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Pregnancy — прекрасное состояние

For 9 months, pregnancy transforms the body of a woman
completely adjusting it for the full development of the future
baby Starting from conception, every day and hour the baby grows and
changing, turning from a small human cell into a real
little man.

Thanks to modern technology, each of us can
рассмотреть этапы развития ребенка практически под
a microscope. Conception, the beginning of cell division, weekly development –
all this is a miracle, not otherwise!

Here are some interesting facts about

  • Before fertilizing the egg, the sperm must pass
    40 km path;
  • Sex is determined at the time of conception;
  • At the beginning of development, the embryo has a tail;
  • At 4 weeks of age, the unborn child is already beating
  • Already in the womb the child can hear.

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pregnancy time + myths

Stages of pregnancy

It is customary to divide by trimester, lasting for three months

  • The first trimester is the grandest. Conception occurs and
    embryo attachment in the uterus. All organs of the future are laid.
    ребенка, формируются его ручки и ножки. By the end of the third
    месяца беременности эмбрион уже напоминает little man.
  • The second trimester is the most reverent. Future parents will recognize the gender
    baby The baby begins to move, gaining weight, the senses
    gradually begin to function.
  • The third trimester is the most responsible. All are completed
    necessary processes of fruit ripening. The child is ready to appear
    to the light.

Here is our weekly pregnancy calendar.
be sure to watch the entertaining video “All stages of pregnancy”
(about which, in fact, and speech)

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