Walking outdoors is the perfect time forof games

Daily stay in the fresh air hardens the child and
promotes health. In addition, on the street, in the courtyard,
in the park, the baby meets the outside world, gets new
impressions and positive emotions. It is therefore very important to make
variety in the daily exercise of the child so that he does not lose
interest in walking.

of gamesы с детьми на свежем воздухе

Походные of gamesы

Время, потраченное на путь к садику, детской of gamesовой площадке
or shopping trip, you can spend with the benefit for the child
благодаря так называемым «походным» of gamesам, которые не требуют
availability of any inventory.

�”Study of the neighborhood”

While walking, introduce the child with new items and
interesting natural phenomena, not forgetting to give them
characterization and describe properties. Allow the child to touch them.
and comment on your feelings. For example, snow is cold, sand
loose, grass after rain is wet, the bark of the tree is rough. Appeal
baby’s attention to little things like penetrating buds in the trees,
Sparrow tweets, the movement of clouds across the sky.

Older children need to add elements to the observation process.
learning. Explain to the child why the moss is bigger in the trees.
growing from the north side, why some birds fly away in the fall
to warm countries, etc. During the walk, the baby will ask you a lot
Additional questions that need to be answered as much as possible
in detail.


You can steps to measure the distance between objects, such as home
and shop. Or arrange a contest who will determine more accurately at a glance
the number of steps on a certain segment of the path.

You can learn to count in another fun way – by counting
identical objects encountered in the process of movement. It can
be birds, people or cars.

�”The words”

Скоротайте время в дороге за познавательной of gamesой. Suggest
child alternately invent words starting with the last
the letter of the previous one. Чтобы усложнить задачу, измените правила of gamesы:
select one topic (names, plants, garments or dishes),
call words consisting of a certain number of letters (3, 4,
5) or starting with a specific letter.

Walks by

If you are walking in the company of several children, for
they also need to organize entertainment.

�“Well, guess!”

Keep a small object (chestnut, keys, candy) in your pocket and
Ask the children to guess it. Children can ask suggestive
questions, but not more than 10.

�”Young biologist”

In the summer, children are happy to chase butterflies. Not
less interesting to collect grasshoppers or ladybirds. Only
объясните малышне, что после of gamesы насекомых нужно отпустить на

�”Who is first?”

Suggest ребятам наперегонки добежать до ближайшего объекта,
for example, wood, benches or swings. You can overcome the distance
�”Duck” step or jumping rope.


In the fall, give the children a task to collect fallen leaves, flowers and
explain how to make a herbarium of them. In the process of collecting
together with the children describe the color and shape of the plants, the trees on which
they grew up. Along with the leaves, you can collect cones, acorns,
chestnuts, and then use them for crafts.

�”Snow picture”

In winter, show the children how to draw with a stick.
smooth snow Arrange a competition for the most successful drawing.

Walking with children, make a variety in the usual route.
Allow children to take initiative and

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