Want to be a super mom? 7 important skillshelp you with this!

Every child dreams of a super mom! However, children think
that this “title” have the moms who allow everything. Sweets,
toys, play on the computer? You are welcome! How many you want! But we,
adults, we know that this is not limited to the circle of my mother’s
duties. And just permissiveness can play later
evil joke.


Как стать супер-мамой: 7 important skills

We will understand who is such a super-mother? She considers motherhood
happiness, and not some kind of strength test or hard work.
And all because the super-mother knows how to organize everything. Which means
she is a real professional manager. Want to be the same
super mom? Everything is very simple! We offer you to learn 7 skills,
after which you can also reach the level of super-mom.

No. 1 – the ability to plan


Setting specific clear goals and planning is
the main thing in the supermoms program. If you develop your own
strategy and you will be clearly confident in it, then the decision is practically
Any problems will be your strength. You can not argue with the fact that
coordinate work, full communication with the child and homework
caring is a daunting task. However, the super-mother knows that no
nothing is impossible. Therefore, we arm with a pen and a piece of paper.
Spread on all days of the week what you need to do. AND
Believe: it will become much easier to live, because you will act on
a plan in which, if necessary, you can make

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not enough time

No. 2 – the ability to maintain balance


A woman can combine several roles simultaneously: to be
caring mother, beloved wife, mistress of the house, valuable employee,
an attractive woman, a faithful friend and a good daughter. To find
and keeping the balance between these responsibilities is great art. BUT
it is necessary to do this, otherwise you cannot avoid offenses,
disappointments and low self-esteem. Main preservation condition
balance is skill number 1, planning, and also
listen to the female assistant – intuition.

№ 3 – the ability to resolve conflicts


Supermama can perfectly handle conflict situations and
cope with transitional age, as well as other age
crises of their children. AND не важно, сколько им лет: 3 года или
2 months, maybe 12 or 20 years. Naturally, it is not easy –
communicate with wayward children. However, super-moms have their own
rules that will definitely work for you. Let’s get acquainted with
them: talk more with your child, pay attention to him,
ask about affairs, problems, do not read anything
giving notations, and be an example in everything. AND главное: помните о
that one should not be led by his offspring, because an adult
all the same – you!


№ 4 – the ability to follow established rules


Super-moms always clearly define the rules in their family
as to what is good and what is bad. Besides,
the rules are constant, they are the same for all family members.
ANDсключением для их выполнения могут быть внезапно возникшие
circumstances, for example, a child’s illness. If established
rules are executed systematically, it negates children’s
истерики, забастовки и другие приемы, которые применяют малыши
to achieve any goal, since it’s not even in their heads
comes that may be different. Yet children from time to
time can check the stability of the boundaries of what is permitted, but
супер-мама всегда где допустимая грань грань. AND даже истерики
kids and other ways of manipulation will not force the supermother to change
established rules.

№ 5 – the ability to act positively


Super-moms never complain and do not complain, she just starts
act according to the situation. AND это самое правильное решение, ведь
complaints about the difficulties encountered will not solve them, but the solved problem
– it is an opportunity to move forward. Another super mom rule:
even in a stalemate they look for positive points and make
conclusions for the future, because any personal experience makes us wiser. It’s a pity,
that very few can learn from other people’s mistakes, but still
more regrettable is the fact that few can
adequate conclusions from their own mistakes. It needs to learn!

No. 6 – the ability to always come to the rescue and listen to the child.


Moms are always loaded with different things, but with any
she must be open to communication with her
children. Both kids and teens need to be confident that
Mother will always help, you can turn to her at any time.
With help and advice, she will listen and give advice. Let them sometimes
«дергания» и «мамканье»  будут вас отвлекать или раздражать,
Believe me, children’s confidence that you can always
contact on any issue – an invaluable contribution to harmonious
development of their personality. It is important that the child can talk to the mother
about everything: about a quarrel with your best friend, about your dream, about your first love, about
problem with homework, the dream of a new toy or a terrible
a dream. It is important that you listening to your child is not between times, on 5
seconds distracting from the cookery, the series, talking on the phone
or work tasks. BUTктивное, внимательное слушание – безусловное
skill supermoms.

Number 7 – knowledge of their children


Supermama has excellent information and knows everything about her children.
What they can do and what their abilities are, who is the best friend and
какое блюдо любимое, какие фильмы предпочитают и что давали в
kindergarten for lunch, which books love and more. Why super mom
all this information? It’s very simple: mom, knowing about the child almost
everything always gets to the point. What does it mean? Lunch with super mom
always the most delicious, her gifts are the most desired, her help is
timely, because with the help of tactful questions she easily
will determine what mood the child has and what is in his soul.


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