Walnuts: the benefits and harm

Update: October 2018

Walnut is a popular vegetable product in each diet.
families. Nuts have been eaten even by our ancestors, getting
essential nutrients elements. Now about the benefits of walnuts
nuts do not know just lazy: the product is meaningful
component of world cuisine, valuable for high taste.
Shells, partitions, branches, bark and leaves of the tree are used in
traditional medicine.

Tell you about the benefits, possible harm, rules of use,
contraindications of walnuts.

Description of the plant walnut

The tree belongs to the family Nut, reaches a height of up to 25
m, the diameter of the crown – up to 20 m. Plants grown from seed,
bear fruit from 10-12 years of age. Trees grown from seedlings
(root shoots) begin to bear fruit since 2 years. Since 30
begins full fruiting tree. Live up to 400 years.

Blossoms in May, fruits ripen by September-October. Walnut
(fruit of the tree) refers to the bark-like, covered with thick
leathery-fibrous peel green (pericarp) and
strong ovoid bone (shell) with 2-5 partitions.
The rind of the fetus at maturity dries, bursts at 2
parts, splits, separated. Stone does not spontaneously
revealed, inside is edible core. Nut weight is
5-17 g., The core is 40-58%.

  • The largest supplier of walnuts in the world – the United States.
  • In Russia, кроме местных орехов, продаются плоды из Чили, Китая,
    Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan.
  • The most valuable nuts are considered to be
  • The most delicious varieties – “Homeland”, “Gissar”, “Uzbek
    skoroplodny “,” Ideal. “

The chemical composition of walnut

Leaves are rich:

  • Quinones (α-hydrauglone, β-hydrouglon, juglone);
  • Flavonoids (3-arabinoside quercetin, hyperoside, 3-arabinoside
  • Vitamin C (4-5%), group B;
  • Carotenoids, incl. β-carotene (12 mg / 100 gr.),
  • Ellagic, galusic, caffeic acids;
  • Tannins (3-4%);
  • Essential oil (up to 0.03%).

Green pericarp contains:

  • Vitamin C (up to 3%);
  • α- and β-hydroglon;
  • Tannins.

Nut kernel contains:

  • Full vegetable protein (up to 21%);
  • Carbohydrates (up to 7%);
  • Provitamin A;
  • Vitamins A, E, groups B, C (up to 10% in unripe fruits), K,
  • Amino acids (arginine, asparagine, glutamine, cystine, serine,
    valine, histidine, phenylalanine);
  • Tannins;
  • Fatty oil (up to 60-76%) – from glycerides of oleic, linoleic,
    stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids (unsaturated
    fatty acids (up to 76%). Contains vitamins A, E, C,
    trace elements;
  • Micro and macronutrients: iodine, zinc, copper, magnesium, iron,
    calcium, cobalt, potassium, phosphorus.

Walnut walls are also useful and rich:

  • alkaloid compounds (in small doses positively
    affect brain activity);
  • tannins;
  • glycosides;
  • amino acids: serine, cystine, asparagine, glutamine,
  • mineral elements: iodine, potassium, sodium, magnesium,
    calcium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese and boron;
  • vitamins: groups B, D, retinol, tocopherol, ascorbic

Traditional healers talk about the benefits of green walnuts,
collected before June 23: in immature fruits – the greatest concentration
beneficial substances.

High-calorie product: up to 8500 kcal per 1 kilogram of kernels.

The benefits of walnut

  • Stimulates the neurochemical processes of the brain.
  • Interferes with the formation of cancer cells.
  • Normalizes metabolism.
  • Prevents gastrointestinal disorders,
    occurrence of diarrhea.
  • Normalizes the heart, strengthens the walls of the blood vessels of the head
    the brain.
  • Stabilizes blood pressure.
  • Interferes with the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in
  • Strengthens the immune system. Recommended for the prevention and
    treatment of infectious diseases.
  • Promotes the elimination of toxic substances.
  • Walnut leaves – a good antiseptic,
    anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of wounds.
  • The benefits of walnut oil – a natural source of unsaturated
    fatty acids and antioxidants.

Proved the benefits of walnuts for women (treatment of hormonal
disorders, improvement in libido) and men (impotence treatment), therefore
The product can be called a natural aphrodisiac.

Indications for use

Walnut – общеукрепляющее средство при простудных, вирусных
diseases. It has a reducing effect on the weakened
The immune system is used in the treatment of many diseases.

Main indications:

  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Hypertension;
  • Thyroid disease;
  • Iodine deficiency;
  • Inflammatory processes;
  • Pain syndrome;
  • Decreased brain activity;
  • Iron-deficiency anemia;
  • Diabetes;
  • Hypovitaminosis;
  • High acidity of gastric juice;
  • Disturbed intestinal motility;
  • Impotence;
  • Infertility;
  • The period of recovery after diseases, operations;
  • Eye strain;
  • Memory impairment;
  • Mental overload;
  • Chronic fatigue.

Famous American doctor D. Gale recommends daily
use 4 – 5 walnuts to protect against exposure
radiation. AT исследовании американских ученых во главе с Д. ATинсоном
It is proved that walnuts contain many times more
antioxidants than all other nuts. And biological
antioxidant activity is higher than other types of nuts.

how выбрать и как хранить грецкие орехи

On any market there are departments with dried nuts, a picture
which instantly whets the appetite. Beautiful peeled halves
in huge canvas bags. ATкуснотень!

It is not recommended to buy peeled nuts, except from
proven farmer and then, just eat. Under the beautiful-looking
cores can hide:

  • last year’s moldy water-washed nuts (plain
    water fungus is not destroyed);
  • a product that might have been stored incorrectly, for example, in
    untight dirty warehouses inhabited by rodents.

Being in the shell, the fruits are protected from bacteria and
microorganisms. When the kernels are on the counter / bag day after day,
they are disseminated by pathogenic microflora, insects crawl over them and

It is absolutely impossible to buy ground nuts – shelf life
Such a product is extremely small, and the content most often turns out to be
bad and last year’s kernels.

On the market or in the store?

AT магазине надежнее, но купить цельные орехи там сложно, в
mostly sell peeled. Buying on the market, you should give away
preference proven vendors have long been engaged in supply,
and better by growing nuts. Feel free to ask the documents
confirming the quality and safety.

how выбрать грецкие орехи в скорлупе

  • It is better покупать орехи осенью: это повышает шанс, что урожай
  • You can distinguish last year’s nuts by dark shells or dark
    spots on it, less weight: as it is stored, the fruit dries out;
  • ATстряхнув орехи, можно услышать слегка звенящий, но не пустой
    sound. This is a sign of product freshness;
  • The most delicious are elongated nuts with thin shells.
    about 1.5 mm. Round nuts are delicious too, but they have a shell
    thick, therefore, less kernels.
  • The shell should be dry, without holes, cracks and no residues.
    green shell (a sign of immaturity). Smooth shell – a sign
    the fact that partitions inside a little. ATлажные или прохладные на ощупь
    nuts can not be taken;
  • The lighter the shell, the less the bitter nuts will be;
  • In the presence of force, high-quality, well-dried walnut
    can open hands;
  • Very fragile nuts are also sold, which are easy to open without
    effort. Buying them for the future is not worth it: they are poorly stored, but if
    eat immediately – you will not regret, they are very tasty;
  • When opening the core must be elastic, dense, without mold,
    greasy film, uncharacteristic spots and spots. Fresh kernels covered
    thin leathery shell light golden color. Break down with
    light crunch, on the rift have a uniform light color. ATкус –
    sweet, slightly tart, but without bitterness.
  • If there is a moldy smell and the taste of the nuts is rancid, this
    poor quality product.
  • If the nuclei are yellow, break up into small pieces when rubbed
    in your fingers – you slipped last year’s nut.

how выбрать очищенные орешки

If you still buy peeled nut kernels from a reliable
seller, the tips are as follows:

  • do not take much, but as much as eat for a few
  • the kernels should be voluminous, crunchy, not shriveled and
  • hold the kernels in the oven for 5-7 minutes at 180 C. Aflatoxins are
    processing does not destroy, but kills pathogens.

how хранить грецкие орехи?

Dry the nuts before putting them in storage.
in the attic or balcony. Nuts deteriorate from moisture that can
destroy the highest quality harvest.

Inshell nuts are stored for a long time, up to 6 months. You can in the locker
in the kitchen, in a dark, but dry, ventilated place, in a drawer,
canvas bag. Packing nuts in cellophane is not necessary. If available
cool, but dry cellar, you can store nuts and 9-12 months at
temperature from -5 to +10 degrees.

Peeled kernels are stored for a short time at room temperature, 10-15
days AT холодильнике можно хранить ядра до 3 месяцев, поместив в
vacuum packing. Freezing is allowed, storage time is up to 12
months. To prolong the “life” of nuts, they are fried like sunflower seeds.
ATариант, но пользы в таком продукте уже меньше.

The optimal period during which you need to eat nuts in
скорлупе – 6 months. After this period, fats lose their
favor and rancid, give the nut an unpleasant taste and smell.

Why are stale, expired and moldy nuts dangerous?

These nuts are often sold at a good discount. Seller will
assure: wash, feel free to eat, add to baking. Not
be seduced by a low price: these nuts contain a fungus,
aflatoxins – dangerous substances that threaten not only
health, but also life!

Aflatoxins (mycotoxins) – waste products of fungi,
causing irreversible changes in the liver. High дозы вызывают
death within a few days, chronic intake of substances
in small doses, at times increases the risk of liver cancer, violates
immunity, the work of the endocrine and nervous systems. Feature
aflatoxins – resistance to high temperatures,
alcohol-containing liquids and soaps (destroyed only when
long and hard heat treatment, which is impossible with nuts).

The ideal breeding ground for moldy fungi of the genus
Aspergillus – wet, warm. Those. if stored improperly nuts
actively colonized by fungi and become hazardous to health.
The harm of walnuts to an organism infected with fungi is not a myth, but
real threat to health. 1000 times think buying peeled
kernels by weight!

How to detect that the nuclei are affected by the fungus? Unfortunately do
it is difficult. If when splitting a nut you see a barely noticeable
a little cloud of pollen – a nut is amazed!

Rules of use

How much should a walnut be eaten per day?

  • 2-3 nuts per day – the norm for healthy people;
  • 3-4 nuts per day – for nursing mothers;
  • 6-7 nuts per day – during the recovery period after illness,
    operations for men engaged in heavy physical labor.
  • Children can be given a walnut from 2 years old, no more than 2-3
    shredded kernels per day.

If you eat more than 10-15 nuts, there will be no harm. But this
high-calorie product, a large amount of which is negative
affects the shape, creates a “weight” in the stomach. Upper bound
– 7 nuts per day.

The best time is morning. Nuts are good at drinking with tea, coffee, and
Better – additive in porridge, muesli. Maximum benefits in raw nuts, not
in roasted, although the latter is tastier.

You can buy nuts in honey – a popular dessert, often brought
as a gift from seaside resorts. When the nuts were harvested for
such a delicacy, big question. Dessert can be prepared
alone, but eat for a few days.

Walnut preserves are more nutritious than
useful. The most valuable nut is fresh and raw.

Walnut oil

Walnut oil is a valuable, expensive product (about 700 rubles per
250 ml). Can be found in the sections of organic products. In Russia
imported oil is sold (made in Austria, France), as well as
domestic, farmer. When buying carefully read the composition –
Oil may be with the addition of sunflower.

The most useful is unrefined, first cold pressed,
get it by cold pressing the cores. This is exactly what
They are sold in stores, but the shelf life is 12-18 months. how
it is known that unrefined oils are not stored for so long, which means
The oil has been processed to increase shelf life. It is better
make butter at home: 200 gr. grind fresh kernels in a mortar or
meat grinder, can be in a blender, but for several approaches. Mass
put in gauze and squeeze. The resulting volume should be used.
for 3 days. Keep refrigerated.

The beneficial properties of walnut oil are multifaceted: the product
recommended for gastritis, to reduce gastric acidity
juice, getting rid of heartburn. Oil increases bile secretion
helps to restore the cells of the liver, pancreas,
improves joint function, kidney function. Helps to strengthen
immunity, keep young, improve memory and vision. High
antioxidant properties allow you to take oil for prevention
oncology, removal of radionuclides. Proven and stimulating
effect on libido in women and men.

how принимать:

Universal treatment regimen – 1 tbsp. for the night. To strengthen
1 tsp of immunity and diabetes treatment three times a day
food. In the absence of allergies can be given to children from 1 year, several
drops. Also, oil is used as a salad dressing.

Widely used in cosmetology for any skin care.
type, massage. Walnut oil retains moisture and nourishes the skin,
eliminates irritation, itching, improves complexion, tightens the oval,
smoothes shallow wrinkles.

Folk recipes

  • Gynecological tumor diseases. Alcohol infusion of
    walnut shell partitions. Take 20-30 grams. crushed (but not
    into powder) partitions and 100 ml of vodka, mix and shake.
    Put in a dark place for 3 weeks. Daily dose: 10 ml. Course
    treatment – 60 days.
  • Oncological diseases, benign tumors, thrombosis.
    Take dry shells from 15 fruits, wash, put in a jar and
    Pour 700 ml of vodka, close the lid. Put in a cool place
    for 60 days. Take a course of 60 days, 5-10 ml per day.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, atherosclerosis).
    Chopped nut kernels are mixed with honey in a 1: 1 ratio.
    Take 2.5 st.l. daily
  • Hypothyroidism, iodine deficiency. 1 tbsp. dry leaves or
    walnut partitions pour 1 cup boiling water, insist and
    filter. Accept за полчаса до food. Course – 1 месяц, несколько
    once a year.
  • Diarrhea. Water tincture of the walls of the shell, obtained by
    to the above recipe, quickly eliminates diarrhea.
  • Dysentery, kidney and intestinal diseases, and skin
    problems – deprive, eczema, herpes. Take 200 gr. green peel and 1
    liter of vodka, put in a dark place for 30 days. Take 1
    st.l. 3 times a day, diluted with water to treat the skin
    use externally.
  • Normalization of intestinal motility. 50 gr. nuts mixed with
    honey eliminate discomfort and a tendency to constipation. Accept
    on an empty stomach, in the morning, half an hour before the first meal. Course – 7
  • Inflammation of the oral cavity. 1 tbsp. dry nut
    leaves pour 1 cup boiling water, brew, strain. Rinse
    oral cavity 2 times a day. After rinsing 1 hour do not eat.
  • Exacerbation of hemorrhoids. Lotions of infusion of leaves are applied to
    hemorrhoids several times a day.
  • Impotence, erectile dysfunction. 7-9 chop nuts,
    смешать с honey и принимать каждое утро, во время завтрака.
  • Mastopathy. ATзять 2-3 st.l. dry partitions and pour 250 ml
    спирта, настоять в темноте 7 days Take 1 tbsp. before meals 3
    times a day. This remedy is also recommended for normalization.
    hormone levels, eliminate iodine deficiency and strengthen the immune
  • Wounds, abrasions, skin inflammations. Apply to inflammatory
    hotbeds of fresh walnut leaves or dry powder
  • Powerful tonic. Mix in equal proportions
    ground nut kernels, dried apricots, lemon (with zest), raisins and honey.
    Vitaminized remedy has a tonic, tonic
    effect, increases the activity of the brain. Take 20 grams.
    mixture in the morning. Keep refrigerated.
  • Vitamin bomb. This tool is used in times
    Kievan Rus. Chop green nuts and mix them in equal proportions
    инжиром и honey. Take 1 ч.л. before breakfast.
  • Cleansing the blood vessels. Take crushed shell 10 nuts, pour
    полулитром водки и настоять в темноте 7 days Take 1 tbsp.
    on an empty stomach
  • Prevention of atherosclerosis. Mix 10 ground kernels
    nuts, 10 tablespoons of unrefined sunflower oil and 2
    slices of chopped garlic. Take 1 tbsp. in a day.
  • Оздоровление кожи лица и головы. Broth cooked
    from 0.5 l. purified water and partitions 25 nuts, cleanses the skin of the face
    from acne, pimples, and scalp from dandruff. Face can be processed
    chilled broth instead of tonic, rinse hair
  • Маска для увядающей кожи. Connect 15 ml of oil
    walnut, 5 ml of peach and almond extract.
    Massage on cleansed skin for 15 minutes,
    wash off.
  • Treatises of ancient Tajik medicine read: use of nuclei
    walnut with milk improves health, neutralizes and removes from
    organism harmful substances.
  • Natural nut paste. Nutritious and healthy product
    which can be spread on bread. In a food processor chop
    450 gr. nut kernels, 2 tsp cane sugar, 1/3 tsp salt.
    Grind should be in several stages (otherwise the mass sticks together)
    to get a homogeneous homogeneous paste. Add 1 at the end
    st.l. vegetable oil. Keep refrigerated.
  • Walnut tincture. Universal prescription for treatment
    benign neoplasms, hypertension, inflammatory
    gastrointestinal diseases, infertility, diabetes, hypothyroidism, tuberculosis and
    catarrhal diseases. Take 30-40 walnuts in green
    shell (May-June), rinse, cut into 4 parts and pour vodka
    1 l. Put in a dark place for 24 days. Take 20 minutes before
    meal 5 ml, three times a day.

how быстро расколоть орехи

Put in a saucepan, add water and boil. Remove from heat
cover and let stand for 15 minutes, then wipe dry and
to split

Contraindications, harm, side effects

The harm of walnut and its products is obvious to people with
allergy to the product is a direct contraindication. Use
product will lead to the development of allergic reactions up to
anaphylactic shock. You can eat walnuts with care
patients with a penchant for protein allergies, as well as with
intolerance to other types of nuts. Nuts refer to
highly allergenic products – remember this!

With diathesis, acute intestinal infections, exacerbation of gastritis,
pancreatitis, gastrointestinal ulcers, psoriasis, neurodermatitis,
vitamin saturation, iodine excess in the body
walnut is contraindicated.

Exceeding the recommended daily allowance results in:

  • The development of diarrhea (especially if the product is used for the purpose of
    treating constipation);
  • Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the tonsils;
  • Weight gain

The damage of walnut partitions is possible when exceeding
recommended doses up to poisoning. Funds based
septum contraindicated in allergies, pregnancy, excess
iodine in the body, dermatitis, exacerbation of psoriasis and gastritis.

The benefits of walnut for men, women and children is not
not only in high nutritional value, but also in medicinal properties.
Carefully select nuts from a reliable supplier and include them in
daily diet with health benefits.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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