Vaccination schedule for children: should it be donevaccinations child?

Update: October 2018


  • A bit of history
  • Types of vaccines
  • The work of the immune system during vaccination
  • Ways to introduce vaccines
  • Vaccine composition
  • All that concerns contraindications for vaccination
  • Adverse reactions
  • Anti-vaccination
  • Memo for parents
  • Calendar of preventive vaccinations for children in Russia

Currently active anti-vaccination is underway in Russia
propaganda. This causes great harm to the population, unfortunately, not
everyone is aware of this, but lends itself to the “ducks” of the mass
information. This propaganda is already bearing its terrible results.

The beginning of it was laid in the late 80s. As a result
mass refusal of vaccination with different frequency in the country
epidemics of diphtheria, measles, and polio are occurring. After all, they are infected and
It is those who are not vaccinated who are infected.

Vaccination is a way to prevent serious infections.
(viral and bacterial) diseases, by introducing
An organism of antigenic material, as a result of which
immunity to the disease.

The question of whether children should be vaccinated before each parent
immediately after the birth of the baby. And the answer to it is one – if not
contraindications, if the child is healthy, then vaccinations do
need to!

Часто делается сразу несколько прививок детям (BUTTOДС, например,
immediately includes 3 components). It is permissible and not scary,
although many are afraid of this, but often they themselves do not know why. For
A healthy baby’s immune system is quite normal. More
details of this will be discussed below.

For некоторых возбудителей формируется стойкий иммунитет сразу,
for others, revaccination is required, i.e. repeated administration
antigen to maintain stable immunity.

A bit of history

Back in ancient times, inoculation was practiced in India and China.
If the infectious disease is accompanied by the appearance of bubbles
on the human body, then they took the liquid from them and injected healthy
to people. Of course, in ancient times it was not always safe, and
Often there were infections in this way, since the pathogen was not
weakened in the inoculum. But a start was made.

Если говорить не о древних временах, то еще в BUTнглии было
it has been observed that milkmaids who got sick with cowpox never
subsequently did not have smallpox. Edward Jenner also knew
about this take and decided to check it out. First he vaccinated the child from
cowpox, and after some time he was introduced pathogen
smallpox. The child did not get sick. This was the beginning
vaccination. But the term itself appeared much later, it suggested
Louis Pasteur, he was able to manufacture the first vaccines with weakened

In Russia, vaccinations appeared during the reign of Catherine

Types of vaccines

  1. Live vaccine – live attenuated as antigen
    microorganism, these include polio vaccines (in the form of
    drops), rubella, parotitis.
  2. Inactivated vaccine – acts as an antigen or
    dead microorganism, or part of it, for example, the cell wall. TO
    These include pertussis vaccine, meningococcal disease,
  3. BUTнатоксины — в качестве антигена выступает инактивированный (не
    brings no harm to the human body) toxin, which
    produces a pathogen. TO ним относятся прививки против столбняка
    and diphtheria.
  4. Biosynthetic vaccines – derived from
    genetic engineering technologies, for example, hepatitis B vaccine.

The work of the immune system during vaccination

The immune system is the guardian of our body. On any
alien agent she reacts. When hit by such an agent
(antigen) immune system is activated, mass production occurs
biologically active substances, increases the production of leukocytes
bone marrow and antibodies are produced. BUTнтитела являются
specific for different antigens. So these antibodies
can last a long time or a lifetime, and this allows
protect the body from the pathogenic effects of this antigen. With
ingested by the same foreign agent, the existing antibodies will destroy

Withнцип действия прививки основан на этом – в организм вводится
antigen (weakened or killed pathogen, or part thereof).
The immune system is activated, there is production of antibodies to this.
pathogen. These antibodies are stored in the human body.
for a long time, protecting it from this disease. With этом
a person does not get sick, as a weakened microorganism, and
more dead or part of it can not cause the development of the disease.
If in the future a person encounters the causative agent of this
disease, then when an infectious agent enters the body,
existing antibodies immediately attack these microorganisms and destroy
their. Thus, the disease does not develop.

Ways to introduce vaccines


Most often used when administering vaccines. Body muscles
human blood supply is excellent, which provides excellent
the rate of entry of immune cells to the site of administration of the antigen, and this
provides the fastest production of immunity. Distance from
skin reduces the risk of local side effects. Withвивки
Children under 3 years old are introduced into the anterior-lateral surface of the thigh.
Introduction to the gluteus muscle is not recommended, since on the buttocks
the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer is large, and the needles for vaccination
short, in this case, you get a subcutaneous injection, and not
intramuscular. There is also always the risk of getting into
sciatic nerve. In 2 years, but better after 3 years, allowed
inject vaccines into the deltoid muscle (in the shoulder area, in the projection
head humerus).

Intradermal and cutaneous

Vaccine against tuberculosis (BCG), against
туляремии, ранее также вводилась вакцина против smallpox.
The traditional injection site is the shoulder or flexor surface.
forearm With правильном введении вакцины образуется «лимонная
crust”. It looks like a whitish spot with small
indentations, like on a lemon rind, hence the name.


In this way, gangrenous or streptococcal are administered.
toxoids, as well as this method can be used with the introduction
live vaccines. Since in this case the production rate decreases
immunity, it is not recommended to introduce in this way vaccines
rabies and hepatitis B. Also this becomes
route of administration in patients with bleeding disorders, so
as the risk of bleeding when subcutaneously significantly lower,
rather than intramuscular injection.

Oral (by mouth)

Thus, according to the immunization schedule for
children in Russia, a live polio vaccine is introduced after 1
of the year. In other countries, the vaccine is also orally administered.
typhoid fever. If the vaccine tastes bad, it is offered on
a piece of sugar.

BUTэрозольный (через нос, интраназальный)

One of the domestic flu vaccines has this path.
introduction. It provides the appearance of local immunity in the input
gate infection. Immunity is unstable.

Simultaneous administration of vaccines

Some fear that in some cases simultaneously introduced
several vaccines. But do not be afraid of it. Based
many years of experience, it does not carry any complications. The only ones
vaccines that cannot be administered at the same time – this is against cholera and
against yellow fever.

Vaccine composition

In the composition of the vaccine, in addition to the main active substance
(antigen) can be preservative, sorbent, stabilizer,
non-specific impurities and filler.

TO неспецифическим примесям относятся белок субстрата, где
cultured viral vaccine, a microscopic amount
antibiotic and animal serum proteins if they were used in
cultivating the necessary cell cultures.

TOонсервант входит в состав любой vaccines. His presence
necessary to ensure sterility of the solution. Condition of them
availability exhibited by WHO experts.

Stabilizers and fillers are optional
components, but in some cases they are found in vaccines.
Only stabilizers and fillers are used which
allowed for introduction into the human body.

All that concerns contraindications for vaccination

After the question “what vaccinations do children?”, The next question
young mothers appear “what are contraindications?”. This
the question is worthy of close attention, so we will consider all
possible aspects.


Currently, the list of contraindications is reduced. To this
There is a logical explanation.

  • As a result многолетних наблюдений и исследований было
    It has been established that infections from which children are vaccinated occur
    much harder in persons to whom vaccinations were previously contraindicated.
    For example, in children with malnutrition, infected
    tuberculosis, the disease is much worse. Premature
    children who are infected with whooping cough have a higher risk of death.
    TOраснуха протекает гораздо тяжелее у больных сахарным диабетом, а
    flu – in patients with bronchial asthma. Prohibit inoculating such
    children means putting them in great danger.
  • Studies conducted under the supervision of WHO have shown that
    post-vaccination period in these children is the same as in
    healthy children. It was also found that as a result of vaccination
    the course of background chronic diseases does not worsen.
  • Thanks to improved vaccine manufacturing technology
    it was possible to achieve a significant reduction in ballast substances and
    proteins that can provoke side reactions. For example,
    vaccine content of egg white is minimized and not even
    determined by This allows making such vaccines for children with
    allergy to egg whites.

There are several types of contraindications:

  • True contraindications are those listed in
    annotations to vaccines and are available in orders and international
  • Ложные  – они по сути не являются ими. They are
    inventions of parents or because of traditions. For example, for some reason
    some doctors still consider perinatal encephalopathy
    contraindication, although it is not.
  • BUTбсолютные – при наличии их, прививка, даже если она указана
    among the vaccinations required in the calendar, the child is not vaccinated.
  • Fromносительные  – это противопоказания, относящиеся к
    true but final decision on vaccination
    The doctor accepts, comparing risks of each of decisions. For example, when
    egg white allergies do not usually get a flu shot, but
    in case of a dangerous epidemic situation, the risk of allergy is lower than the risk
    flu infection. In other countries it is not even
    contraindication, just conduct training that reduces the risk
    manifestations of allergies.
  • Временные  – например, ОРВИ у ребенка или обострение
    chronic disease, after recovery of the child is allowed
    vaccine administration.
  • Постоянные  – они не будут сняты никогда, например,
    primary immunodeficiency in a child.
  • Общие  – они касаются всех прививок, например, нельзя
    do no vaccination if there is a temperature or baby
    suffers an acute illness.
  • Частные  – это такие противопоказания, которые касаются
    only a few vaccinations, but others are allowed

True contraindications for prophylactic

Vaccine Contraindications
Any vaccines Strong response to previous administration of this vaccine
(temperature rises above 40 ° C or (and) redness and swelling in place
administration of a vaccine with a diameter of more than 8 cm in a child after vaccination).
Complications – anaphylactic shock, angioedema, arthritis
or other complications.
Live vaccines Primary immunodeficiency, malignant neoplasms,
BCG Low birth weight (less than 2 kg), education
keloid scar at the site of the previous injection, intrauterine
infection, severe neurological disorders, generalized
BCG–инфекция (у других близких родственников), гемолитическая
neonatal disease, systemic skin pathologies, mother’s HIV,
иммунодефицит у ребенка (см. о прививке BCG и ее последствиях —
Opinion MD.
BUTTOДС The presence of convulsions in the history of the child, progressive
neurological diseases.
TOПTO Severe allergy to aminoglycosides. BUTнафилактический шок на
egg white in history.
Vaccine от гепатита В BUTллергическая реакция на хлебопекарные дрожжи, если у
newborn baby had a prolonged physiological jaundice
(hyperbilirubinemia) with high bilirubin.

Adverse reactions

Withвивка – это иммунобиологический препарат, который вызывает
the desired changes in the body in the form of producing immunity to
severe infectious diseases, but there may be
adverse reactions.

Often, mothers worry that the child has a fever after vaccination.
body rises or local reactions occur, but should not
worry if the reaction does not become transcendent.

An adverse reaction is a normal reaction of the body, it is
reflects the process of developing immunity after ingestion
baby alien antigen. If these reactions are not very pronounced
strongly then this is even a positive thing talking about
high activity of the immune system. But their absence does not say
that insufficient immunity is developed, it is only
individual feature of the reactivity of the immune system.

With возникновении тяжелых побочных реакция, например, подъем
temperatures above 40 degrees, you must urgently report this
to the doctor. Since in addition to helping the child, the doctor must
will fill out a number of documents and transfer them to special bodies,
who are involved in quality control of vaccines. With появлении
several such cases, a batch of vaccines is confiscated and carefully
is checked.

Read in detail about the complications and behavior after vaccinations.

It is very important to keep in mind the typicality of these adverse reactions.
For example, if it is known that children after rubella vaccinations can
have a slight swelling in the joints, then aggravation
gastritis during this period will not have any vaccination
relations. It is not necessary to write off various coincidences on

The frequency of side effects is also known. For example, vaccine
against viral hepatitis B in 7% of cases gives a local response, and
rubella vaccine in 5% – general adverse reaction

Local adverse reactions Common adverse reactions
TO ним относятся:

  • Fromек
  • Hyperemia (redness)
  • Compaction
  • Morbidity

Withчиной этого является асептическое воспаление в месте введения
drug. This inflammation can cause both the drug itself and
injection, traumatic skin, muscle.

Many inactivated vaccines contain
special components causing a local reaction in order to
increased blood flow to the site of the vaccine, which will lead to
getting more immune cells to that place, and
so immunity will be stronger.

  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Anxiety crying
  • Reduced appetite
  • Cooling limbs
  • Headache
  • Dizziness

The most frequent of these are hyperthermia and rash. Rash возникает
more often after the introduction of antiviral vaccines, for example, against
rubella It is caused by the penetration of the virus into the skin, which is dangerous
does not carry itself. The rise in body temperature is due to the usual reaction
immunity. With контакте иммунных клеток с антигеном stand out in
blood pyrogens, substances that cause fever.

According to the results of the control of the State Institute
стандартизации и контроля вакцин и сывороток, в течение 8
осложнений после введения любых вакцин было около
500! Whereas mortality from the same whooping cough is 4000
per 100,000.


Anti-vaccination – это общественное движение, представители
which challenge the efficacy and safety of vaccines.

For the first time talked about this in the late 19th century. In modern
The situation in the world is exacerbated by customized reports in the media and many
inaccurate articles written by amateurs on the Internet.
Most people, not understanding what is at stake, not understanding in
immunology is nothing, too confident about the problem. �”Infecting” and
others with their wrong judgments.

Let’s debunk the anti-vaccination myths:

�”The conspiracy of pharmacists and doctors”

For some reason, some people think that they try to do vaccines.
money doctors and pharmacists. But why are extreme
vaccines? Any branch of pharmacy or in any other field
is somehow profitable for someone, but for some reason
�Only vaccinations are to blame for some people. And the main goal
vaccine production has been and remains – prevention of dangerous
infectious diseases, not profits.

Vaccine inefficiency

Statistics show the opposite. Cases of disease among
vaccinated are rare, and if development occurs
disease, then it proceeds in a mild form. But unvaccinated
a person confronted with a carrier of infection will fall ill with the probability
approaching 100%.

Recall what epidemics were around the world, in times of
smallpox and how many people died. But the vaccine against her in
radically changed the situation. Only thanks to polls
vaccinating everyone for over 30 years
the causative agent of smallpox is not registered.

Denying the need for vaccination

Without evidence of incidence, vaccine inhibitors mistakenly
They think that these infections are quite rare. But it also
mistake. Hepatitis B incidence over 6 years of active
vaccination of children fell from 9 per 100 thousand to 1.6 per 100 thousand
while still this figure is large because the number of parents
refusing vaccination according to the calendar
vaccinations, for children under one year old or who refuse completely, are very large. BUT
this leads to the formation of a non-immune stratum of the population, and
these are potential vectors of these infections.

Allegation of adverse effects of vaccines

One of the most ridiculous statements on this subject is that
vaccines contain mercury compounds that cause autism. Let’s start with
the fact that in humans can find almost all the elements
Periodic tables and mercury there is not in last place. We daily
with food we get microdoses of such compounds. BUT в вакцинах это
the compound is even smaller and plays a role
preservative. Not to mention that similar exogenous factors
generally can not in any way influence the appearance of autism. Even a student
Medical Institute knows more about the etiology of this disease,
rather than anti-vaccination agents, because even minimal knowledge was enough
would not argue such nonsense. It is because of ignorance
There are similar rumors about epilepsy and other diseases.
Recall the typicality of adverse reactions – do not blame the vaccination in
that would have happened without it.

Immunization destroys immunity

Another nonsense from people who don’t know how the immune system works
system. We have already said that during vaccination, the immune system
activated, do not repeat, I think.

Memo for parents

  • Bathing is not recommended on the day of vaccination and the next day.
    walk. Since supercooling and contacts with a lot of
    people can cause baby outbreaks. In the first 2 days
    the immune system actively develops immunity to the administered
    antigens and additional immune load to anything, immunity
    can simply not cope and SARS will develop.
  • If the child’s temperature rises above 37.5, then you should give
    antipyretic and consult with your doctor.
  • If there is a local reaction, it may help
    antihistamine drugs, but before giving anything to a child
    from drugs, ask your doctor!
  • At the time of introduction of the vaccine, the child must be healthy. From
    the end of the last disease must pass at least 2
    weeks. The child must be examined by a pediatrician and must be
    normal blood count and urine counts.

Calendar of preventive vaccinations for children in Russia

BUTвтор: Ревус Олеся Григорьевна врач-невролог

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