Vegetable mash for the first complementary foods (3recipe)

The introduction of complementary foods is always felt as a transition to
new level of development and maturation of the child. More recently, the peanut
did not know anything but her mother’s breast, and now he, as an adult,
He sits in his chair and tastes a spoonful of new food. Howsoever
grandmothers tried to insist that you need to lure with 3
months, WHO’s current guidelines report that
complementary foods need to enter no earlier than six months. The best option for
The first complementary foods will not be apple juice, which watered kids years
20 back, and vegetable puree.

The content of the article

  • 1 A couple of words about lure
    • 1.1 Vegetable supplements: basic rules
  • 2 Пюре из овощей своими руками
    • 2.1 Zucchini Puree
    • 2.2 Cabbage, broccoli and potato puree
    • 2.3 Pumpkin Puree
    • 2.4 Video: vegetable puree recipe

Овощные пюре для прикорма

A few words about lure

As the first complementary foods can be considered and porridge, this
depends on the characteristics of the child’s development. Usually porridge is introduced in
when the baby is not gaining weight well because they are
more nutritious and high-calorie. If problems with weight gain have
your karapuz does not exist – it is better to start with vegetables.

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When a baby sucks on demand, it is guaranteed
lack of all nutrients. The purpose of feeding in this case is not
in replenishing vitamin deficiencies, as was thought for some time
back, but to begin to acquaint the child with different tastes and
cook it for solid foods. That means no moms
needs to try to feed the baby puree at any cost. Lure not
should displace breast milk, feed does not replace feeding
(if you are not in the process of weaning).

Vegetable supplements: basic rules

  1. Starting to introduce vegetables to the diet of the baby need to
    single component mashed potatoes. First, the baby tries all recommended for
    his age vegetables separately, and only then it is worth giving
    mashed potatoes, consisting of several vegetables.
  2. The best option if the first feed will consist of zucchini,
    cauliflower or broccoli. Then you can gradually enter the pumpkin,
    carrots, kohlrabi, potatoes.
  3. Usually, the lure is administered according to the standard scheme: start with 1 tea
    spoons and bring the daily portion to 50 grams, but if the baby
    refuses – put off complementary foods for a week and try again or
    change the product.
  4. Salt or sweeten vegetable puree for a child is not worth it.
    Adults, whose taste preferences have already formed, unsalted
    vegetable puree seems unimaginable disgusting, but the kid who
    yet there is nothing to compare with, he perceives such a taste quite differently. For
    It is important for the child to try the “clean” tastes of the products.
  5. If you plan to buy mashed potatoes factory production –
    read the composition carefully. In addition to vegetable and water in a jar nothing
    should be.
  6. Vegetable puree can be easily prepared at home. For этих целей
    better to take vegetables from your own garden or at least grown in
    your locality. Imported vegetables from store shelves do not inspire
    trust because it can contain nitrates. By the way, if the introduction
    Complementary food falls on “no season” when there are no fresh vegetables,
    perfect pre-made frozen billets.

Video: the most common mistakes in the conduct of the child
complementary foods:

Пюре из овощей своими руками

Preparing vegetable puree for the baby is not at all difficult. Some
simple recipes will help moms navigate the technology


Mashed Pork Zucchini

Zucchini peel the skin and seeds and cut into rings.
Some колечек помещаем в чашу пароварки (за неимением такого
You can cook in the kitchen simply in water or make a steamer
from a boiling water pot and a sieve set on top). Zucchini
it cooks very quickly – in 7-10 minutes it is ready. Grind
boiled zucchini until smooth is not easy, because the vegetable
this one is very fibrous. To mash for sure turned out homogeneous
and air, you can use a blender, and then skip
the whole mass through a fine sieve. Cool mashed potatoes better in the refrigerator –
this reduces the risk of bacteria multiplying in mashed potatoes, because
home kitchen is impossible to maintain sterility. In a refrigerator
Such mashed potatoes are stored for up to 4 days, you need to warm it in portions. AT
heated portions of complementary foods can add expressed breast milk,
olive oil.

Mashed cabbage, broccoli and potatoes

Boil 1 potato and several broccoli inflorescences (you can
boil for a couple). AT пропорциональном отношении картошки должно
be less than broccoli because starchy vegetables are hard
absorbed by the body. Grind boiled vegetables with a blender or
wipe through a sieve, adding a little vegetable broth.
After cooling mashed potatoes can be given to the baby. Expressed Rule
milk or vegetable oil in this case also applies.

Pumpkin Puree

Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds and cut into small ones
the pieces. About 200 grams of sliced ​​vegetables lay on
baking sheet, pour some water, cover with foil and set to bake
for 20 minutes. When the pumpkin is ready – shred the pieces already famous
way, cool, add breast milk or vegetable oil
and mashed potatoes ready.

ATводить тыкву в рацион ребенка лучше в последних рядах.
It is believed that this vegetable can cause allergies. In addition, there is
the opinion that the pumpkin fastens, so be sure to keep track
child’s reaction.

Рекомендуем ознакомиться: если ребенок не хочет
there is a lure (what to do)

ATидео: рецепт овощного пюре

It usually takes a month or a half to get to know different vegetables.
After the introduction of complementary foods, the consistency and smell of the stool changes
completely normal. По рекомендациям ATОЗ одновременно с введением
The first feeding can begin to give the baby a drink (clean water,

Starting to give the child “adult” food, our goal is to awaken
food interest, not discourage it. Excessive persistence in this
to anything. Some babies immediately start eating with appetite.
vegetables, others boycott this stage and in general the whole scheme of introduction
complementary foods but by the year they are all quite capable of eating food with
parent table. AT любом случае обзаводитесь детской ложечкой и
try different schemes.

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