Use of disinfectants when cleaningincreases the risk of obesity in children

Update: February 2019

The usual disinfectants that we use to
уборки дома, способны  повлиять на микробиом младенцев,
increasing the risk of being overweight. This conclusion was made by a group of scientists from
Canada under the leadership of A. Korzhinski from the University of Alberta.
The results are published in the publication Canadian Medical.
Association Journal.

Most people use different chemicals when
cleaning Almost every home has surfactant-based detergents.
for washing dishes, carpets, etc. Others prefer 
environmentally friendly products based on natural ingredients.
Still others actively use disinfectants that
undoubtedly beneficial, but also harmful, as it turned out.


Experts analyzed the population of microorganisms in feces
757 babies in the age group of 3-4 months. Next, scientists
traced the dynamics of the weight of children when they came 1 year, 3
of the year. Results were compared between 3 groups of children from families
using disinfectants, ordinary detergents and environmentally friendly
safe formulations.

AT результате было установлено,  что большим изменениям
was exposed to intestinal microflora in children from families, often

  • decrease in the number of hemophilus bacilli and clostridia
  • Bacteria growth family Lachnospiraceae
  • this group of children also had an increased risk of being overweight by 3
    years (see obesity in children).

Two other groups of such changes have not been established. AT
families using environmentally friendly microbiocenosis
the intestines were also different (there were fewer enterobacteria), but the risk
obesity was less in comparison with other groups. This is
confirmation that environmentally friendly products are safer and healthier
man, and for nature.

Previously, scientists have proven that similar changes may occur
with microbiocenosis when exposed to environmental disinfectants
medium (experiments were carried out on pigs). New research
was a confirmation of the old result.

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