves the air. After
gently insert into one nostril and slowly unclench your hand.
No sudden movements can be done, but if you do too much
slowly, there will be no result. After извлечения
pear formations should be washed immediately.

Убираем козявки аспиратором

Как почистить носик новорожденному ребенку аспиратором

Next, consider how to clean the nose with an aspirator. Desirable
for such purposes, purchase a device in the pharmacy to eliminate snot and
kozyavok that are similar to the good old method of sucking their mouth
or pear. The device of this design allows for the procedure
hygienically and if you compare it with a pear, then here the effect will be
much better. And this process will not cause discomfort for the child,
because in this case the discomfort will be slightly


You need to attach a small plastic tube to the nostril
child, which is pre-connected to the container. The second
take the tube in your mouth and make a suction movement. Is done.
Все содержимое spout окажется в контейнере. But do not forget before
чисткой spout закапать его физраствором или смазать детски

We read a detailed article and various types of nasal

Aquamaris against congestion

Как почистить носик новорожденному ребенку аквамарисом

Aquamaris is an excellent tool for softening crusts and
moisturizing the nasal mucosa. Use it to clean
spout baby from unnecessary formations.

Но и здесь тоже нужно знать все нюансы и чтобы
правильно почистить носик BUTквамарисом и убрать из него
everything is superfluous.

This drug is not recommended for children under one year of age.
nose, namely to bury, because the airways have
the newborn is thin and tiny, and using a spray can
cause it to fall into the inner ear.

The composition of Aquamaris includes trace elements that support
normal physical condition of the mucosa. He is no problem
washes away and removes street and indoor dust.

Babies from the first day of life bury two droplets in each
nostril four times a day. After закапывания не обязательно
get the mucus flagella. All softened huts
через небольшое время сами подойдут к кончику spout и их с
ease can be wiped with a soft handkerchief.

Instead of a conclusion …

Probably every future mom at least once heard from her
mothers or grandmothers instructions on how to clean the nose
to newborns from bastards, but when it comes to practice,
then it does not seem so easy. At first it is always
it is not easy, but then you will do it without any problems
such procedures without fear and special work.

And to reduce the formation of dried crusts in the nose favorite
Pediatricians recommend that children monitor hygiene in the room where
there is a baby and do not abuse heaters. Excessive dust and
musty air has a negative effect on the mucosa even
adult man not to mention newborn babes. BUT
most heaters can dry out the air, and along with
they dry up and airways.


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3 ways to clean the nose of a newborn

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