Vitamin B6 helps to remember dreams

Update: February 2019

Such an amazing discovery made by a group of scientists under
under the guidance of Dr. Denholm Aspi from the University of Adelaide.

Vitamin B6 is rich in many foods (banana, spinach, potatoes,
avocado, milk, eggs, cheese, red meat, liver and fish). AT
previous studies have discovered the ability of vitamin
stabilize the psyche and improve the overall condition. AT этом
the study, researchers decided to find out how vitamin A affects the brain during
time to sleep.


AT исследовании, проходившем в течение 5 дней, участвовали 100
volunteers from australia:

  • half of people took vitamin supplements before bedtime
    содержанием AT6;
  • the second half of the subjects took a placebo.

AT анкетах, заполненных до эксперимента, все участники
noted that they do not remember their dreams well and after rest is not always
Feel awake.

  • Результаты: Люди, принимавшие витамин, стали
    more and easier to remember your dreams.

According to scientists, remembering dreams provides more
quality sleep and helps get rid of psycho-emotional injuries.
Even the memory of dreams will help people with phobias: after analyzing the nightmares,
you can understand the reasons and easily deal with them in reality. Research in
this area will continue.

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