Vitamin D – why take it? Which is betterbuy? Features of American vitamins.


  • General information and why do you need vitamin
  • When do I need to take vitamin D?
  • What is the best form of vitamin D?
  • What drugs should be used?
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  • How to take vitamin D?

Vitamin D which is better to buy for an adult and how to get it right
take? Argued that it is possible to get it only when
under ultraviolet rays (they are part of
sunlight). Accordingly, the vitamin is not sold in the form
concentrated preparation. Is it so? What is vitamin D
It is recommended to appoint to receive according to the requirements of the Ministry

General information and why do you need vitamin D?

Immediately it is necessary to clarify that vitamin D is not a separate
элемент, а целая их группа (в диапазоне D1
D6). AND при этом только холекальциферол (D3) в
the body is synthesized when exposed to ultraviolet skin
radiation. All other varieties of this vitamin, including
including ergocalciferol, enters the body mainly along with
food And their artificial counterparts are fairly easy to synthesize,
therefore, they are included in all sorts of vitamin complexes.

какой витамин д

It is also necessary to take into account that vitamin D is not a resistant material and
fairly quickly breaks down into derived elements.
Accordingly, it is sold exclusively in combination with
special preservative that slows down this reaction. AT
in most cases it is produced in the form of a solution, where
The base is saline or sodium chloride.

Also, doctors separately point out that for normal
assimilation of vitamin D requires the presence of fat. Therefore, with his
Intake is necessary to observe a healthy diet.
This vitamin also has the ability to accumulate in the body.
(just in the fat layer). And while he is more active
absorbed in the winter season.

What is the optimal daily dosage for adults of vitamin
Д3. Согласно действующих инструкций ATОЗ (ATсемирной
Health Care Organizations) is 600 IU (which corresponds to 15
microgram). The maximum allowable is 4000 IU. However, in
America (USA), according to current regulations, nominal dosage
for an adult is 1000 IU. So you can
focus on the average of 600 – 1000 IU per day.
Exceeding the indicated dosage may cause a lot of adverse effects.
effects (especially dangerous for children).

What functions does this vitamin in the body? Their –
a huge list, but there are several key ones:

  • assimilation of calcium, fluorine and phosphorus (which is necessary for
    normal bone growth);
  • regulation of a variety of metabolic processes (this is why
    vitamin D deficiency there is a high likelihood of diarrhea and
    general bowel disorder);
  • synthesis of certain groups of hormones (including sex in men,
    therefore, deficiency can be a provoking factor of infertility);
  • regulation of cell regeneration (in particular, cholecalciferol
    necessary for the normal creation of intercellular membranes);
  • normal regulation of water-salt balance (and with a deficit
    often there are swelling).

витамин д

It is extremely important to comply with the recommended dosage of vitamin
D in infancy and old age – it is during this period without it
high probability of occurrence of various kinds of pathologies in
formation and functioning of the skeleton. ATрачи советуют просто
observe a healthy diet of food, as well as be as often as possible on
fresh air in the sun. In practice, this is not always
enough But in the food this vitamin is contained in a small
quantity. For example, 100 milliliters contains only about
3 – 4 IU of this vitamin. And the daily dose, as stated above
is already 600 IU.

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When do I need to take vitamin D?

ATитамин D в форме препаратов и добавок рекомендуется к
Reception in the following cases:

  • pronounced deficiency of vitamins in the body;
  • pathologies in the development of the skeleton (regardless of age
  • blood diseases (associated with the hematopoietic system);
  • infertility (without the presence of associated diseases, and, doctors
    recommend taking a vitamin and a man and a woman at the stage
    preparation for conception);
  • type 2 diabetes or obesity (indicate a violation
    metabolic processes);
  • with suspected or active stage of multiple sclerosis.

недостаток витамина д

How can I determine the deficiency of vitamin D in the body
an adult. The best option is to pass the corresponding
analysis (extended to determine the biochemical composition of blood).
Virtually every clinic can do it.

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What is the best form of vitamin D?

Currently there are several options for obtaining
Vitamin D:

  • using ultraviolet radiation;
  • through complex vitamin supplements;
  • through food;
  • using tanning beds or other artificial sources
    ультрафиолетового radiation.

AT каких продуктах содержится больше всего витамина D? AT
lactic acid, including yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, cheese (with
this is much higher in goat cheese.) AND
This particular form of vitamin is best absorbed by the body.
(about 99% of the body enters remains in it).

As for the form of drugs in which
contains cholecalciferol, it is the following

  • drops (more suitable for children);
  • complex vitamin preparations (dosage is
    cholecalciferol in them, as a rule, small);
  • nutritional supplements.
витамин д для взрослых препараты

And in the USA, for example, dairy products are now extremely popular,
enriched with vitamin D. They are about 1.2 times more expensive for
ordinary lactic acid products, but in them the dosage of vitamin
reaches 20 IU per 100 milliliters or grams. TO
Unfortunately, there are only a few manufacturers in the Russian Federation.
produces such products and they are rarely found in popular
grocery stores. Therefore, the best option remain food
supplements (since the vitamin maintains high bioavailability) and
complex vitamin preparations.

It is worth considering that most of these drugs
positioned as dietary supplements (dietary supplements), since
cholecalciferol is mainly mined from lichens. Respectively,
to establish their exact effect on the body does not seem
possible. But some of these drugs are recommended to
использованию в том числе ATОЗ (так как доказана их эффективность
after conducting clinical trials).

TOак принимать ATитамин Д для взрослых? Not recommended
use only one option. Moreover, the use of even
food supplements with a high concentration of vitamin is not
reason for refusing to walk in the sun. It does not follow
forget that cholecalciferol has several forms and all of them
different bioavailability.

TOстати, с недавних пор в магазинах часто продают так называемые
fitness bars with vitamins. In fact, they are of little use. BUT
the vitamin included in their composition is poorly absorbed, since
the body gets plenty of carbohydrates – they slow down
fat breakdown

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What drugs should be used?

Currently, pharmacies sell vitamin D in the form of food.
additives and various kinds of sprays (for oral administration). ANDх
efficiency is similar, so you can only focus on
convenient form and cost. AT настоящее время витамин D3 —
одна из самых популярных добавок в СШBUT и именно там производство
adjusted to the highest level with very strict control at all

AT нашем обзоре представлены препараты с крупнейшего
American store that delivers worldwide. ATы можете
explore the section with vitamin D yourself and read real reviews
buyers or choose one of the drugs in question.

The following are popular at the moment.

  • NOW Foods. ATитамин D3 в мягких таблетках.
    The most affordable of the options presented with very good
    reviews. Dose of 2000 IU. Order with delivery on iherb (382 r.)

  • Solgar, натуральный вкус клубники, банана и
    candy 1000 IU, 100 chewable tablets. Time-tested
    manufacturer since 1947. Great reviews on iherb. Order with
    delivery on iherb (500 r.)



  • Nordic Naturals (выпускается также и для детей
    with a lower dosage) – 1000 IU in each capsule (take 1 time per
    day, no more). Order with доставкой на iherb (1325

Nordic Naturals


  • ATыбор редакции! Super Daily D3
    TOапли (также выпускается в форме капсул) с дозировкой в 1000 МЕ
    (is one of the most popular such drugs in
    United States). One bottle is enough for exactly one year. TO
    The benefits of vitamin D in drops include the fact that
    need, you can easily increase the required dosage and
    Do not swallow a handful of pills. Order with доставкой на iherb
    (740 R.);

Super Daily D3


  • Garden of life с дозировкой в 1000 МЕ —
    positioned as the best option for vegetarians since in
    only bioavailable forms of vitamin D are used, they
    better absorbed by the lack of animal fats in the human body.
    Order with доставкой на iherb (894 R.);
американский витамин д3

Garden of life


  • Dr. Mecola – обрел широкую популярность в РФ,
    Available in spray form (with a flavored composition that
    does not affect the therapeutic effect of the complex). Order with
    доставкой на iherb (1156 R.);

Dr. Mecola


  • Carlsons Labs – выпускается в разных формах, в
    including special for children (with vanilla flavor). Order with
    delivery on iherb (1486 p.).

Carlson labs


TOакой среди них самый лучший? Act the same way. The main thing –
buy exclusively American original drug (since
там все лекарства и БBUTДы имеют сертификацию). Yes they are
significantly more expensive than Russian counterparts, but, as practice has shown,
they act more efficiently and quickly. Average pharmacy cost
– порядка 2 тысяч рублей за флакон (Garden of life обойдется
about 2.5 thousand, Dr. Mecola – 1.5 thousand, but he
small bottle). One such is enough for about 2 – 4 months
active use. Even taking into account the delivery of buy vitamin D
will be cheaper through the Internet in a proven well-known store,
for example

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If the reception of cholecalciferol is appointed because of the presence
bone diseases then you should use combined
добавки, в состав которых входит ещё витамин TO. AT аптеках такую
The combination can be found in the preparation of Thorne Research. Average
the cost is about 4 thousand rubles in the Russian retail. (For
comparisons on iherb the same drug can be bought for 1285
рублей)  It does not follow его использовать исключительно для
preventing vitamin deficiency in the body – it is used
the so-called “therapeutic” dosage, that is, the maximum
permissible daily. Combine this vitamin complex with other
these drugs also should not be – you can provoke

витамин д сша

It is worth noting that some manufacturers produce
vitamin preparations with a dosage of 5000 IU in one capsule. ANDх
also can be taken by adults, but only 2 times a week, not more.
TOак известно, данный витамин может накапливаться в организме,
therefore, a periodic increase in dosage is in no way
will bring side effects. The main thing – не придерживаться её каждый
day, since a vitamin D deficiency disrupts the biochemical
blood composition (accompanied by a predominance of platelets).

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