Воспаление, защемление седалищного nerve —symptoms, treatment

Update: December 2018 Sciatic or pinched sciatic
nerve, а также пояснично-крестцовый радикулит с ущемлением корешков
sacral disease is the same disease in which the pain
localized in the lumbar region, thigh, lower leg, foot,
aggravated by coughing, walking. First, when the disease is only
it begins, it proceeds as a type of lumbalgia, lumbago,

Also synonymous with this disease is sciatica – it is neuritis,
воспаление, защемление седалищного nerve, симптомы которого
manifested by pain in the lumbosacral spine,
giving up. With компрессии самого длинного и крупного nerve в
организме человека — седалищного nerve, боль бывает от слабой до
just unbearable, not allowing a person to sleep or normal
walk About the causes, symptoms of pinching the sciatic
nerve, лечении медикаментами, народными средствами, об общих
principles of therapy, we will explain in this article.

Withзнаки воспаления седалищного nerve

Where is the sciatic nerve? it 2 самых крупных и длинных
nerve в организме человека, которые проходят слева и справа от
lower back to the toes. Usually, the patient is worried about the inflammation.
боль только в одном из них, локализуясь в ягодице,  сзади
hips, behind the knee on the calf, reaching the foot.

With неврите или защемлении седалищного nerve, симптомы, боли
described by patients as burning, stabbing, sharp, cutting. They
both appear and disappear suddenly, however, with severe
inflammations can be chronic, with recurrent

Withступ воспаления обычно начинается после эмоционального или
physical overvoltage, especially when combined with supercooling,
do not rarely begin at night. По ходу nerve может нарушаться
skin sensitivity, or aggravate – tingling, goosebumps, or
on the contrary, to decline is numbness. First, the pain extends to the back
side of the thigh, dropping to the lower leg and foot.

After an attack, the pain remains between 5 lumbar and 1 sacral
vertebrae, as well as under the knee and in the center of the buttocks. Because of strong
pain in a person can occur fainting, as well as vegetative
violations – increased sweating feet, swelling and redness of the skin.
The pain increases with prolonged standing, walking, sitting on
hard surface. With приступах боли человек принимает
forced posture, resting on a healthy leg, is one of
признаков защемления седалищного nerve является нарушение походки
(see also causes lower back pain).

With тяжелом протекании воспалении седалищного nerve, симптомы
выражаются в сильном уменьшении или полном нарушении функции nerve.
With этом  может уменьшаться ягодичная, бедренная или
calf muscle. The patient may have difficulty trying
bend the calf due to temporary immobilization of the back muscles
of the thigh, and the flexion of the toes and
turn the foot.


Before treatment, the doctor must find out the reason
болевого синдрома в области седалищного nerve, поэтому следует
conduct an adequate diagnosis, because sciatica is a syndrome
which can accompany various states.

Neurologist first conducts examination, checks the reflexes on the legs
by tapping with a hammer, and determines the skin sensitivity that
allows you to roughly estimate the stage of damage to the nervous system.

To clarify the diagnosis of the simplest available in any
clinic method, is a standard radiography, which
confirm or eliminate serious bone changes.

If this diagnosis is not enough, the doctor may prescribe
MRI – magnetic resonance imaging or CT scan – computed tomography
tomography. With подозрении на опухоль, возможно и проведение
radioisotope spinal scan, especially shown
persons taking long-term corticosteroids, as well as
HIV infected.

Истинная причина защемления, воспаления седалищного nerve

Воспаление или защемление седалищного nerve очень частое
disease, the cause of which official medicine
sees in mechanical (displacement of the vertebrae, vertebral hernia,
osteochondrosis, etc.), temperature (hypothermia) factors, and
also presence of a tumor, infection in the pelvic area, syndrome
Reiter and other diseases. We will not list them.

In this article we will look at one interesting theory of the cause.
защемления седалищного nerve, которая по-нашему мнению является
истинным фактом возникновения невралгии седалищного nerve. And knowing
deep cause of the disease, it is easier to deal with it.

If you are reading this text, it means that you are already faced with
что защемление седалищного nerve относиться к практически
incurable diseases, his treatment is based on a temporary
pain relief. With возникновении переохлаждения, резкого движения
или поднятия тяжести, симптомы неврита седалищного nerve снова
come back and you again look for the answer to the question of how to treat pinching
седалищного nerve.

The fact is that consciously a person cannot to control
the tone of the muscles of the back, gluteal muscles, pear-shaped muscles that are
tension and spasm just cause back pain, problems in
spine, pain in the limbs, including those leading to
защемлению или воспалению седалищного nerve. Amazing thing is that
to strain a person these muscles can easily, but to relax them is not in

This function is performed by the brain structures that are responsible for
the emotional side of a person’s life since all internal
organs, vessels, bone system in the body are controlled mainly
way from the stem and hemispheres of the brain. Usually positive
emotions that form in the brain contribute
relaxing these muscles, and negative, negative to their spasm,
involuntary stress.

Withчем, даже кратковременная, но очень мощная негативная
an emotional reaction causes cells, tissues, muscles to last
alert, high activity. it в свою очередь
provokes muscle spasm and pinched nerves, and the sciatic nerve
especially vulnerable to existing pathologies of the spine, especially
lumbosacral, the very intervertebral hernia,
osteochondrosis, spondylolisthesis, dysfunction
the sacroiliac joint and other causes about which
mentioned in all sources of medical information.


To окончательно убедиться в правдивости этой теории приведем
one more fact. Everyone knows that men and women do not differ
only sexual signs, the main difference between the sexes in the difference
functioning and structure of the brain, stress response –
hence the difference in the localization of typical pain with pinching
седалищного nerve. 80% of women have pinched sciatic pain
nerve локализуются в правой стороне ягодицы, правом бедре, колене,
foot and shin. In men, on the contrary, in the same 80% of cases
the left half of the buttocks and the left leg suffer.

Everyone knows that the right hemisphere is “responsible” for the left
part of the body, and the left – for the right. It is also known that in men and
women revealed differences in the prefrontal cortex (control over
decision-making) and in the frontal lobe of the brain. Differences in
limbic system (where emotions are formed) sex concerns
tonsil, which regulates both the onset of emotions and the ability
memorize them. The almond-shaped body of the male body is associated with
right hemisphere, and the female – with the left.

Researcher Larry Cahill, observing the work of the brain in
acute stress in men and women (watching horror movies),
noticed that in men with stress the left hemisphere was able to
rest, and the reaction is most pronounced by the amygdala in the right
hemisphere. In women, the left amygdala is activated, and the right
was silent.

Therefore, when stress, negative thoughts, bad
moods, feelings, women are more tense, spasms
right side, restricting the right sciatic nerve, and in men

Withчем, многими врачами неврологами замечен такой интересный
the fact that when a person has stressful situations
dissatisfaction with themselves, their work, maybe some kind of internal
self-digging, self-flagellation – sciatic inflammation is exacerbated
nerve, лечение которого не приносит значительного облегчения, но
as soon as the problem goes away, inner peace is established and
harmony, a person calms down, changes work, conducts
full vacation, a good rest – then it calms down and

Given the above, analyze your life, your
emotional state, recent life events, what was
is your disease caused? Perhaps if you can calm your
nervous system, rebuild on a positive wave, it will help
deal with the affliction.

Provoking factors affecting the occurrence of this
diseases are:

  • Injuries, hypothermia, hard sports or
    excessive exercise.
  • Infectious diseases that have a strong effect on
    nervous system, such as tuberculosis, herpes zoster,
  • Infectious and allergic diseases
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Poisoning, intoxication – drugs, poisons,
    heavy metals, toxins in the decay of malignant
  • Circulatory disorders, metabolism, diabetes,

Защемление седалищного nerve, редко имеет одну причину, обычно
it appears in old age, against the background of a complex of different
pathological changes in the spine, vascular disorders in
области этого nerve, поэтому у детей этого заболевания не
it happens.

Как лечить защемление седалищного nerve

With защемлении седалищного nerve, лечение следует доверить
by a qualified neurologist who, by diagnostic result
prescribe the appropriate therapy:

  • Physiotherapy

itт метод терапии помогает больным значительно сократить
pain, but does not eliminate the root cause of the disease.
The doctor may prescribe various procedures: electrophoresis with
antispasmodics, vitamins, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory
UHF therapy, magnetic laser or laser therapy,
phonophoresis paraffin baths, ultraviolet irradiation of the affected area, electric.
The action of physiotherapy improves blood circulation, relieves swelling and pain
gradually subsides.

  • Massage, reflexology

During the period of decline of the acute inflammatory process is very
canned, general massage, acupuncture sessions,
cauterization, acupressure, even the use of home
Kuznetsov’s applicator can help the patient relieve pain and relieve
excessive muscle tension. Any types of massage and reflexology
improve lymph flow, reduce pain, restore nerve function and
prevent muscle hypotrophy.

  • Course of anti-inflammatory and analgesic therapy

The most effective painkillers are NSAIDs. it
Pharmaceutical group of drugs is represented by drugs that
stop the action of the COX enzyme and possess
anti-inflammatory effect, these include Diclofenac,
Индометацин, Ибупрофен, Ортофен, Цеберекс, Сулиндак,
Naproxen, Ketorolac. All these drugs are irritating.
action on the gastric mucosa, affect the kidneys and reduce
blood clotting, so their use should be limited.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Movalis,
Arcoxia, Nimesulide less irritating to others
on the digestive tract, and possibly their longer use, by course,
which the doctor will prescribe (simultaneously with omeprazole). More about
for back pain, comparison of prices and efficacy, as well as on
Injections, injections for lower back pain, read our articles. With
sometimes increasing steroid pain and inflammation
hormonal drugs, short courses, they relieve pain, but not
eliminates the cause of inflammation, and their use has a lot of side
effects and contraindications.

  • Other drug treatment of sciatic inflammation

The doctor also prescribes vitamins, especially shown vitamins group
B, B12, vitamin E, vitamin-mineral complexes, drugs,
improves metabolic processes and blood circulation, as well as means
relaxing muscles.

  • Physiotherapy

Even the simplest exercises, such as a bike, performed
lying, rotational movements of the pelvis, walking on the floor on the buttocks, any
stretch marks are very effective. Exercises should
perform when relieving the acute process in periods of remission,
it is worth carrying out them slowly, smoothly, without strong tension.

  • Mode in the acute period

With остром периоде больным рекомендуется постельный режим,
preferably on a bed with a hard mattress, limit any
locomotor activity until acute inflammation passes.
Withслушивайтесь к своему организму, одним пациентам очень хорошо
helps alternately attaching warmers and ice, others only
cold, especially massaging movements in the area of ​​pain
a piece of ice.

  • Sanatorium treatment, mud therapy

Only without aggravation, spa treatment is recommended.
воспаления седалищного nerve, особенно эффективны грязелечение,
hydrotherapy using radon, hydrogen sulfide, pearl
baths, conducting underwater extension courses. Climatotherapy is always
helps to strengthen the immune system, reduces the frequency of colds
diseases, rest improves mood and creates positive
mood, which is so important for recovery.

Treatment of folk remedies

Of course, there are a lot of folk remedies for treatment, but
they should only be used as directed by the doctor, since
possible contraindications to the use of a method.

  • Oddly enough, but any cream, which includes horse
    chestnut can help relax muscles and relieve pain when
    заболеваниях седалищного nerve. Usually these creams are used when
    varicose veins of the lower extremities, but horse chestnut
    помогает и при защемлении седалищного nerve, поэтому можно
    дополнить лечение применением следующих кремов –  Венитан,
    Cream-balm Chaga, Cream Auchan Soothing (sold in
    supermarkets Auchan), cream from the series of recipes grandmother Agafi – cream
    anti-varicose, prophylactic, relaxing.
  • We already mentioned the can massage, you can do it
    alone with any warming cream or anti-inflammatory
    ointment. Smear the affected area with ointment and put the jar,
    it should be moved in a circular motion clockwise,
    the duration of the massage is 10-15 minutes, it should be done through
  • Treatment with beeswax, for this it should be heated to
    water bath to a soft consistency, make a cake and attach to
    areas of localization of pain, put polyethylene, cotton wool and
    bandaged compress, leave it overnight. This procedure can be
    do during the week.
  • Very good helps rubbing painful places tincture
    pine or spruce buds, dandelions or just pine needles. To
    make a tincture, put pine buds in a half-liter jar,
    needles, dandelions, poured vodka, left in a dark place on
    a week This solution wipe the affected area.

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