U.S. Coronavirus vaccine test

Jennifer Haller is a U.S. citizen who volunteers to trial of the first vaccine from Covid-19. Injection the woman received 03/16/2020, while she was asked to sign document describing possible risks. According to the woman, in the first day after receiving the vaccine, she had a slightly elevated temperature. On the second day, severe pain in the arm was felt. After, no side effects were observed. Jennifer and the remaining 44 volunteers will receive a second dose soon otoronavirus vaccines. The course of treatment consists of two injections to be given to patients with an interval of 28 days. Until 2021, doctors will monitor health volunteers. Thus, all 45 people will contribute to победу над пандемией.Даннуюa vaccine for treating coronavirus called RNA-1273 developed the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases (National Institute of Allergy andInfectious Diseases) in Seattle. Initially her tested on animals, after getting good results, decided to test the vaccine in humans. world statistics on April 16th, in the US there are 622,923 coronavirus-infected people, of which 47,707 recovered and 27586 dead.


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