Vomiting in an infant – causes and whatdo

I want to start with the fact that vomiting in infants can be
harmless, for example, due to normal overeating, but may also
be the most serious symptom that absolutely can not
leave unattended. First of all, vomiting threatens emergency
обезвоживанием детского organism. Just think – losing everything
10% of the liquid from the main water content in the body, the child
Mortal danger. What are the common
причины рвоты у новорожденных детей, мы сейчас рассмотрим.

Causes of Vomiting in Infantsрвота у грудного ребенка

  1. Overfeeding;
  2. Maternal hygiene;
  3. The diet of a nursing mother;
  4. Change of mixes;
  5. Introduction of complementary foods;
  6. Poisoning;
  7. Intestinal infection;
  8. Appendicitis;
  9. Concussion.

If a child has vomiting and the child does not want to take the breast / mixture,
the child is lethargic, the child has vomiting and temperature, the baby vomits more
three times a day – in this case you should not engage in self-medication,
а нужно вызвать скорую help.


This is the only most innocuous form of vomiting, otherwise called
spit up. If the child ate the amount of food that his stomach
unable to place and digest, part of eaten baby
just burp. Regurgitation from vomiting is different in that
spills out not with force, and sometimes just flows out of the mouth

Что do в этом случае?

Do not feed your baby anymore; do not shake or
bathe him after eating. Half an hour of quiet hanging out and this
enough, then you can engage in active activities with the child
and deeds.

Hygiene and diet of a nursing mother

Vomiting in a child can be the result of non-compliance with mom
hygienic rules when feeding a baby. It may be fraught
serious infectious diseases. If the child is on
breastfeeding, mommy must follow the rules

  • Undermining the breast before and after feeding (Basic rules
  • Monitor your own proper nutrition.

The quality of the young mother depends on how the food is organized.
breast milk – and, therefore, the health of the baby. Use
mother fatty, salty, spicy food, of course, affects the
composition of breast milk and can lead not only to vomiting, but also to
disruption of the digestive process.

Therefore, every mother, no matter how the baby reacts to
breastfeeding, has allergic reactions or not,
must comply with recommendations for proper nutrition. (Read
About nutrition and diet)

Mix change

Very often vomiting in children 1 year of age can be provoked
mix change. The body of the child, accustomed to the composition of one mixture,
can “resist” and not take another mixture. If you change frequently
infant formula, the case can be limited not only vomiting, but also
more serious disorders (allergies, dysbiosis,
gastrointestinal dysfunction).

In this regard, it is necessary:

  • Choose the most suitable milk formula that baby
    uses with pleasure (See the article on how to choose
  • Try not to change the mixture, if there are no good reasons;
  • Consult a local pediatrician if you are going to
    change the mixture.

Vomiting due to lure

Introduction of complementary foods can also cause vomiting.
in the baby. Do not panic if vomiting was once
a phenomenon. Most likely, this is the body’s reaction to a new product.
However, if vomiting is observed after each feeding, it is worth
pay special attention to this. In this case:

  • Follow the advice of a pediatrician on the rules of prikorma;
  • Start feeding with products that have one component.
    (apple puree, pear juice) – this will facilitate the task of identifying
    body reactions to a specific component;
  • Do not use mashed potatoes or juice to feed a child.
    offered the baby, each time open a new jar;
  • Make sure that the shelf life of the product has not expired;
  • Choose a quality baby food manufacturer;
  • Give your baby a small amount of food, even if he can
    eat all the contents at once.

We read: in detail about the first feeding (rules and recommendations)


Especially dangerous cause of vomiting. If the baby has eaten substandard
food, then the first reaction of the body – bring it out of the stomach and
prevent the absorption of harmful substances into the blood by any
in ways.

Что do, если у ребенка рвота при

  • Первым делом, вызвать неотложную скорую help. Your task –
    do not let the body lose a lot of fluid, so every
    fifteen minutes offer a teaspoon clean baby
    boiled water. If the stomach is irritated and can not yet hold
    water, do not increase the amount of water, but offer to give. how
    only a child will be able to take water without emetic urges,
    offer already a tablespoon.
  • Another symptom of poisoning may be loose stools, diarrhea.
    Dilute in a bottle or give Smekta drug to a child
    как адсорбирующее вещество (1 пакетик на 50 мл воды), либо
    activated charcoal tablet dissolved in water and wait
    the arrival of the doctor.

рвота у грудного ребенка что do

Intestinal infection

Causes vomiting diarrhea, i.e. a large loss of fluid from

What to do?

If the child is too small and refuses to drink, perhaps
will have to make up for the loss of intravenous fluid replacement by
prescribed by a doctor. This disease is treated in stationary.
conditions, because it poses a threat to the life of the infant.
It is treated with antibacterial drugs.


Vomiting may be a symptom of concussion.

What to do?

If your nursing baby fell from any height – from the bed, the chair,
changing table – do not hesitate to dial
03. Следите за состоянием ребенка — потеря
consciousness, causeless long crying, discoordination of movements – all
talks about a concussion. The opinion that if a child fell from a height
not taller than it is, everything is in order – a myth. Most likely you
will have to do an x-ray and ultrasound of your baby’s brain,
to ensure the integrity of the organs of the baby. Shaking can
manifest itself not immediately, even a week after the fall, so
better to be safe immediately, because losing time, you may encounter
with irreparable consequences.

Vomiting in infants can also be a very serious symptom.
diseases or dysfunctions of the body (appendicitis, strangulated
hernia, meningitis, severe gastroenteritis, pneumonia and many others).
If you suspect any of them – immediately call an ambulance.
help. Responsibility for the health of your child only
you, parents, so always be attentive to your well-being
your baby.


Often vomiting can occur with appendicitis in children. Besides
vomiting, appendicitis, acute pain on the right, nausea,
change in body temperature, general weakness. Therefore, moms should
pay special attention to the well-being and complaints of the child and on time
seek medical care.

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