Vegetables and fruits help prolong life by 10%

Update: February 2019

Scripps and Clinic Research Group
Mayo studied the effect of the flavonoid fizetina contained in vegetables and
fruits, in the fight against old age, and came to the conclusion that the substance
can extend life by 10%. Fizetin belongs to the group
senolithic, able to destroy aging cells. results
papers published in the journal EBioMedicine.

Laura Niedernhofer, Director of the Institute of Aging Biology and Exchange
substances at the University of Minnesota says their team has long been
is working on finding drugs that can destroy damaged
aging cells that are dangerous to the body and accumulate with
by age.

Физетин оказался единственным  естественным продуктом,
capable of selectively killing aging cells or at least
reduce the amount of inflammatory proteins.

Our cells age in parallel with the aging of the body, reaching
a certain level of damage. The immune system of young people
able to cleanse the body of aging cells. But with age this
function weakens: the accumulation of aging cells leads to the development
inflammation – enzymes that can destroy tissue are secreted.


To confirm their hypothesis, researchers gave fizetin
aged mice. The duration of the healthy life of mice has increased
на 10 % (здоровой  — значит не просто жить, но и быть
healthy). As for the dose, the question remains whether it is possible to give
a smaller dose or give the substance less frequently. This study
became theoretical progress on the issue of periodicity
use of drugs that can eliminate aging cells.

Researchers tested the effects of fizetin on adipose tissue
human in vitro to determine how substance
interacts with human cells.

Fizetin was able to reduce the number of aging cells in the fatty
human tissue, which suggests a similar effect
on the body as a whole.

Also, scientists have concluded that the substances contained in
fruits and vegetables are few for effective elimination of aging cells.
They have yet to develop an optimal dosage.

In June, an article about
improving the physical functioning of the body in old age with
application of fizetin, and the August article in the magazine Aging Cell
it has been said that aging cells may be associated with
Alzheimer’s disease. Currently fizetin passes
clinical trials at the Mayo Clinic, which means in a couple of years
humanity will be able to get an effective and safe cure for
old age.

While research is underway, we can help your body.
saturating the diet with vegetables and fruits rich in fizetinom: strawberries,
persimmon, apples, grapes, kiwi, peaches, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes.

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