Valerian female nursing mother – will it not hurtbaby?

Nursing mothers are contraindicated in most medicinal
drugs, because through the milk (with HB), they enter the body
baby, which is small enough dose for severe poisoning.
However, postpartum stress and anxiety sometimes do not leave mom
of choice and she has to take soothing, most often
valerian. therefore возникает закономерный вопрос – не
Is a valerian breastfeeding dangerous?

валерьянка при грудном feeding

Применение валерьянки

A hormonal surge that affects a woman for
pregnancy does not subside even after delivery. Unfortunately, all moms are in
one degree or another worried about the child and his health.
Valerian drugs are the safest and most effective.
remedy for stressful situations in pregnant women and mothers,

It is prescribed in pills – so you can keep the exact dosage.
Although valerian has almost no side effects, it’s better
be careful.

Valerian is indispensable for sleep disorders, nervous conditions,
headaches, depressed. In addition, drugs
valerian can serve as an antispasmodic for problems with

Действие валерьянки

Valerian is a herbal medicine and there is an opinion
that it can be assigned to anyone without supervision and consultation
a doctor. However, this is not the case – valerian easily penetrates milk.
lactating mother to her baby and influences him. therefore
breastfeeding valerian is also a cure for this
need to remember.

But before you give up valerian, consider and
negative factors, because you will not be able to solve your
Problem – do not sleep enough, do not calm down, your head will still hurt.
Fresh, rested and cheerful mother for the child – the most important thing.

Возможные реакции на применение валерьянки при грудном

Anyway – valerian influences both mom and
baby, so before use is still needed advice
general practitioner and pediatrician.

Some effects of taking the drug Valerian may be

  1. Despite the fact that valerian is a herbal medicine,
    allergic to it, too. Such consequences arise when
    dosage significantly exceeds the permissible limits.
  2. Often, the effect is the opposite – kids
    overexcited, their sleep is disturbed. With long-term use of valerian
    newborn can begin constipation.
  3. Вялость – тоже частая реакция младенца на valerian. Long
    sleep, reluctant breast sucking – all this should alert the young
  4. There is also a myth that taking the drug valerian reduces
    milk production. However, be aware that stress, nervousness,
    lack of sleep – these are the main enemies of reduced lactation. And the myth and
    will remain a myth. (about lactation …)

Дозировка валерьянки

Valerian drug is available in various forms:

  • Pills;
  • Dragee;
  • Herb bags for brewing;
  • Roots and rhizomes for infusion;
  • Ready tea.

Обычно валерьянка при грудном feeding назначается только в
pills – two or three a day. The course rarely exceeds ten days, but
may occasionally be extended.

Some more tips for mothers who are breastfeeding – Read.

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