Влияние американских cartoons на психикуbaby

Cartoons continue to occupy a dominant place in life
современного baby. However, more and more often the meaning and quality
animations do not correspond to the goals of the development of children and their needs. AND
This is especially true of the products of the American Dream Factory.
Psychologists believe that most foreign cartoons simply
can not be shown to children, and the rest can only be viewed under
strict parental censorship and with obligatory comments
adults. Is foreign animation dangerous for children? What are the criteria
вредных cartoons?

американские мультфильмы

Today’s parenting often looks like this: adults are busy
different things, and the baby, so as not to interfere, is seated in front of the screen
TV or computer. AND смотрит этот ребенок круглые сутки все
in a row, and after a couple of months literally can not breathe without
the usual dose of colorful cartoons. Is it helpful? Psychologists
categorically answer: “No!” Let’s use specific examples.
popular overseas animated films see what
psychological influence they have on children’s consciousness and

Female images: sexuality and cruelty

Experts say that in modern animation women
images lose their romance by endowing them with unnecessary
realism, cruelty and physiology. At the same time
высмеиваются традиционные для старых отечественных cartoons
feminine qualities such as shyness, shyness and

For example, the animated series about girls
witch Winx depicts the main characters with huge eyes,
abnormally long legs and in very frank outfits. What if
add here an overly thin waist, it starts to seem like
cartoon girls popularize their ambiguous appearance
vulgarity and anorexia. Psychologists уверены: стереотипы
adult behavior, especially erotica, show in children’s
cartoons can not be!


In the cartoon “Shrek” the main character from a beautiful princess
turns into a green monster. Yes, and behaves not at all like a woman:
aggressive and even cruel. And this episode with the murder of the unfortunate
Birds, which swells from singing and then bursts! Did you laugh
your children over dead ptah? Can you remember at least one main
the heroine of domestic fairy tales, who would have done so with the forest
living creatures? In addition, Princess Fiona makes it very
contagious and fun, as if urging children to follow her
for example.

Destruction of family values

Perhaps not to find a more popular cartoon than the series about
faddish yellow family of simpsons. However, many psychologists and
parents consider this comedic animated film propaganda
cruelty, unhealthy family relationships and even drug addiction. So in
some episodes are subtle and, especially scary, witty laugh
over the elderly and sick people. For example, a turtle steals a patch
Old Simpson’s jaw, but he can’t catch up with her. AND подобных
scenes in the series, which grew up whole generations in the US and
Russia, very much.



Просмотрев множество диснеевских cartoons, детские
психологи обнаружили странную закономерность:
красивая и
the young heroine is childless in most cases, but the mother
somehow portrayed as ugly and noisy, with vague
figures. It turns out that the little spectators after watching
Such cartoons may not have the desire to create a family and
give birth to children. So in анимационном фильме «Красавица и Чудовище»
the main character is shown beautiful and carefree, and whimsical
a woman with screaming babies for some reason causes disgust.

Is everything so bad?

Perhaps, American cartoons receive from psychologists in
mostly negative comments. There is a high aggressiveness.
Disney cartoons, the introduction of negative
patterns of behavior and gender identification. And with the evil heroes,
personifying a good start, physically cracking down. In old
soviet animated paintings are most evil characters
succumbed to persuasion and re-educated.

Of course, in general, Disney cartoons are left after viewing.
a completely different feeling than the Soviet and even modern
domestic paintings. Ours are certainly much heartier, cleaner and
kinder However, it is not entirely correct to consider the entire American
animated products as a single mass. Compare, for example,
cheeky “South Park” and touching “Gummi Bears” – they gently
speaking, not quite similar and have very different effects on children. BUT
how beautifully the beauty of motherhood and family relationships is shown
in cartoons such as Bambi the Fawn, the Lion King or 101
Dalmatians. “

Помните, что не мультфильмы воспитывают baby, а вы,
parents. Whatever they show the children on the screen, they also see
what is happening in their families, what adults teach them. From
undue influence of cartoons can be saved through the restriction
viewing time. BUT еще один действенный способ – разумный отбор
animated products. We also read
Некоторые rules for viewing nurseries

Признаки вредных cartoons

Each parent can independently determine how
this or that cartoon is harmful to his child. Presence at least
one “harmful” trait should serve as the basis for exclusion
This animated product from the children’s view.

  1. The main characters of the cartoon behave inappropriately: kill,
    steal, harm, maim. Even if all this is filed in
    humorous way.
  2. Such behavior of characters often goes unpunished or
    leads to gaining popularity, wealth, or approval
    by society.
  3. In the cartoon, the characters demonstrate dangerous behavior,
    which, if repeated by a child in real life, can
    be detrimental to health and life.
  4. Heroes of cartoons show non-standard behavior for their gender:
    female characters behave like men, and men act like women.
  5. In the picture you can see scenes of neglect
    people, as well as animals and plants. For example, mock
    disability, old age or social inequality.
  6. The main characters have a repulsive appearance. For
    small children are often between the words “good” and “beautiful”
    equal sign. That is, they need to have goodies
    were not only good, but also cute.
  7. The picture promotes idle life, characters
    achieve the goal in an easy way or by deception.
  8. Authors make fun or show in a negative light family
    values. Children constantly conflict with adults, spouses are
    disrespectful to each other, parents humiliate their child.

Every adult is obliged to select cartoons for
your child, focusing primarily on the nursery
the reaction, the plot of the picture and their own feelings. After all, good
the parent always knows what his baby is watching and how long he
sitting in front of the TV screen. Finally, with a good parent
the child will happily play and chat without stopping
even from the best cartoon in the world.

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In this small program (TVC – 2003) experienced psychologists
consider the impact of modern cartoons on
children’s consciousness. A documentary for parents whose children are not

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