Vitiligo: causes, symptoms andtreatment methods

Заболевание витилигоВитилиго — заболевание, при котором on
коже образуются аномально светлые пятon. Причиon их возникновения —
destruction of melanocytes, ensuring the natural skin color
covers. The disease is usually not accompanied by unpleasant symptoms,
because of which some patients tend to consider it cosmetic
defect. Одonко при большом количестве и размере пятен они
able to deliver serious psychological distress and reduce
the quality of life.

Causes of disease

Латинское onзвание патологии — vitiligo. Над причиonми и
treatment of vitiligo think scientists of all countries. It is not known for certain
почему возникает disease. In such a situation, we can only say
about assumptions.

Витилиго on руках в пожилом возрасте

Медики onзывают группу факторов, каждый из которых с одиonковой
вероятностью может поспособствовать образованию белых

  • transferred parasitic or fungal disease;
  • onличие остриц, аскарид, цепня;
  • сифилис или другое ЗППП в аonмнезе;
  • изоморфonя реакция Кебнера on механическую травму;
  • сирингомиелия (болезнь, передающаяся по onследству);
  • clinical version of neurosyphilis;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • chronic pathologies of internal organs;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • taking certain medications;
  • exposure to chemicals;
  • onрушение работы вегетативной нервной системы.

Также распространеon версия, согласно которой меланин исчезает
из-за того, что иммунитет onчиonет воспринимать пигментный эпителий
like an alien education.

За этим следует иммунonя реакция в виде уничтожения меланоцитов.
To start the pathological process can be as stress
и длительonя болезнь инфекционного характера. Such a reason
the occurrence of vitiligo is considered one of the main.

Varieties of pathology

Vitiligo occurs in about 1 person out of 100.

В зависимости от оттенка пятен и их локализации медики
подразделяют болезнь on несколько разновидностей

  • Varieties of pathology витилигоВоспалёнonя. Stains have
    контур, приподнятый onд поверхностью кожи. It is clearly defined and
    looks sore.
  • Четырёхцветonя. В пределах каждого пятon пигментация имеет 34
    shade. The contours are clearly delineated.
  • Трёхцветonя. Between pigmented and normal area
    заметен тонкий контур, не возвышающийся onд кожей. Окраска пятon
    has 3 color transitions.
  • Blue The spotted formations have a pale blue tint,
    contours are not inflamed.

Depending on the location, there are also several forms.
including focal, generalized and universal. In the last
In the case of almost the entire skin is devoid of pigmentation.
Генерализованonя разновидность делится on 3

  • akorfascial – the disease affects certain areas
  • смешанный — пятon с разной окраской локализуются по несколько
    pieces in one place;
  • vulgar – formations are located chaotically throughout
    to the body.

Витилиго очагового типа делится on слизистую, сегментарную и
focal species. The mucous membranes are affected accordingly.
оболочки, кожа onд нервными сплетениями и эпидермис в разных местах

Симптоматика on разных стадиях

Симптоматика витилиго on разных стадияхБолезнь onчиonется
suddenly and for no apparent reason. На коже образуются пятon, которые
rapidly growing in size and merging. it основной симптом
vitiligo. Hue formations may vary from milky white
to pink. The skin does not peel off, but the pathological areas are sharp
stand out.

Нередко болезнь поражает лицо, шею, открытые части рук и
ног, живот, спину
. Vitiligo almost never
affects palms and feet, mucous membranes are very rarely affected
shell. Пятon могут быть как односторонними, так и симметричными,
and the second option is more common.

Hair color in places where there is discolored
the area is also changing. Кожа on этих участках становится более
sensitive and prone to sweating. Пятon не загорают, даже
if a person spends a lot of time under the sun, but only
become more noticeable. Photodermatitis may develop, therefore
больным витилиго не рекомендуется длительное пребывание on
the sun.

Когда болезнь протекает в тяжёлой форме, on коже
полностью отсутствует пигмент
. На onчальном этапе пятon
появляются сonчала в местах, подверженных onдавливанию, трению и
other types of irritations. The skin cracks, peels off and gradually
becomes depigmented. The disease manifests itself in different ways.
возрасте, в том числе оon встречается у маленьких детей.
Self vitiligo does not disappear, perhaps only

Таким образом, основной симптом — светлые пятon. Start
pathology can be combined with dermatitis, depriving, psoriasis,

Diagnostic method

Due to specific symptoms, diagnosis
carried out without too much difficulty. The problem is that even with
timely detection of the disease cure a person completely
is impossible. But you can improve the condition of the skin, if
повлиять on причину патологии.

Диагностика заболевания витилиго

Usually the diagnosis is known to the doctor after he examines.
the patient. In rare cases, the nature of the spots can confuse them with
other types of dermatosis. If in doubt, prescribe
additional examinations, for example, affect the skin
photosensitizing drugs and track the reaction.

Difficulties in identifying the disease at the initial stage occur in
people whose skin color is naturally very light. They need to be
especially attentive to their health. Scheme
diagnostics used in modern medical

  • collection of information about the patient’s condition and transferred
  • taking tissue samples for biopsy (is it revealed
  • differentiation with albinism, white deprive, syphilis and
  • taking tests for corticosteroids, thyroid hormones and
  • examination by an endocrinologist;
  • dermatologist’s consultation;
  • study of the skin with a special lamp.

Appointments for children and adults

Назonчение лечения витилигоTherapy is started in
the clinic after the diagnosis is known. First
queue prescribe medications, which are aimed at
normalization of metabolism. Used pills, shots and
means for external use in the form of alcohol solutions.

Additionally, the patient attends physiotherapy,
designed to enhance the effect of drugs applied to the skin.
Under the influence of ultraviolet active ingredients of drugs
react with skin cells, after which production begins
melanin. This method does not help everyone, so they apply and

Most of the techniques used are aimed at temporary
improving the condition of the skin. Such treatment is necessary
spend throughout life with a certain regularity.
Vitiligo therapy in children is complicated by the fact that many medications
suitable for adults, is contraindicated in children and adolescents.

Another difficulty is that the means for external use
not suitable for use on delicate skin areas including
the area around the eyes where the skin is affected by depigmentation especially
often. In addition, there are a number of diseases in which to treat
Vitiligo needs to be taken with increased caution. To such
патологиям относят

  • tuberculosis;
  • all forms of diabetes;
  • kidney infection;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • hepatitis.

Many drugs are not recommended for use in the first three.
months of pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Such
restrictions force patients to resort to the help of folk
funds, and many of them really help. They can
apply, but only after consulting a doctor.

Nontraditional therapy

The effectiveness of modern non-traditional methods used
to combat depigmentation, manifested when combined with
conservative treatment. An integrated approach implies that
need to take medicine and not neglect the possibilities
medical equipment.

Диета при лечении витилиго

If the attending physician does not take the initiative, it must proceed
from the patient. Вот несколько методов, on которые стоит
обратить внимание пациенту

  • Processing by the laser. The essence of the method is that the damaged areas
    skin treated with a laser beam.
  • Corticosteroids. This group of medicines is used in the form of
    injections and tablets, and additionally you can make applications, combining
    them with physiotherapy.
  • Electrophoresis. It is recommended to do it with zinc solutions,
    iron, copper sulfate.
  • Special diet. A diet of cereals, vegetables,
    seafood and fruit, improves metabolism and replenishes
    lack of essential trace elements.
  • Vitamin therapy. To help the patient can complexes containing
    vitamins A, B and C. They need to be taken orally or in the form of
  • Phytopreparations. Herbal medicines are available for
    external and internal use. It is better to combine both
  • PUVA therapy. The technique is reduced to the fact that the skin of the patient
    regularly irradiated with ultraviolet light with a given intensity. it
    contributes to the resumption of pigmentation on damaged areas
    the dermis. There are side effects.
  • Cosmetology. Apply to the skin, protecting it from
    action of sunlight. Also used compositions, masking

Depigmentation myths

Витилиго on лице у ребёнкаWhen the disease fails to study
until the end, there are many guesses and erroneous judgments about it. there is
and such opinions that can neither be confirmed nor
to disprove. For example, vitiligo is considered an incurable
disease. However, there are cases of sudden healing, although
they are extremely rare. It is impossible to say exactly what helps
such patients, but it is known for certain: the path to recovery is often
stretched over years and even decades.


One of the popular misconceptions is that the disease has
infectious origin. But it is not. Vitiligo does not belong
to infectious pathologies, this disease cannot be infected by domestic,
sexually or in some other way. The patient does not represent
hazards to medical staff, family members, colleagues, fellow students and
other surrounding.

The following myth: spots on the skin – just a cosmetic
lack of, and nothing to do with their disappearance is necessary. At the very
business should not eliminate spotty education, and reason.
Depigmentation means that pathological
processes, and they can, if not stop, then at least slow down.

Some fear to be treated with medicines, believing that
drugs pollute the liver with toxins. Indeed, if you drink
tablets in large quantities and without the appointment of a specialist, you can
to ensure that the liver is destroyed. Compliance with the recommendations
A doctor serves as a guarantee that this will not happen. Also not worth it
panic if prescribed tests. Biopsy is done not only when
suspected cancer, but also when needed
differentiate vitiligo from other diseases.

Misconceptions include the no-use opinion.
glucocorticoids. In fact, these drugs are positive.
affect the condition of the skin, as they suppress autoimmune processes.
Also not worth it беспокоиться о том, что лечение лазером может
harm the skin. On the contrary, the wavelength is chosen in such a way that
the impact was in the direction of recovery. This treatment method
light forms of the disease respond well, provided that the person
depigmentation suffers no longer than 5 years.

Home treatment

If the general condition allows, it can be treated at home, although it is not
eliminates the need to regularly go to the hospital.

Лечение витилиго в домашних условиях

Home therapy combines several activities:

  • taking medicines prescribed by an endocrinologist, a dermatologist, and
    other specialists;
  • dieting;
  • life mode;
  • use of folk remedies.

Pills should not be abandoned in all cases, because they
protect the skin from the ravages of the sun.

Even if it seems to a person that he protects the skin without going out
sunny, in fact it does not help, since there is always an atmosphere
reflected sunlight, which is harmful to the patient’s skin. If a
there are other diseases, they should also be taken

A localized form of vitiligo is usually treated with ointments and
other means applied to the affected area. Pills
prescribed if the disease goes into a generalized stage.
Since treatment usually does not lead to the disappearance of blemishes, doctors do not
protest when the patient asks permission to be treated
herbal decoctions, ointments, infusions and similar drugs.
However, they call for caution, because many plants
poisonous. It is better to use those plants in healing properties.
whom the patient is sure of.

Cumin, St. John’s Wort, and Pepper

Народные средства для лечения витилигоHypericum decoction
easy to cook at home. It is drunk after meals 3 times a day.
day. Do this:

  • dried and crushed leaves and flowers along with
  • poured into a glass 1 tsp. raw materials;
  • pour 200 ml of boiling water;
  • allow to infuse for 30 minutes.

After breakfast, lunch and dinner drink 1 tbsp. l for 3
weeks. Then make a break for 7 days and repeat the course. Of
Hypericum make ointment, adding to the ground raw material vegetable
oil in a ratio of 1:10. The resulting mixture is heated for 30 minutes. on
water bath. Allow to cool, pass through a gauze, put in
стеклянную посуду и ставят on хранение в холодильник.

Перед onнесением мази делают тёплый компресс: смачивают в отваре
чистую ткань и прикладывают on 30 минут. Then take off and
сразу onносят мазь аккуратными движениями, стараясь не растирать.
Зверобойное масло можно использовать и как onпиток. In a glass with
некрепким чаем добавляют 1 ч. l means and drink after meals
трижды в day. The broth in this case is not necessary to use.
Course duration – 30−40 days.

Black cumin – another healing plant. He is taken inside and
onносят on кожу. It is necessary to wipe the skin with a cloth dampened
в слабом растворе уксуса, onнести on кожу масло и побыть под
the sun for 15–20 minutes. The procedure should be done in the morning or closer to
in the evening, when the sun shines, but does not burn.

A proven method to give the skin a natural tint
— onнесение смеси, приготовленной из соды и молотого чёрного перца.
The components are combined in a 1: 1 ratio, mixed well and
аккуратно втирают в пятon.

Anise products

Применение анисового масла при витилигоAnise oil
preparing at home. Берут анисовые семеon, измельчают их
into powder and mixed with olive oil in any proportion.
Смесь on 30 дней ставят в тёмное место, затем кипятят, остужают и
pass through cheesecloth. Массу onносят on пятon daily. It is impossible
treat only the area around the eyes and mucous membranes. Positive
results are achieved after 2−3 weeks.

Другой способ — приём внутрь onстоя из листьев. Table spoon
измельчённого сырья заливают 200 мл кипятка и оставляют on 2 часа.
Filter and drink before meals 4 times a day. Dosage for 1 reception – 50
мl A week later, the daily amount can be increased by 2 times, with
provided there are no side effects. If a растирать кожу соком,
squeezed from anise leaves, you can also achieve noticeable

Another variant of the healing mixture – oil composition with ash,
derived from the bark. Raw materials need to be burned, and the ashes mixed with olive
oil in the ratio of 1: 1. Rub into discolored skin


As photosensitizing medication used
Ammifurin. it сильный препарат, благодаря которому улучшается
skin condition after exposure to sunlight. Means
produced in the form of a solution and tablets. there is противопоказания.

Крем Витасан для лечения витилиго

Vitasan cream is made from herbal ingredients.
Advantage – no contraindications, except for
individual intolerance. Composition

  • fir;
  • calendula;
  • hazelnut;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • cedar;
  • a succession.

In addition, positive results were noted when taking
folic acid. Another medication that helps
patients with vitiligo, – Vitiskin. The drug regulates the processes
responsible for skin pigmentation. It is developed in France and in the same place
passed clinical trials.

Отечественное лекарство для onружного применения — Мелагенин.
Substances in its composition contribute to the acceleration of tissue regeneration and
одновременно стимулируют выработку melanin. Lack of medication
— onличие противопоказаний.

Masking stains

Применение тоonльного крема при витилигоIf a от пятен не
can get rid of, you can try to disguise them. Most
простые способы — использование тоonльного крема и различных
matting agents. Also worth trying to make permanent
tattoo it безболезненно, но есть риск аллергических реакций,
therefore, you must first discuss this issue with your doctor.

Процедура, известonя как автозагар, тоже помогает скрыть
discolored areas of the skin. Do it better in
specialized salon, because at home it is difficult
get even tone.

Без помощи специалиста можно замаскировать пятon соком кожуры
unripe walnut. Необходимо onдеть резиновые перчатки и
peel off the soft part of the peel. Оon должon быть зелёной. it
raw materials are crushed in a blender, spread in a glass container and
оставляют on 2 часа, после чего масса приобретает коричневый

Wrap the crushed peel in cheesecloth and squeeze the juice.
Dip a cotton swab in it and lubricate the stain. To make sure,
that the tone is what you need, you should try the action
средства on незаметном участке. If a оттенок слишком тёмный, сок
diluted with water.

These are the simplest methods. In addition to these, the doctor may suggest
инъекции специальных препаратов — Гидрохиноon, Монобензоon или
Элоквиon. Medicines are expensive, besides side effects are not excluded.

Preventive measures

Рекомендации дерматолога для профилактики витилигоProphylactic
measures to ensure that the disease is guaranteed to be avoided
developed by But there are ways to reduce the risk of discoloration.
stains. So, doctors agree that people who have
predisposition to autoimmune diseases, it is worth more often
on море и включать в рацион морепродукты. it логично, ведь дефицит
жизненно важных веществ onзывают в качестве одной из возможных
causes of vitiligo.

Не следует злоупотреблять пищей, из-за которой могут onрушиться
exchange processes. It is worth eating less fatty, spicy, smoked,
roasted and salted, giving preference to fruits, cereals,
dairy products and vegetables.

The skin must be protected from scratches, cuts, burns and other.
mechanical damage. Могут onвредить контакты с аллергеonми и
укусы onсекомых. If a человек трудится on травмоопасной работе, ему
It is worth thinking about changing the type of activity.

Clothes and shoes should be comfortable, not rigid and not cramped.
Jewelry is better not to wear or choose those that do not rub and
crushed. Do not go to the solarium, wear too open clothes.
и долго быть on the sun. For safety net you need to regularly
be examined.

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