Vitamin D helps in the fight against tuberculosis

Update: February 2019

Vitamin D helps fight mycobacteria that cause
drug resistant form of the disease. This conclusion was made
Scientists at Queen Mary University of London.

According to WHO statistics, in 2017 alone about 10 million people
got sick with acute tuberculosis, 1.6 million of them died.
Drug-resistant tuberculosis is caused by bacteria
insensitive to at least two of the most effective drugs
first line.

This form is diagnosed in half a million people, about 150
Thousands of cases are fatal. It is difficult to treat
the forecast is worse. The treatment is a long, dangerous side effects.
almost always develop. It is vitamin D that promotes
work of the immune system and helps destroy bacteria in the lungs


The specialists analyzed information on 1850 patients
patients with tuberculosis who have participated in clinical
Vitamin D trials in eight countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Great Britain, Indonesia, India, Mongolia, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau).
It was monitored whether among them were patients who responded better
on vitamin D therapy than others.

Results: Vitamin D helps in combination with antibiotics.
accelerate treatment in drug-resistant patients
a form of tuberculosis. In general, without taking into account the form of the disease, changes
the rate of elimination of bacteria was not observed. Vitamin D intake
considered doses do not cause serious side effects, do not
is dangerous.

However, this data is not enough to recognize the effectiveness of
the use of vitamin D in the treatment of drug-resistant
tuberculosis. Research in this area will continue.


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