Высокая temperature у грудничка: что делать иhow to knock down

Повышенная temperature тела у грудного ребенка не
is a disease in itself, it is only a symptom of the disease.
Common causes of temperature rises
новорожденных являются острые бактериальные и вирусные
infections. Также temperature может подскочить от перегрева,
emotional stress, dehydration, reaction to
inoculation, teething, lesions of the central nervous system.

It is known that at temperatures up to 39 ° C almost
all known viruses and bacteria die, polluting the body.
In this case, intoxication appears and, as a result, increases.
temperature, что активизирует иммунную систему.

Температура у грудничка

Observe the condition of the child

With a high body temperature in an infant need
focus not only on the thermometer, but also on the behavior
If in general condition
новорожденного нормальное и поведение адекватное – снижать
temperature medications do not rush.

Experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend
Do not reduce the temperature by taking the medication, even if
reaches 39 ° C, provided that the child is normal
transfers and remains active. You can try to reduce it.
physically – remove an extra layer of clothing from the child or undress
completely (air baths), aerate the room, wipe
cool little water.

But if a baby has a pale appearance, her palms and feet are cold,
inappropriate behavior (apathetic, capricious, refusing to eat and
питья), а temperature в пределах 38 – скорей всего, без помощи
a doctor and medication is indispensable.

Внимание, перед тем как бить
тревогу читаем статью о нормах температуры тела у

— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/zdorove-rebenka/kakaya-normalnaya-temperatura-tela-dolzhna-byit-u-grudnichka.html Нормальной
temperature can be from 36 to 38 degrees

There is a separate category of children for whom it is better not to allow
повышения температуры до 38°С. It:

  • child of the first two months of life;
  • a child who in previous cases of fever
    convulsions were observed;
  • children with chronic illnesses.

Ознакомьтесь со статьей: как померить
температуру новорожденному ребенку (Правила и способы
измерения температуры у новорожденных: в подмышечной впадине
ртутным или цифровым термометром, ректально, лобным
термометром, термометром-соской, в ушке ушным

Температура 37 °С

temperature у грудничка

Если у малыша temperature 37°С, ребенок активен, хорошо
he eats, he has a normal stool – do not worry, because this
may be an individual feature and does not require any
additional treatment because children of the first year of life is not yet
the end has formed the function of thermoregulation and they are capable of
overheat quickly and supercool.
(См: У грудного ребенка temperature 37)

Температура 38 °С

Температура тела у новорожденного 38 °С является
protective function of the body. Usually her babies are always enough.
well tolerated, continue to be active, have a good appetite,
pens and legs are warm. При thisм следует давать ребенку больше
warm drinking, it is advisable to make herbal infusions to improve and
maintain the overall condition of the crumbs. Mandatory reduction
temperature is not worth it, because precisely in the range from 38 to
39 ° C includes protective immune functions of the body. Watching the
child, from the use of drugs can temporarily

Температура 39 °С

При температуре в 39 °С в большинстве случаев проявляется
child’s lethargy, refusal to feed, irritability, glance
it becomes foggy, the arms and legs can be cold, rapid
palpitations and shortness of breath. With such symptoms definitely
medical attention is required.

What to do with high temperature

Как оказать первую помощь, если у грудничка продолжает
держаться высокая temperature, что делать для облегчения состояния
ребенка и how to knock down жар?

  1. Provide the child with abundant drinking, can be on herbal infusions,
    lowering fever
  2. If the baby is breastfed, more often
    apply it to your chest. Breast milk provides enough
    baby moisture.
  3. Make sure the baby is dressed appropriately for the temperature in
    room because an extra layer of clothing will only increase the temperature
    body due to overheating.
  4. It is recommended to do air baths. Strip the baby before the goal
    (remove the diaper) and let the baby lie naked minutes
  5. Put a cool napkin on your forehead.

Жаропонижающие средства для самых маленьких

The main requirement for the choice of antipyretic drugs for
infants is, above all, safety and
efficiency. Who only recommended paracetamol
(Панадол, Эффералган) (может быть суспензия, сироп, свечи) и
ибупрофен (нурофен, ибуфен),
полностью отвечающие
safety requirements permitted to children from the first months of life
for use at home and in the hospital.

Giving aspirin to kids is prohibited due to strong side effects.
effects for the child’s body.

But if your child has a high temperature
appeared for the first time, yet it will be better to refrain from
self-medication and get a recommendation
a doctor.

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