Warts on the hands and fingers: treatment,removal, removal

Update: October 2018

Warts are viral neoplasms that can
form on any part of the skin, but their most
frequent localization are – hands, soles of the feet, face, neck.
Proved that the cause of their appearance is HPV papillomavirus
human, which has over 100 species, many of which
способствуют озлокачествлению новоformations. Byэтому нельзя
frivolously treat the appearance of any growths on the body,
Be sure to contact your dermatologist to find out the exact
diagnosis, type, nature of education, differentiate it from other
skin pathological changes. How to get rid of warts on
hands, treating and removing these growths on the skin we will tell in this

How are warts transmitted and why do they appear?

Byчему появляются бородавки на руках, на пальцах рук? What are their
causes of occurrence, how are they transmitted? Byчти 20% подростков и детей
at least once, but had contact with warts among his environment
and in 10% they occur at different ages. Papilomavirus infection
different types occur very easily in the presence of microtraumas on

  • as a direct route through direct contact of the affected skin
    with healthy
  • and by household means – through clothing, personal hygiene products,

In the occurrence of warts, plantar warts “guilty”
The following types of HPV 1-5, 49, 57, 19-24, 26-29, 1, 12, 10, 14, 15,
17, 19. The incubation period of these viruses is 2-6 months. However, even
when infected with papilloma viruses, strong healthy body with
easily stops their reproduction and progression, therefore
the main cause of wart development in children and adults
is the reduction of the body’s defenses – malnutrition,
prolonged stressful conditions, hormonal disruptions, overwork,
negative external influences such as radiation, chemical
emissions of industrial cities, chemical food products, etc.
factors. Как выглядят бородавки на пальцах рук

The virus is most rapidly transmitted in rooms with warm and humid
air, therefore saunas, pools, baths, sports, training
halls – are the most common places of transmission.

Favorite localization of warts on the hands is obvious,
since the greatest contact during work, games, in everyday life, in external
the environment happens through the hands.

As well as the desire of children to scratch or tear off warts
promote the spread of the virus to other skin areas
Some children’s nail biting habit may also contribute
penetration of infection under the nails. No treatment of warts under
ногтями, на пальцах рук приводит к их разрастанию,
multiple reproduction, fusion or damage to the nail.

What happens during infection? Viral agents of HPV invade
through scratches, injuries, microcracks on the skin into the blood. Then DNA
virus in the human genome leads to an abnormal process
cell proliferation. When this occurs, an increase in blood flow to
the site of the virus, which contributes to the rapid growth of these
cells. Sometimes this process is very rapid when
a wart appears within 1-2 weeks, and sometimes lingers on
several months, so a person does not always notice her immediately

How to identify a wart or not?

Warts come in several forms – they are simple, vulgar and

  • Simple or vulgar warts

Most often they are on the fingers, palms, back side
hands, without causing any pain, very rarely
formed on the mucous membranes and face. This is the most
common type of verruca vulgaris, they own up to 70% of all
кожных новоformations. They look like a dense, rounded shape
nodules, from 0.3 cm to 1 cm in diameter, of different shades, in some
In cases of color, they do not differ from the main skin, sometimes
be more pink, yellowish or darker,
light brown. To the touch they are not smooth, not smooth,
rough. Usually the progression of the virus manifests itself.
multiple tumors when one is determined
a large maternal wart, and many smaller ones nearby. With
removal of maternal, the rest can self-destruct
on their own.

  • Flat warts or, as they are also called, youthful

They occur only in 4% of cases and affect both the face and the mucous membranes.
shell, and skin of the hands, fingers. Most often there are young people
at the age of 10-30 years. Usually they are small, do not exceed 3
mm, have a flat surface, rounded shape, yellowish or

To determine if it is a wart or other skin pathologies,
should consult a dermatologist.

Warts must be treated, removed

In case of condylomas, papillomas and warts, it is impossible
ignore what is happening as it indicates existing
disruptions in the human immune system. By themselves such
neoplasms in most cases are not dangerous, not painful, but
even if they do not interfere and do not cause discomfort, from warts
follows get rid of, because:

  • The presence of even one wart increases the risk of sudden
    spread them to other, non-infected areas of the skin.
  • Accidental injury, tearing of the formation can
    promote the introduction of secondary infection or strengthen
    papillomavirus spread
  • The presence of tumors puts others at risk
    of infection, especially family members, loved ones, at work, in
    school, in kindergarten.
  • Although it is believed that simple warts are not oncogenic,
    There is always a risk of malignancy of any neoplasms.

In clinical practice, there are cases of self-regression
warts when the warts on the fingers without treatment disappeared
spontaneously and without a trace. It is estimated that within 3 years 75% of warts
may disappear for any internal reasons, within 2 years
in 66% of cases, and in half a year in 30% of cases.

However, if the regression of the neoplasm does not occur, any
the way to remove them does not guarantee complete healing, due to viral
nature of warts. If the internal reserves of the body do not give
a decent immune response, even after wart removal is prone
recur and recur in other areas

Be sure to remove warts if:

  • If the wart changes color, becomes uneven, becomes wet or
  • If the occurrence of numerous child
  • If the wart is on a site where it is constantly exposed
    friction, pressure, risk of tearing, and also if it strongly interferes or
    being in a prominent place, causes a person psychological and
    aesthetic discomfort.

How to get rid of warts?

Also today there is no specific treatment.
warts on hands. All treatments can be divided into:

  • Surgical – scraping of growth tissue with a scalpel
    under local anesthesia, this method is used today extremely
  • Physiotherapeutic – laser wart removal, liquid
    Nitrogen electrocoagulation
  • Chemical – acids, alkalis
  • Immunotherapy
  • Folk remedies – juice of celandine, onion, acetic acid, etc.
    (see How to remove a wart at home)

Treatment with any non-prescription drugs may not be
safe, especially without finding out the exact diagnosis. What
offer dermatologists today to withdraw, remove
warts on crayfish, on fingers?

Laser wart removal is quite an effective method.
getting rid of warts, very fast, painless, but for now
still quite expensive (from 300 to 5000 rubles for 1 element). By
cosmetic effect today is considered the best option
removal because scarring and scarring after the procedure is almost not
remains, the doctor can easily control the intensity
impact, recovery after the procedure is quite fast, and
remote tumor can be examined histologically.

Cryotherapy or wart removal with liquid nitrogen is a procedure in
In some cases it is quite painful, but with a competent assessment
doctor depth of impact, leaves no traces. However, in a number
cases requires a second procedure, the disadvantage is –
soreness after the procedure for 1-2 days and education
bubble that should be treated with a strong solution of potassium permanganate
within a week.

Electrocoagulation method is used to treat warts on
fingers on the palms under the influence of high frequency current, it is
bloodless method but used for small warts without
deep root, so, for example, warts on the foot, so
method is not removed.

Chemicals used to remove warts

Among the finished pharmacies that are sold in pharmacies for
removal of warts on the fingers, palms, on the body, legs can
highlight the following:

  • Супер чистотел — это щелочной раствор, не
    having a celandine to a medicinal plant
    sodium and potassium hydroxide, the price is about 20 rubles. at the pharmacy, by
    reviews of those who use it, is considered the best way to
    warts. Can not be applied to the genital area, neckline, on
    face, neck and sensitive skin.
  • Веррукацид — также относится к химическим
    funds, which includes phenol and metacresol, cost
    about 180 rubles
  • Солкодерм — раствор, состоящий из 4 кислот:
    acetic acid, dairy, oxalic and nitric, its price is about 400
  • Криофарма, Вартнер крио — это спрей с
    -57C refrigerant temperature, it is used with an applicator,
    цена до 600 rub.
  • Салициловая кислота — ее наносят с помощью
    applicator or used as a sticky dressing – Urgok corn
    or Mozolin, and also in the form of Galmanin powder.

These chemicals should be used very carefully.
because they can cause burns to nearby healthy tissue,
It is best if the treatment is done by a doctor. In order to avoid
skin damage can be pre-applied to the surrounding
surface or fat cream, or close up the skin
adhesive plaster pre-cut in it for warts
hole diameter with the size of the growth.

Before using any folk remedies or finished
drug, you need within 5-10 minutes to steam
wart, then wipe the skin dry and apply
solution. Salicylic acid requires treatment in
for a long time – 1-3 weeks, for other drugs
sometimes one-time processing or repeating a procedure is enough
In 2 weeks.

Among the popular methods of treating warts on fingers, nails,
hands, the most effective is burning with natural juice
chilli from warts that you can do yourself in
grass flowering period from May to June.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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