Visitors to the maternity hospital: why you do not need themfirst days

Why you should not take a large number of visitors to the hospital?
The first meeting of the mother with the baby, the establishment of breastfeeding,
hormonal failure, new day regimen and other reasons for which
it is necessary to refuse to receive visitors in the hospital.

When a baby is born, all relatives and friends will certainly
They want to visit you in the hospital. But hardly any of them
thinks about what the new mommy really wants
and is she ready to receive visitors.

мама с ребенком в maternity hospital

Let’s be honest: why should we abandon visitors in
maternity hospital

Supporting loved ones after giving birth is really very important.
for young mothers, psychologists say so. But at the same time, most
из них отмечает также и то, что, находясь в maternity hospital, молодая
Mommy should first think about herself, about her health and
spend energy solely on taking care of the baby and herself. And by
therefore, the number of guests must be kept to a minimum.
Let’s see together why it’s worth giving up the big
числа посетителей в maternity hospital.

These moments will not be repeated.

It doesn’t matter what kind of birth you have: first, second or
even the third. The key is that these few days spent in
maternity hospital наедине со своим малышом не повторятся больше никогда.
The first acquaintance, the first cry, the first feeding, the first gentle
hugs – these moments belong only to you and your child. You
Are you sure you want to share them with an enthusiastic crowd of spectators?
Nothing bad will happen if your joyous noisy
relatives with delight and gifts will see the newborn a little
later. But on these days you can enjoy peace and intimacy with
because your baby has been waiting for this for so long!

Breastfeeding and baby care

консультант по гв учит кормить грудью


Breastfeeding often does not start as well as desired.
would be: both baby and mother need some time to learn
do it right. The baby is just learning to suck and not
can always capture her properly, often on nipples
cracks appear and they bleed. Unlikely in this state
the young mother will be pleased to receive crowds of guests and listen to them
tips on how to breastfeed. It is better to invite
breastfeeding specialist – it will be much more useful. BUT
Relatives and friends can wait a bit.

Hormonal failure and desire to eat

Hormones continue to rage even after childbirth. They affect
the emotional background of a young mommy make her unnecessarily
sentimental. Mom is very emotional, often crying. AT
in this state it is better to refrain from large numbers
visitors and limit only the narrow circle: you, your husband and

BUT бывает и так, что во время беременности молодая мама страдала
from severe toxicosis. And byсле родов она хочет просто нормально
to eat

BUT если серьезно, то мало кто из женщин чувствует себя хорошо
after childbirth. Fatigue, swelling, extra pounds, stitches, which are still
did not have time to heal – all this directly affects the state of the young
mommies. First, she needs to recover fully and come to
yourself, and only then receive guests.

New mode

When the baby is born, the regime of the day of young mommy (and
whole family) varies significantly. Feeding by the hour, nightly
кормления, гигиенические процедуры, прерывистый сон – first days и
even weeks after giving birth, mom’s life passes in a fog. Now
it is important for you to enter into a new rhythm, and all visitors can be taken
чуть later.

ЧИТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: Какая встреча, или перечень
strange and funny surprises waiting for you on the day of discharge from
maternity hospital

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