Vitamin D – protection against bronchial asthma

Update: February 2019

This fact is shown on the official website of the Imperial College.
London may seem absurd. However, scientists from this
educational institutions tend to stick to just such
points of view. Their research was able to prove the veracity of such
The beneficial effects of vitamin D.

Bronchial asthma is a long-term, hereditary and
disease caused by chronic inflammation. It is expressed in
spasm (narrowing) of the bronchial tree in response to an action
irritant (from inhaled chemical compounds to stress
situations). Due to the fact that a significant role in the origin of asthma
playing genetic predisposition, very often she
manifested in young children. The scientific community knows that
many diseases should be prevented from the period of pregnancy.
And now it has been observed that taking vitamin D during pregnancy
child can prevent bronchial asthma, even if
baby has a certain predisposition to it.


To assess the effects of drugs, scientists have chosen pregnant women with
for a period of 10-18 weeks. Subjects were randomly divided into two

  1. Those who took 400 IU of vitamin D once a day.
  2. Those who were supposed to drink a higher dose of 4400 IU.

Further, the researchers analyzed blood samples
taken from the umbilical cord of each baby. They analyzed whether
work of the immune system after taking high doses of the supplement.
It turned out that in the second group the immunity reacted more clearly,
rather than the first. Interleukin-17A titers were increased in the blood,
the organism responded by a pronounced stimulation of T-lymphocytes (cells
immune system).

Earlier it was already known that enhanced immune processes in
babies reduce the risk of asthma. Now
the researchers were able to identify a substance that could increase
working immunity potential. It turned out to be vitamin D. But do not rush
with conclusions: more than one experiment is required to confirm
safety high dose supplements. And, of course, pregnant women
should not self-prescribe this medication.

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