Video games against senile dementia

Update: February 2019

A new study by US scientists found that
older people who exercise regularly on a computer have a smaller
the risk of developing dementia by as much as 29%.

  • About 2800 people took part in the experiment.
  • The average age was 74 years.
  • Participants were divided into 4 groups:
    • one did the exercises on the computer, reproducing
      video game fundamentals
    • the second was engaged in traditional memory training,
    • the third solved logical problems
    • the fourth was the control – the participants did nothing.

In the computer test it was necessary to find out the picture in the center.
screen and click on the associated object on the periphery. For example,
truck – road sign. As the game results improve
complicated and tasks. The goal is to use to the maximum
brain plasticity and improve decision making,
perception of information, thinking and memorization.

  • In the first month, the computer team spent at the computer not
    less than 10 hours a week.
  • Many of the participants continued to train and further 3
    of the year.
  • Some – brought the time of weekly workouts to 18

The result of the experiment is as follows: in all three groups for 10
The following years, the risk of dementia decreased by 29%
compared with the control, inactive group.

Those. computer games can be considered as effective
to maintain brain cognitive functions like logical
tasks and other techniques for memory training.

However, Rob Howard, professor of age psychiatry University
College London, cautions not to treat data
results too seriously. Conclusions about the absence of dementia were
made on the basis of reports from the patients themselves and their relatives, and
not based on clinical diagnoses that are more

see also why senile dementia is more common in rural
residents than urban.

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