Video tips: teaching the child to walkby myself


  1. Do not rush your child. All averages are conditional.
    reference point. Поэтому даже в 14-15 месяцев еще не ходить by myself
    для некоторых вполне нормально. The main task of parents on
    the initial stage – wait until the child is ripe for the development of a new
    skill. Haste can negatively affect the formation of feet,
    muscles, joints.
  2. Create a favorable, safe environment: remove all that
    can cause harm, eliminate sharp corners, hide cords, and
    especially sensitively follow the baby.
  3. To conduct physical training. No special exercise
    would need. Just need time to step by step to train all
    muscle groups from birth. Spread on the stomach, stimulate
    turning over. Next, the child must sit down from the position
    lying down. And, of course, crawling has a big role. Parent task
    to encourage the child’s physical activity in every way. For example,
    attracting him with toys, forcing him to crawl around the room. And jumping
    on parental knees that kids love so much – great
    упражнение для укрепления ножек. (How to make a newborn
    child is stronger: 4 basic exercises for the development of the baby’s strength and
  4. Massage develops muscles well and relieves tension in them.
    at the same time. You can contact a specialist, and you can do it
    by myself.
  5. Encourage walking. You can show interesting toys, and
    after putting it on the table, for example, so that you can get it
    would just stand up. When trying to baby already do the first
    The steps of the toy can miraculously move from the table to the sofa,
    as soon as the baby approaches her. Good to be on the street more often.
    where you can watch the other children who already know how to walk. With
    This carriage is best left at home. It is convenient to use
    special “reins”. But only when the child is already beginning
    walk It is important to ensure that the child’s body does not lean forward or
    to the side.
  6. Encourage. Praise for success, the smile of mom and dad – the best
    reward. Do not forget the gentle and enthusiastic words.
    The child deserves it for his first steps.

What is worth remembering when teaching a child to walk:

  • It is better to start walking barefoot. This leads to the correct
    foot formation. And simultaneously hardens the baby. Well or dress
    socks with rubberized soles.
  • For walking on the street, you should buy high-quality and comfortable
    shoes with a tight back and make sure that it does not rub
  • No need to be seduced by walkers. Children often after a walker
    for a long time go on socks. And do refuse in a timely manner
    learn walking skills.
  • During training, you do not need to hold the child by the armpits.
    Correct for the brush, for the forearm or even for the hood.
  • And, most importantly, be patient. Do not customize the child under
    standard frames. But you need to be his assistant in everything as soon as
    he himself will be ready for new discoveries.

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