USB device can detect HIV in the bloodin just 21 minutes

Update: February 2019

London Imperial College and DNA Electronics from
The Americas were able to develop a special USB drive. Uniqueness
is that he is able to detect the presence of HIV in the blood
examine and determine the concentration of the virus. For the procedure
the device needs only a drop of blood. After contact with her drive
forms an electrical signal available to any researcher with the condition
connect to USB port on any suitable device.

Scientists say that in 95% of cases the test is accurate.
Of course, it is too early to talk about the introduction of this technology in medicine. But
development prospects are great. HIV-infected people can
control the level of the virus in the blood just like the sick
people with diabetes control glycemia (blood sugar).


Among the advantages of British technology now

  • Speed ​​and considerable ease of analysis.
  • The ability to determine the amount of HIV in the blood, not just its

Today, the test for immunodeficiency virus does not give a chance to track
changes in the concentration of viral particles. This information can give
special studies, the results of which have to wait
three days. A USB drive will completely solve this problem.

The latest development has been tested on 991 blood tests. Wherein
the average duration of one study was 20.8 minutes.
Proper implementation of technology analysis includes:

  1. Place a drop of blood at the specified location of the drive.
  2. In the presence of HIV in the chip embedded in the drive changes
    acidity (pH level).
  3. The chip generates an electrical signal, sends it to
    storage device.
  4. A device inserted into the USB channel visualizes the results.
    analysis on the computer: became higher, lower or unchanged level
    HIV particles in the blood.

Treated population with immunodeficiency virus gets
antiretroviral drugs that reduce the number of
HIV in the blood. But если лечение не работает, титр ВИЧ вновь
is increasing. Imperial College scientists test will help to see the moment
the beginning of the growth of the virus. So, an emergency change of the scheme is possible.
therapy so that the disease does not move to more severe stages.

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