Use cream against the sun and visitBasin affects the nervous system

Update: February 2019

Scientists from the world famous Moscow State University. Lomonosov held
research of creams from sun rays, and also water in pools,
which showed: their use is far from safe for health.
It’s all about the so-called “avobenzone” – a special chemical
component in their composition. During the reaction of avobenzon with water
(brominated, chrorated) and by the radiation of the Sun it decomposes
on harmful substances.


To prove this claim, the researchers staged a large
experiment in their university lab to study
the structure of substances. Chlorine-containing pool water
targeted avobenzon. To all this
added the effect of ultraviolet radiation. As a result, this chemical
the compound disintegrated into many other subsidiaries (aromatic
acids, phenols, aldehydes, acetophenones), which are not as
harmless to humans.

For example, acetophenone is a strong sleeping pill that goes into
substance inside the tear cans. And if you apply
brominated water, avobenzon will disintegrate even more rapidly and
on a greater number of daughter substances. In the presence of copper salts in the water
Bromoform is synthesized altogether – a toxic product for the liver,
renal tissue, nerve structures.

The results of the experiment drew attention to Albert Lebedev
(Head of the Faculty of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University):
�”UV filters in sunscreens, such as oxide
titanium of inorganic nature, zinc oxide and benzophenone,
definitely protect our skin from the action of the sun. With their contact
with sea water, ultraviolet, oxygen transformation
benzophenone practically not implemented. But if he gets under
influence of water with chlorine or bromine (more often in pools), it becomes
not useful, but harmful. That is why the future confronts us
the task of finding new components of creams from the sun’s rays “.

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