Virologist warned of resumption of epidemic coronavirus

Virologist warned of resumption of the epidemic

New COVID-19 epidemic could be triggered by withdrawal of the regime self-isolation after reducing the incidence of coronavirus. Such The opinion was expressed by Thomas Hannover Institute Professor of Virology Schulz in the movie “Dangerous Virus – 2” on the channel “Russia 1”.

“I, unfortunately, cannot end the alarm. We have serious concerns that after the number of infected will fall significantly, and this will happen in the next two to three months, restrictions will be lifted. As a result, we will again face epidemic. ”


If events unfold in this scenario, then the authorities States will have to repeat the introduction periods several times restrictive measures.

Earlier, Senator Alexei Pushkov also warned in his Twitter from premature quarantine cancellation. Such a step, in his may lead to a new wave of proliferation coronavirus.

“Removing quarantine measures too early may cause a second deadly wave. We have the opportunity to study the experience of these countries. – and mistakes, and the right steps. The epidemic has one logic, ” he.

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