Very simple ways to show the children that you are

Every child needs to be loved.
Sure, all parents love their children, but they need to show
my love. And not just talking about your feelings, but also proving
on practice.

мама люит ребенка


Ways to express love for children:

  • Make your baby a surprise – do not go with him
    scheduled for a zoo or dolphinarium. You can go to the cinema
    on his favorite cartoon. The child will thank you for the pleasant
    unexpected and new experiences;
  • Take the child for a walk in the park and frolic with him,
    play games that interest him;
  • Review the family photo album together, especially those photos on
    which he is a crumb. Tell him about how he was and
    be sure to admire him at the moment. How he grew up!
    Mother’s pride!
  • Bake baby cake or favorite cookies. Sure to
    Attract him to work, let him help decorate. Together so
  • Allow your baby sometimes naughty. Let it be his idea, but
    you participate. It is possible after the summer rain for hands to run
    through the puddles or walk barefoot in the fountain;
  • Give your child an anonymous gift. Pack some thing about
    which he has been dreaming for a long time, decorate beautifully, attach a note and
    send by mail;
  • Arrange a joint outing and a picnic. Organize
    photo session, first you photograph the baby, then it takes you. Will be
    not bad, if everything goes with humor. Then view these
    photos will bring a lot of pleasure to your child;
  • Organize дома сказочную атмосферу и почитайте книжки,
    Immerse yourself in the magical world;
  • Allow the child to play a little longer than usual. Let him
    watch a movie with you or play board games with him;
  • Cook him something unusual for breakfast and cover
    a small holiday table when the child returns from school. Let him
    the highlight of the festival will be the favorite dishes of the baby;
  • Always meet your baby with a smile, hug him, kiss and
    talk about how much you miss;
  • Frequently ask the child what he or she needs the most.
    wanted to. It will help you in making it childishly naive.
  • Going to the grocery store, take the baby with you,
    consult with him when you buy something. Give him the right
  • When settling a child to sleep, read to him his favorite fairy tales,
    invent fairy tales together and yourself, where is your precious child in
    leading role;
  • Make a box of his treasure with him and regularly replenish it
    new exhibits;
  • Attract the baby to everything you do, explain to him
    why is it, how is it done. Believe me, it will be interesting to him;
  • Let him sleep in the parent’s bed and, settling to sleep,
    always lie down side by side and hug the child tightly;
  • Do not go to work, stay one day at home when the baby
    unwell, and arrange at home tea with raspberry jam,
    wrap yourself in a warm blanket and watch cartoons.

Чтобы показать ребенку, как сильно вы его love,
you need to go back to your childhood even for a moment, remember what
you wanted to. Listen to the desires of your baby,
execute them. And most importantly, it should be unexpected. After all, children are so
love surprises!

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