Viniline for stomatitis, good remedy forstomatitis

Update: October 2018

Stomatitis – inflammation of the oral mucosa, which is most often
happens in children. Some children never face this.
disease, others, however, stomatitis bothers quite often.

This is due to individual disposition. Stomatitis can
to be in the form of a single, local lesion of the mucous in one
place, and in the form of extensive distribution in the oral cavity.

Симптомы stomatitis очень яркие, не заметить их невозможно

  • painful sores appear in the mouth
  • gums swollen, reddened
  • there is bad breath
  • salivation increases
  • body temperature rises (with herpes)

Обычно лечение stomatitis назначает стоматолог, на основании
inspection, complaints, symptoms. This is usually topical treatment,
which does not represent special difficulties. The sooner started
the treatment, the more effective it will be. To quickly save the child
from the disease, it is necessary to determine which pathogen caused

Существует несколько видов stomatitis

Stomatitis is classified according to the reasons their

  • Bacterial process cause streptococci or staphylococci from
    permanent microflora of the oral cavity and tonsils. At the same time
    small pustules with a dull tire appear in the mouth, quickly
    opening up with erosion or ulceration.
  • Virus infections are characterized by simple virus infections.
    herpes or Epstein-Barr. These pathogens give vesicular
    (vesicular) rashes, the contents of which are transparent until
    joining the secondary bacterial flora. After opening the bubbles
    are eroded. In this case, herpes lesions are called
    herpes stomatitis, and Epstein-Barr virus gives herpetic
  • Fungal stomatitis – a consequence of increased growth Candide on the background
    Immunity failure Silt after a course of antibiotics. Characterized by dense
    white raids. which, after removal, give painful erosion.
  • Radiation stomatitis occurs under the action of ionizing
    radiation (manifestation of radiation sickness). At the same time plentifully peels
    epithelium is slimy. Formation of erosion and thickening of the mucous membrane
  • Oral burns are called acid or alkali.
    chemical stomatitis. Ulcers appear, which then scar and
    deform the mucosa.

Винилин В зависимости от основных проявлений у stomatitis
There are several clinical forms:

  • Catarrhal stomatitis is considered to be due to redness of the mucous membrane and its
    superficial inflammation or damage manifested
  • Ulcerative stomatitis first goes through a stage of erosion. I.e
    superficial defects that then deepen to the submucosa
    mouth Ulcers are usually covered with a purulent or white-gray patina. This
    the form of the disease is complemented by an increase and tenderness
    lymph nodes and fever.
  • Aphthous stomatitis is one of the variations of ulcerative. At afta more
    clear contours and rounded shape. The aphtha periphery is red.
    roller. Most often bacteria are to blame for afta. In children by example
    афтозного stomatitis является стоматит Беднара, когда при сосании
    a finger is put on the hard palate injury

Какое же лучшее средство от бактериального stomatitis для

With инфекционно — травматическом,  бактериальном стоматите
There is one old, time-tested medicine – Viniline. With
stomatitis is a very effective remedy
antimicrobial action, restores, cleans wounds,
promotes rapid regeneration of inflamed tissue and epithelialization
mucous in the mouth, so its recovery takes place much

Vinylinum is olivinyl butyl ether, which is also known by
Another name is Shostakovsky Balsam. Active ingredient
drug is polyvinox – that’s enough
strong antiseptic that kills bacteria in
oral cavity. Viniline with stomatitis has a pronounced
wound healing and antimicrobial action.

Vinyline is a low toxic drug, with local
use, no side effects, except
possible allergic reactions with individual intolerance
. It is a tasteless, viscous balsam, so during treatment it does not cause
negative reaction in children.

How to use Vinyline for stomatitis? For the treatment of wounds,
it is good to dip a cotton swab in a balm and apply on
affected area 2-3 times a day. После обработки  в течение
half an hour you can not eat and drink.

In addition to this tool, you can also use iodinol when
stomatitis, rinse your mouth with a solution of baking soda, chamomile decoction,
calendula, sage. You can also use Tantum Verde, Hexoral,
Ingalipt (detail about all sprays, drugs, ointments from

To date, there is no definitive answer to the question – which
самое лучшее средство от stomatitis? Drug selection
depends on the type of pathogen, the area, severity
lesions, and in each specific clinical case is selected
by the attending physician.

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