Vaccination schedule for children under 1 year old (in Russia).What moms need to know

Vaccination of children in Russia is carried out according to
specific schedule, which is called the vaccination calendar. Our
The national vaccination calendar is one of the most comprehensive in the world.
It is approved at the legislative level and is used throughout
territory of the country. In addition to routine vaccinations, there are vaccinations
epidemic indications that are set in some regions when
the threat of an epidemic.

The content of the article

  • 1 What laws govern the vaccination of children?
  • 2 National calendar prophylactic vaccinations для детей до
    of the year
  • 3 О вакцинах
  • 4 How to do vaccinations – what mothers need to know
    • 4.1 Fundamental rules
  • 5 How to refuse vaccination
  • 6 Vaccination schedule – School of Doctor Komarovsky
  • 7 On guard of health. Vaccine prevention. National
    календарь prophylactic vaccinations

календарь прививок для детей до of the year

Despite the thoroughness of the vaccination calendar, vaccinations
are not required. Parents may well refuse
вакцинации ребенка, предоставив письменный renouncement. More about
vaccination calendar, vaccines and vaccination rules, as well as on
отказе от нее читайте below.

What laws govern the vaccination of children?

Behind the development of a vaccination calendar and vaccination of children are
several laws:

  1. Federal Law “On Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious
  2. �”Fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of the health of citizens.”
  3. The law of the Russian Federation “On sanitary and epidemiological well-being
    population. “

These documents spell out the entire vaccination procedure, including
list of recommended vaccinations and possible complications after them.
Итак, вакцинация детей до of the year подразумевает прививки от следующих

  • Viral hepatitis;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Whooping cough;
  • Diphtheria;
  • Tetanus;
  • Hemophilic infection;
  • Polio;
  • Measles;
  • Rubella;
  • Mumps

In case of an epidemic of other diseases, vaccinations can be put
unplanned. The outbreak situation is constantly monitored and
Regions that fall into the “risk zone” are under control
Ministry of Health.

National calendar prophylactic vaccinations для детей до
of the year

Each year, the vaccination calendar changes slightly, in
He made some additions. They mainly concern order
vaccination, and the vaccination schedule remains

Age Vaccination name Vaccine Notes
1 сутки (новорожденный) – The first vaccine against viral hepatitis B Endzheriks In, Kombiotekh Especially necessary for newborns whose mothers are carriers
virus or have acute or chronic hepatitis.
3-7 сутки (новорожденный) — Graft от туберкулеза BCG-M Not to be confused with the Mantoux reaction. Mantoux is not a vaccine, but analysis on
наличие иммунитета, его проводят после of the year. If immunity
нет  — прививку БЦЖ делают повторно.
Baby in 1 month – The second vaccine against viral hepatitis B Endzheriks In, Kombiotekh
Baby in 2 months – The third vaccine against viral hepatitis B Endzheriks In, Kombiotekh It is put only to children from risk groups.
Baby at 3 months – First vaccination against whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus DTP, Infanrix, Pentaxim Each vaccine has its own vaccine, but all 3
vaccinations can be put “one shot”, if you use
Pentaxim combined vaccine.
– First vaccination against hemophilic infection Act-HIB, Hiberix, Pentaxim
– First polio vaccine OPV, IPV, Pentaxim
Infant at 4.5 months – Second vaccine for whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus DTP, Infanrix, Pentaxim
– The second vaccine against hemophilic infection Act-HIB, Hiberix, Pentaxim
– Second polio vaccine OPV, IPV, Pentaxim
Baby at 6 months – The third vaccine against whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus DTP, Infanrix, Pentaxim, Bubo-Kok Vaccination against whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus can be put
�“One shot” with hepatitis vaccination, if used
Bubo-Kok combination vaccine.
– The third vaccine against hemophilic infection Act-HIB, Hiberix, Pentaxim
– Third polio vaccine OPV, IPV, Pentaxim
– The third vaccine against viral hepatitis B Endzheriks In, Kombiotekh, Бубо-Кок
Baby at 12 months — Graft против кори, краснухи и паротита MMR II, Priorix
– The fourth vaccine against viral hepatitis B Endzheriks In, Kombiotekh Only for at-risk kids.

Следующие прививки ждут малыша в 1,5 of the year и в 1year8мес. – this
revaccination from whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus, as well as from

О вакцинах

До of the year ребенку предстоит поставить 14 прививок (с учетом того,
that some vaccinations are done in several stages), and mothers –
learn a lot of vaccine names and decide which vaccine
ставить to kid. Let’s try to figure out what are

  1. Vaccine от гепатита. In its composition – separate
    proteins of the hepatitis B virus. The genetic material of the virus is absent.
    In response to the introduction of the vaccine, immunity is formed;
    way impossible.
  2. Vaccine от туберкулеза. Contains ослабленные
    bacteria bovine tuberculosis. In humans, they do not cause disease, but
    lead to the formation of persistent immunity. To develop resistant
    immunity you need to tubercle bacillus was in the body
  3. Vaccine for whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus.
    The most severe in these diseases is the poisoning of the body
    toxins. The vaccine contains toxins, but in very
    weakened form. They do not cause illness, but the body produces
  4. Vaccine against polio. There are two types:
    live and inactivated. Live vaccine is the virus itself.
    полиомиелита в очень weakened form. This vaccine is available in
    drops and can cause mild polio in a child.
    Inactivated vaccine contains only protein coat of viruses.
    It is injected subcutaneously, cannot cause the disease, but the effect of it
    below. Since polio vaccination is done in 2 stages, sometimes
    an inactivated vaccine is administered first, and a second vaccination is given
  5. Vaccine against measles, rubella and parotitis. Contains
    weakened viruses that cause these diseases. Graft
    safe, that is, it is impossible to get sick from it, while
    вырабатывается immunity.

How to do vaccinations – what mothers need to know

Parents are most afraid of the likely effects of vaccinations.
among which there are very serious complications:

  • Anaphylactic shock;
  • Severe allergic reactions (angioedema, syndrome
  • Poliomyelitis (after vaccination against poliomyelitis);
  • Encephalitis, meningitis, neuritis and other lesions of the central nervous system;
  • Generalized infection, osteitis, osteomyelitis after vaccination
  • Chronic arthritis after rubella vaccine.

The likelihood of such complications, of course, scares young parents.
To reduce the risks of complications, you need to vaccinate
with all the rules.

Fundamental rules

прививка ребенку

1. The vaccination schedule is a recommended schedule.
baby vaccination.
It can be changed if there is
Reasons to postpone or even cancel vaccination.
The cause of a temporary medical case may be:

  • Malaise, cold, fever;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Recent blood transfusion;
  • Prematurity

In each case, the duration of the medical conductor is determined
Individually, this is usually from a week to 1 month. Indications
for complete cancellation of vaccinations is:

  • Allergic reaction to a previous vaccination;
  • Congenital or acquired immunodeficiency.

2. Vaccination can be put only after careful
examination by a doctor.
The task of the doctor is not only thorough
examine the child, measure the temperature and ask the mother about
body features crumbs. Another important point –
informing mom about the vaccination itself. The doctor should talk about
what vaccine will be put, how does it work, what vaccine
will introduce what complications are possible after vaccination.
Good to know! — Памятка мамам
как общаться с врачом.

3. Mom can choose which vaccine to deliver.
to kid.
In the clinic, all vaccinations are free, but
if the parents do not want to deliver the vaccine purchased in
clinic – they can buy their own. Usually they do that.
If they want to supply a higher quality imported vaccine
or make a comprehensive vaccination.


4. Store and transport the vaccine only in
cold, at a temperature of 2-8C.
This rule applies
first of all, to the situation when mom buys the vaccine herself,
since the pharmacy and the clinic all the rules of storage and
shipments are respected unconditionally. When buying a vaccine in
the pharmacy to it needs to buy a cold element (“snowball”) and be sure to
take a check. It may be necessary in the pediatrician’s office to
confirm that the vaccine is fresh and stored correctly.

5. The nurse herself is vaccinated by a procedural nurse.
the office.
All data on vaccination (date, name of vaccine)
she puts in the card. After vaccination, the parents’ task is to follow up.
condition the baby and take action if the vaccine gives a reaction.
The most common occurrence is a rise in temperature. How
control the reaction of the child’s body and what to do if
The temperature has risen – read here (link).

Важно: Как подготовить ребенка к прививке
– rules, tips and tricks

How to refuse vaccination

Vaccinations are optional, so if parents are against
vaccinations for fear of complications – they can write a written
renouncement. The application can write one of the parents in the name of the head physician
children’s clinic (or maternity hospital, if the refusal of vaccination occurs
there). There is no clear statement, but there is a good example of what
it should be:


I (FULL NAME), residing at the address: (…) declare the refusal of
all preventive vaccinations (including vaccinations against hepatitis B,
tuberculosis, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio,
hemophilic infection, measles, mumps, rubella) and
tuberculosis care for my child (full name) until he reaches 15
years old.

This failure is a deliberate decision, and is fully consistent.
current legislation, including:

1) Art. 32 (on consent to medical intervention) and Art. 33 (about
right to refuse medical intervention)
legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of the health of citizens “dated July 22, 1993 year
No. 5487-1;

2) Art. 5 (on the right to refuse vaccination) and Art. 11 (about carrying
vaccination with the consent of parents of minors) federal
RF Law “On Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious Diseases” dated 17
сентября 1998 year № 157-ФЗ;

3) Art. 7, part 3 (about providing tuberculosis care
minors only with the consent of their legal representatives)
Federal Law “On the Prevention of the Spread of Tuberculosis in
Российской Федерации» от 18 июня 2001 year № 77-ФЗ.

I ask you to provide medical documentation for
my child unconditionally, with no requirements for
vaccination. In the form 063 please note that there are no vaccinations on
Based on Art. 5 and 11 of the Law of the Russian Federation “On Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious

In case of your refusal, a copy of this statement and my complaint will be
sent to the appropriate authorities and organizations for action
to curb your wrongdoing.

________________ (date) ________________ (signature)

Refusal of vaccinations should be really deliberate.
a decision taken not only on the basis of scary stories from
Internet, but also on the basis of consultation with a specialist who
you personally trust.

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Each family solves the vaccine issue in its own way:
whether or not to buy their own vaccines or to trust doctors from
polyclinics. The most important thing is for the children to be
are healthy.

Further detail:

  • konsultant-vnimanie

    Graft Манту
  • Vaccination: measles, rubella, mumps

Vaccination schedule – School of Doctor Komarovsky

On guard of health. Vaccine prevention. National calendar
prophylactic vaccinations

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