Vomiting и понос у ребенка без temperatures —root causes and treatment

Update: October 2018

Vomiting и понос у children без temperatures – довольно частое явление,
forcing parents to worry. Such symptoms occur in
малышей, и у children старше года, и причин таких явлений немало.

It should be noted that similar symptoms with a certain
circumstances do not always signal any
disease, but only a doctor can make such a conclusion.

Parents should be aware of the reasons for this.
symptoms, but only in order to timely refer to

Disease and conditions causing vomiting and
понос без гипертермии у children

Отсутствие повышенной temperatures в момент, когда отмечается
diarrhea, vomiting in a child, somewhat lulls the vigilance of parents,
accustomed to the fact that the children’s body reacts to trouble
hyperthermia. A number of pathological conditions can occur without
temperatures, более того, у children с резко ослабленным иммунитетом
or diseases of the immune system is very rarely increased
temperature in diseases.

Consider the most common reasons for this.
symptoms (tab. with horizontal scrolling):

Vomiting и понос без temperatures у children

Features of vomiting and diarrhea Other symptoms Treatment

Intestinal infection

(most commonly, colibacillosis, dysentery, salmonellosis, rotavirus
инфекция) может быть как без temperatures, так и с небольшой
temperature, in some cases with high temperature

  • Vomiting, не связанная с приемом пищи. Maybe one time either
    multiple within a few hours.
  • Emetic masses unchanged.
  • The chair is liquid, watery (with viral CI) or with a sharp
    odor, admixture of mucus, foam, an unusual shade (with
    bacterial CI).
  • Most often, diarrheal syndrome prevails over emetic
  • Abdominal pains by type of colic
  • Capriciousness and anxiety, quickly replaced by lethargy and
    sleepiness of the child as diarrhea and vomiting increase
  • Refusal of food and water
  • Повышение temperatures спустя несколько часов после изначальной
  • Lack of urination, drooping of the eyes, spring (in
    babies), dry skin and mucous membranes, convulsions (very formidable
  • Только в стационаре у children до 1 года, older children –
    depending on the severity of the condition
  • Furazolidone, nitrofurans
  • Antitoxic therapy (enterosorbents)
  • Etiotropic therapy – antibiotics, antiviral
  • Rehydration therapy (parenteral)
  • Symptomatic therapy (antispasmodics,
  • Rehabilitation therapy (probiotics)

Food poisoning

(most often dairy products and even mother’s milk,
store and homemade meat and fruit puree, juices)

  • Nausea and then vomiting after a short time after
    feeding, repeated and painful.
  • The stool is frequent, may be with blood impurities, have a sharp
    unpleasant smell.
  • Vomiting и понос могут быть непродолжительными, но при этом общее
    child’s condition worsens
  • Severe cramping abdominal pain
  • Capriciousness and anxiety, quickly replaced by lethargy and
    sleepiness of the child as diarrhea and vomiting increase
  • Refusal of food and water
  • Только в стационаре у children до 3 лет. Older children –
    depending on the severity of the condition
  • Gastric lavage
  • Furazolidone, nitrofurans
  • Antitoxic therapy (enterosorbents)
  • Rehydration therapy (parenteral)
  • Symptomatic therapy (antispasmodics,
  • Rehabilitation therapy (probiotics)

 Food allergy

(often – new complementary foods), for medication

Vomiting и понос вскоре после feeding, без посторонних примесей,
with remnants of undigested food
  • Skin allergic reactions – urticaria, itching, redness
  • В тяжелых случаях – отек слизистой гортани и носа, skin,
    difficulty breathing
  • Depending on the severity of the manifestations is carried out in the hospital
    either outpatient
  • Antihistamine therapy (allergy medications)
  • Enterosorbents can be used
  • In severe cases – hormone therapy.


  • Vomiting 1-2 раза в day
  • The chair is foamy, several times a day, can be replaced
  • Intestinal rumbling
  • Poor appetite
  • White coating on tongue
  • Abdominal pains by type of colic через час-два после еды
  • Вероятны кожные реакции – сыпь, зуд, сухость skin
  • Held at home
  • Sanitation first (nitrofurans)
  • Коррекция режима power supply.
  • Restoration of intestinal microflora (drugs from groups
    probiotics, eubiotics)

Vomiting и понос у ребенка без temperatures У children младше
1 года рвота и понос без temperatures, сопутствующие описанным
pathologies, as well as other symptoms are more blurry, but
grow rapidly and in a short period of time reach the peak
its manifestations.

The pathological chain of reactions also develops rapidly.
therefore, within a few hours a baby may fall into
critical, life threatening condition.

У годовалых и старших children симптоматика более четкая, можно
trace the cyclical picture of the development of the disease, symptoms,
succeeding each other. In addition, the child can tell himself that
him worried.

Vomiting без temperatures у children

Vomiting features Other symptoms Treatment

Gastroesophageal reflux

  • Notобильная рвота сразу после feeding, имеющая кислый
  • Repeated after each feeding
  • Child restlessness, frequent crying
  • Bad weight gain
  • Frequent hiccups
  • Hypersalivation
  • Choking attacks
  • At home.
  • Changing the frequency and volume of feedings, the transition to a more dense
  • Drug therapy (hydrochloric acid blockers in
    stomach antacids)

Pyloric stenosis

(malformation of the muscular layer of the stomach)

  • Abundant vomiting of the fountain without impurities 20 minutes after
    feeding с манифестацией на 2-3 day жизни младенца
  • Vomit – undigested milk or mixture
  • Girls suffer more often
  • Weight loss
  • Tapping of the fontanel
Only surgical

Pilorospasm (pyloric spasm)

  • Notобильная периодическая рвота с малым количеством рвотных
  • starts from the first days of life
  • Girls suffer more often
  • Notзначительная потеря веса
  • Maybe at home
  • при  неэффективности консервативных методик –
  • Frequent fractional feeding
  • Heat on the stomach area

Congenital esophagus diverticulum

  • Notобильная рвота непереваренным молоком сразу после
  • Manifesses in the first days of life
Notзначительная потеря веса Only surgical

Bowel invagination

(up to a year due to incorrectly introduced complementary foods, after a year
– against the background of polyps, intestinal tumors, helminthic invasion)

Vomiting через некоторое время после приступа боли, с примесью
  • Sharp abdominal pains like contractions
  • Crying and crying child at the time of an attack of pain
  • Pallor, weakness
  • Chair “raspberry jelly” – slimy with blood streaks
Only surgical

 Acute gastritis, duodenitis

(у children до года – на фоне приема некоторых лекарств, у children
older than a year – often when using new or exotic

  • Nausea
  • Многократная рвота спустя некоторое время после feeding,
    часто с примесью bile
  • Epigastric pain
  • Снижение appetite
  • Bloating
  • Held at home
  • Коррекция режима power supply
  • Abundant drinking in small volumes
  • Supportive drug therapy

 Diseases of the pancreas, gallbladder and
the liver  

  • Одно- или многократная рвота вскоре после feeding,
  • with remnants of undigested food,
  • примесью bile и неприятным желчным smellом.
  • Not приносит облегчения
  • Significant pain in the epigastrium
  • Снижение appetite
  • Belching
  • Bloating
  • In the hospital
  • Diet therapy
  • Enzymatic drugs or hepatoprotectors (depending on
  • Antispasmodics

 CNS diseases

(in newborns due to ischemic brain damage,
повышения внутричерепного давления —  гидроцефалии, у children
older than a year – due to an increase in ICP, a brain tumor)

  • Brain vomiting persistent,
  • not related to eating,
  • does not bring relief

(see the causes of abnormal regurgitation in infants)

  • Anxiety, followed by sleepiness
  • Bulging fontan (in babies)
  •  Depending on the reason – at home or in hospital
  • Drug therapy (drugs that improve brain
    blood circulation, nootropics, etc.).
  • Surgical treatment (hydrocephalus, tumors)

Foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract

  • Vomiting через несколько минут после проглатывания инородного
  • Рвотные массы с непереваренной food, слизью,
  • there may be an admixture of scarlet blood
  • Profuse drooling
  • Baby anxiety
  • Respiratory failure
  • Observation (with a small object) to the natural exit
    through the intestines
  • Surgery

Vomiting без temperatures возможна и при других патологиях,
for example, in acute appendicitis, vomiting is often the first
symptom, but the temperature still starts to rise later
several hours after vomiting (see signs of appendicitis in

Diarrhea без temperatures у children

Features of diarrhea Other symptoms Treatment

Intestinal infection либо несильное пищевое отравление

  • Diarrhea up to 5 times a day,
  • without impurities (in case of poisoning) or with mucus and modified
    colors (with CI),
  • возможно with remnants of undigested food
  • Abdominal pain
  • White coating on tongue
  • Skin Reactions (Rash)
Depending on the condition – perhaps at home (see above)

Allergic reaction to the drug

Diarrhea 1-2 times a few hours after ingestion
Allergic skin reactions are likely  Отмена drug


  •  Обильная диарея with remnants of undigested food 4-6 раз в
  • Fatty calories are characteristic – steatorrhea
  •  Navel pain
  • Снижение appetite
 Medication at home

Helminthic invasion

Periodic diarrhea without impurities, alternating
constipated ( см. острицы у ребенка, аскариды у children, симптомы
глистов у children).
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy, capriciousness, pallor
  • Abdominal pain, кишечная колика
  • Bad and restless sleep
  • Increased drooling
At home, drug therapy (anthelmintic


Пенистый стул с неприятным smellом, несколько раз в day
  • Intestinal rumbling
  • Снижение appetite
  • White coating on tongue
  • Abdominal pains by type of colic через час-два после еды
  • Вероятны кожные реакции – сыпь, зуд, сухость skin
At home (see above)

Diarrhea без temperatures may accompany other pathological
conditions, therefore, if a symptom is observed for more than 1 day –
A doctor’s consultation should be carried out immediately.

Causes of vomiting and diarrhea that are safe for a child’s life without

There are so-called safe reasons for the above.
symptoms when the treatment of diarrhea and vomiting in a child does not actually
carried out and is to eliminate the cause of the dysfunction
Gastrointestinal tract:

Reason manifestation Why is developing What should parents do


Regurgitation of milk or mixture in infants not
accompanied by a deterioration in the child’s well-being, do not suffer mass
body. Occurs 2-3 times a day, about 20 ml. mass of curdled
milk or mixture without impurities
  • Overfeeding
  • The incorrect position of the child during feeding
    excessive ingestion)
  • Incorrect grip on the nipple or bottle nipples
  • Imperfection of the digestive tract of the child
  • Feeding a baby in a slightly raised position
  • Vertical retention of the baby after feeding for discharge
    of air
  • Avoiding Overfeeding
Vomiting, сопровождающая прорезывание зубов у грудных children. Not
associated with meals, not plentiful and without any
  • Заглатывание большого количества of air при плаче и крике,
    associated with sore gums
  • Force-feeding during the period of pain discomfort
  • Легкий  массаж десен пальцем либо специальным
  • Teether use
  • Lubrication of the gums with special anesthetic gels
  • Elimination of force-feeding in the absence
 Functional vomiting after the introduction of complementary foods and in more
older age (see on the correct introduction of complementary foods to the infant). Not
accompanied by a deterioration in the child’s well-being, often one-time,
soon after eating
  •  Notсовершенство ферментативной системы при знакомстве с
    new product
  • Notприятие организмом определенного компонента power supply
  •  Temporary exclusion of the product that caused the reaction
  • In the case of new foods, postpone the introduction of this product on
    few weeks
 Psychogenic vomiting (in children older than 3 years). Characteristic
mirror repetition of vomiting on the background of a certain factor of the day to
  •  Forcing to eat
  • Transferred stress (both negative and positive
    emotions), excitement, resentment
  • Emotional experiences before an important event.
  •  Elimination of a traumatic situation
  • Children’s psychotherapist help


 Notправильное, разбалансированное питание (возможно в
any age). It is characterized by loose stools with undigested impurities.
food, clearly associated with the use of “prohibited product”
 Notсовершенство пищеварительной системы ребенка
  •  Introduction of complementary foods strictly according to age
  • Limit sweets, soda, etc. older
 Psychogenic diarrhea. Characteristic однократное послабление
a chair against a stressful situation
 Developed as a result of the reaction of the autonomic nervous
stress systems
  •  Exclusion of traumatic situations
  • Single use of the drug for diarrhea
  • Short diet with the exception of fatty foods and milk

 Vomiting и понос

 Notсварение или перекармливание. Single or double vomiting and
понос soon after eating. Vomit and stool with undigested
  •  Введение нового прикорма у маленьких children (особенно
    raw vegetables and fruits, meat)
  • Eating a large amount of food
  • Eating a previously unfamiliar food product over
    старших children (экзотические продукты, грибы)
  •  Exclusion of food from the diet
  • Sufficient drinking regime
 Emotional stress. Characterized by a single episode of vomiting
и послабление a chair against a stressful situation
 Реакция вегетативной нервной stress systems
  •  Exclusion of traumatic situations
  • Single use of drugs for diarrhea and vomiting
 Change of climate zone. Characteristic одно-двукратое
the phenomenon of vomiting and diarrhea in the first days of stay in the area with unusual
 Adaptation of the body to new conditions
  •  Ensuring rest in the first days after climate change
  • Reception of non-allergenic and familiar products
    power supply
  • Avoiding physical and mental stress

 Vomiting и понос с температурой

Situations when a child has vomiting with fever, diarrhea
with temperature or a combination of these symptoms, should always
to alarm parents, especially when it comes to babies first
years of life (see Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella in infants).

Diarrhea с температурой, так же, как и рвота являются следствием
intoxication of the body in infectious diseases, and
dehydration, inevitable in this case, further aggravates
the situation.

The most common causes of vomiting and diarrheal symptoms in
child with hyperthermia:

  • infectious diseases (pharyngitis, otitis, pneumonia, meningitis and
  • intestinal infections (dysentery, rotavirus infection,
    энтеровирусная инфекция, сальмонеллез и other);
  • food poisoning (food, poisons, chemicals,
    medicines, etc.).

These dangerous conditions require urgent medical attention, early
the beginning of which will avoid serious complications.

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