We are looking for the perfect baby diaper

Choosing the perfect diaper for the baby is important
problem for parents, solved by trial and error. Owning
useful information, you significantly reduce the time


Diapers make life easier for young parents.
who recently got replenishment. It’s no secret that this item
hygiene is a real savior, saving time and
diaper, and also contributing to a comfortable pastime
baby Выбирая подгузник для малыша, стоит учитывать
a few nuances. Consider the main points that need

Today, the choice among manufacturers and models
diapers unusually wide. Disposable or reusable, nightly
or daytime, for boys or girls, “breathing” or ordinary,
intended for newborns, slightly grown up or older
kids – to navigate the choice is very difficult. Besides,
significant factor is the price, because it is desirable to purchase
diapers are cheap because we all know how often small
kids “go to the toilet.”

Disposable or reusable

Modern reusable diapers are not layered gauze.
with cotton used by our grandmothers. However something
still remained unchanged in them. Buying diapers for
baby, it is important to remember that a reusable diaper needs
wash and dry, and then ironed.

More convenient subject of children’s hygiene has proven itself
disposable diaper – the choice of modern parents. Use
You can always have a disposable diaper at home and on the street with you,
going to visit, or clinic, to rest.
Manufacturing companies produce disposable diapers
использования, в которых малышам комфортно спать. Single
the diaper does not require washing, drying and ironing. Using the one-time
diaper, you should listen to some recommendations:

  • In the daytime, the diaper should be changed at intervals
    in 2-3 hours;
  • Replacing the diaper after sleeping, walking or stool –
  • Важно устраивать воздушные ванны малыша.

To air a child’s ass is necessary in order to save
his skin from the greenhouse effect, the appearance of diaper rash. Permanent
wearing a diaper will cause your baby to experience
the discomfort.


Is there a difference – for boys and girls?
Many young parents are confused when choosing a diaper for a boy
or girls. Choose a “unisex” suitable for both boys and
to girls.

Velcro or diaper-panties. With comfortable
The side has proven a diaper with a velcro fastener. is he
suitable for a child up to 6 months. After 6-7 months baby
begins to actively explore the world, feel, zip, unfasten
anything that can, and clasps are no exception.
Velcro fasteners attract attention, and kids start them

At the age of 7 months, it is recommended to use
diapers, panties (6 of the best panties – diapers (rating)).
is heи не будут ограничивать и стеснять движения малыша, который
just starting to walk and letting him fully concentrate
on exploring the world. Such a diaper is easily removed –
it is enough just to break the side seam, which means there will be no vagaries
and quarrels about changing clothes. By absorbency and softness
diapers, panties are not inferior to ordinary diapers. Among
other advantages we will allocate simple utilization: it is enough to collapse
diaper, securing it with adhesive tape. Moreover, baby
learn how to take off and put on panties (panties that help
to accustom to a pot), thereby accustom to a pot more quickly.

Diapers for swimming. When you come to
swimming pool or relaxing by the open water, it is important to wear a baby
special shorts for swimming. is heи не разбухают, плотно сидят и
Do not let go out of the contents. Using them, you protect
others from the “pleasant surprises” of your baby.

подгузники для плавания

The size

The size имеет значение при выборе подгузника для baby
Consider the weight of the baby, the structure of his body (bulging tummy,
plump legs). All information about the selection of the diaper, respectively
weight and weight of the child can be read on the package.

Sometimes it happens that the child fit two sizes. With these
circumstances will need to focus on the structure of the body. If a
baby slender – choose a smaller size. Your baby is big –
buy a bigger size.

Some models for newborns are equipped with navel cutouts.
This cut-out covers the umbilical wound and protects it from falling.
грязи и натирания Обо всех дополнительных компонентах
diaper can be found by reading the manufacturer’s information on


Индикатор влаги служит отличной особенностью,
when it comes to buying a diaper for a newborn. Parent
will know when you need to change the diaper. Once
the diaper is filled, the indicator changes color, that becomes
signal to replace it. This property allows mom not to disturb
baby during sleep.

What smells like a diaper? Do not immediately
worry if the diaper has pronounced smell. Some
companies produce products with various perfumed
extracts and fragrances. Sniff and choose the “same” can be
any large children’s supermarket where
demo copies.

What you need to know about the perfect diaper – 3 main

There are some unspoken rules that are required
adhere to young parents:

Should not rub. There are traces of rubber bands
of red color? Check that the rubber bands are not bent. Also
Please note whether the selected size.

Should not leak. Some time later
after changing the diaper, there are wet marks on the children’s clothes,
although the diaper is well buttoned? Pay attention to size or
use products manufactured by other companies.

Should not cause diaper rash. If a на
baby’s pope rash appears, the child may have an individual
allergic reaction. You can try the diapers of others.

Практические советы от нашего читателя + видео сравнение
famous brand diapers

In order not to spend extra money (and, as a rule, in
for extended families, no finances are superfluous), better
do a little test. Buy one sample on the market
several different diapers (usually in such places there are
possibility of piece purchase). Coming home carefully
check every diaper. Straighten it first and with direct
lighting, pay attention to the amount of filler (than its
the more the better). Next, make sure that after the absorbent layer
Special frills resembling gum will follow. It is they
are leak proof. Inner and outer surfaces
any diapers should not be their appearance and touch to remind
oilcloth. It is very important that the diaper allows air
to circulate, otherwise, there is a risk of irritation
или опрелостей у baby Velcro should be wide. Their quality
You can also check with ordinary baby powder: just
Put a small amount on the adhesive side of the surface,
and if she continues to demonstrate her bonding function, then
This is a definite plus.

In the process of choosing the perfect diaper, you can feel
hero of the commercial. Take a glass of tea or whatever
tint the liquid and pour on the absorbent layer of the diaper.
So you check how fast and how much
absorbs moisture. After conducting a kind of experiment
swipe your hand over the diaper to make sure that it is not
passes moisture and does not leave wet marks on a surface.

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How to choose a diaper, how they differ from each other,
do you need a cream for it, are disposable diapers harmful, and
how we used reusable and its comparison with disposable- all
You will see this in this video!

Comparison diapers! Pamres / Haggis / Maris / Mooney

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