Vaccination against measles, rubella, epidemicmumps

Measles, rubella and parotitis are infectious
diseases that are traditionally considered childish. Such
the definition is due to the fact that preschool and junior children
school-age people suffer from these infections much more often than

Прививка от кори краснухи эпидемического mumps

Measles, rubella and parotiditis can only be cured 1 time per day.
of life. There is no cure for these infections, and after the disease
produced immunity for life. Sometimes these facts about children
infections suggest to parents that measles vaccination,
краснухи и mumps – бесполезное занятие: ничего страшного в том,
to recover from one of these infections is not, so why put
extra vaccinations? In fact, the infections themselves are not as terrible as
possible consequences and complications after them. Consider how
measles, rubella and parotitis, what are the complications after them
possible, and what are the rules for vaccination against these infections.


This is an infection that can be picked up by airborne droplets.
The radius of the spread of the measles virus is quite large, so when
the appearance of one sick in the children’s team get sick
almost all the children in contact with him.

как выглядит инфекция корь

First, measles manifests itself as an ordinary respiratory viral
infection: the child has a fever (up to 39 degrees),
there is a cough, runny nose, eye mucosa can inflame. Through
a couple of days after the onset of the disease, the child has a rash.
Measles-specific rash – white spots that first
appear on the face and then spread throughout the body. AT
during the week the disease progresses: fever, rash
getting bigger and bigger and then declining, the temperature and
the rash recedes, and the specks remaining from the rash disappear in 3-4
of the day

Children under the age of measles are practically not ill, because
maternal antibodies to this infection. AT большинстве
cases of childhood measles are easily tolerated, but can
give complications in the form of otitis (inflammation of the middle ear), pneumonia
(inflammation of the lungs), encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). If a
an adult will get measles (and this is possible if it is not
vaccinated and not ill in childhood) – the disease will continue
hard, and the risks of complications increase significantly.

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symptoms, treatment and prevention


This infection is also considered a “childish”, and children can get sick
rubella in very mild form and as a result do not even know the exact
diagnosis because the symptoms of the milder form of the disease do not differ
от рядового ОРATИ. The main symptoms are fever, headache.
pain, malaise, in more severe cases may
enlarged lymph nodes and small rashes appear on the face and body
(which is easy to take for allergies to medication).


In children, complications from rubella are extremely rare: encephalitis
develops in about one case out of 1000. For adult rubella
not so harmless. ATзрослые люди переносят болезнь очень тяжело
and the risks of complications increase significantly. Especially scary rubella
for pregnant women: during pregnancy this infection can cause strong
pathology in the fetus. It is in order to prevent such
problems in the future, rubella vaccination needs to be put back in

Mumps or “mumps”

Epidemic mumps is also transmitted by airborne droplets.
through, but its virus doesn’t spread as easily and quickly as
measles virus, so getting infected with mumps is more difficult. Main
The hallmark of this disease is inflammation of the salivary glands.
under the jaw and behind the ears. Because of this inflammation, the face seems to be
swollen, hence the name “pig”, and the sick in the acute period
chew and swallow painfully. In addition to inflammation of the salivary glands,
mumps характерны уже известные симптомы вирусной инфекции:
high fever, malaise.


ATозможные осложнения после mumps: панкреатит (воспаление
pancreas), meningitis or meningoencephalitis (inflammation
shells or brain tissue). The most dangerous complications “mumps” gives
on the reproductive system: in boys, this is inflammation of the testicles
(orchitis), and in girls, ovarian damage (oophoritis). The severity of these
complications can be different, sometimes up to infertility. To protect
a child’s risks of having such health effects can
using vaccinations.

ATакцинация от кори, краснухи и mumps

Before vaccination, read
an article on how to prepare a child for vaccination – rules, tips
and recommendations


Согласно календарю вакцинации (см календарь прививок
детям до 1 года в России
 — что нужно знать
), первая прививка от кори, краснухи и mumps
carried out according to this schedule:

  • first vaccination – 1 year
  • revaccination – after 6 years.

If a прививки не были сделаны в срок, то потом они делаются уже
after 13 years.

Usually vaccination consists in setting two vaccines:
doubled from measles and mumps and separate from rubella AT
clinics all vaccinations for children are free and already used
purchased vaccines: first – Russian-made, second –

If a же родители хотят сократить количество уколов или больше
trust in vaccine manufacturers – you can buy and deliver
imported triple vaccine (MMP-II, Priorix). True, in the case of
вакцинацией от кори, краснухи и mumps оказывается, что
domestic vaccines are better tolerated and less likely to cause allergies,
because there as one of the components used
quail protein, and in foreign – chicken.

Прививки от кори, краснухи и mumps можно ставить
on the same day with any other vaccinations other than BCG. AT некоторых
vaccination cases against listed infections will have to
refuse. Contraindications to measles, rubella and
�“Pigs” are:

  • immunodeficiency states
  • the presence of strong allergic reactions in the past (especially
    chicken protein)

ATременно отложить прививку стоит в случае, если ребенку недавно
a blood transfusion was done. ATакцинация при этом откладывается на 3
of the month.

After vaccination

Прививка от кори, краснухи и mumps обычно не вызывает реакции
The child has. Maximum – slightly swells and reddens the injection site, can
be a little soreness in this place.

AT случаях, когда реакция все же появляется, она может проявиться
not immediately, but after 1-2 weeks. Your child may have a fever.
(читаем статью: повышение температуры у
ребенка после прививки — нормальное явление или бить тревогу?
и внезапно появиться признаки ОРATИ (насморк, кашель, увеличение
lymph nodes). Sometimes there are symptoms of an allergic reaction.

To prevent complications from vaccination, you can give in advance
child antiallergic agent. Unpleasant sensations
are removed by painkillers, all other signs
complications are also removed symptomatically (antipyretic with
temperature, nose drops at a cold).

AT целом прививки от кори, краснухи и mumps считаются самыми
�”Easy” for the child, while they save him in the future from
serious health problems, so refuse vaccination
due to the belief about the dangers of vaccinations is not reasonable. Timely
vaccination against seemingly harmless childhood infections,
duly done will not do any harm and only
will help maintain health.

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