Ureaplasmosis – causes, signs, symptoms andtreatment, how ureaplasmosis is transmitted to man

Ureaplasmosis очень широко распространен, являясь одной из
most common sexually transmitted infections
(STI). Causative agent этого заболевания – микроорганизм
Ureaplasma, referring to intracellular microbes. Under
ureaplasmosis imply the presence of an inflammatory process in
genitourinary system in which, during laboratory studies,
ureaplasma is detected and no other pathogen is detected.

What is this disease, underlying causes and symptoms, and ways
treatment – consider in this article.

What is ureaplasmosis?


Ureaplasmosis — это заболевание, характеризующееся
inflammatory processes in the urogenital system caused by
conditionally pathogenic microorganism
— уреаплазмой (Ureaplasma urealyticum).

Ureaplasma is a microscopic microorganism capable of
intracellular parasitism. Currently observed
persistent upward trend

Along with this there is mainly one-time
инфицирование несколькими видами половых инфекций: гонорея,
микоплазма, уреаплазма, хламидиоз. Therefore, the symptoms
the disease may change.

The most favorable factor for the development of ureaplasmosis is
reduced immunity, which may be caused by poor quality and
malnutrition, bad habits, viral
disease, nervous disorders and constant stress,
use of antibacterial and hormonal drugs,
radiation exposure.

Видов уреаплазм существует множество, но наиболее значимых
из них два:

  • Ureaplasma urealyticum (Ureaplasma urealytikum),
  • Ureaplasma parvum (Ureaplasma parvum).

The reasons

Ureaplasmosis is caused by a bacterium, an intracellular parasite. Of
for its small size, this bacterium is intermediate
state between bacteria and viruses. However she willingly
colonizes mucous genital organs.

Household infection with ureaplasmosis is unlikely, as a rule,
adults are infected through sexual contact. By carriers
ureaplasmas are about 50% of women, the percentage of infected men
significantly less and in men
self healing In addition, infection with ureaplasmosis can
occur during childbirth from mother to child.

The main causes of accelerated reproduction

  • reduced immunity
  • immunodeficiency states
  • frequent treatment of genital organs with antiseptics (chlorhexidine,
  • taking antibiotics
  • использование интравагинальных свечей с антибиотиками или
  • presence of other genital infections,
  • frequent change of sexual partners.

How is ureaplasmosis transmitted?

Ureaplasmosis does not appear immediately, without disturbing a person for a long time
time. Of-за этого носитель заболевания может даже и не знать о нем
and continues to infect sexual partners for a long period.
The incubation period of ureaplasmosis is 2-4 weeks.

How is the person transmitted? There are 2 ways:

  • Sexual;
  • Non-gender.

The main routes of transmission of Ureaplasma spp are considered unprotected
половые контакты, и заражение младенцев от матери
внутриутробно или в процессе прохождения через родовые
of the way.

If the infection has penetrated sexually, then the incubation period
depends on the state of the infected body, on average approximately
about a month. However, infection does not always lead to
diseases. Ureaplasma can live for years in the human body,
не вызывая никаких неудобств и симптомов diseases.

Symptoms of ureaplasmosis in adults

For a long time, ureaplasma may not give signals about itself,
being inactive for years. Exacerbations are most often associated with
internal reorganizations, such as pregnancy, or
taking hormonal drugs. Symptoms are similar to many.
STDs, so trying to diagnose yourself is not
worth it.

The main signs of ureaplasmosis:

  • burning in the urethra, turning into itching;
  • whitish hazy secretions from the genitals (usually by
  • cutting sensation when urinating.
Ureaplasmosis Symptoms
Among women
  • scanty discharge from the urethra;
  • burning and pain in the penis, which are intensified during
    time of sexual intercourse or urination;
  • soreness in the scrotum;
  • impaired sperm quality;
  • discomfort and prolonged pulling in and out of the depths
    abdomen and perineum.
In men
  • жжение и резь в половом органе в процессе
  • болезненные ощущения в области головки члена во время
  • тянущие боли в промежности и внизу живота;
  • боль в мошонке (яичках);
  • не обильные выделения из полового органа;
  • decrease in sexual desire.


The apparent seriousness of the disease is deceptive. Effectsми
ureaplasmosis becomes a number of problems, often causing
irreparable harm to health:

  • chronic inflammation of the reproductive organs;
  • cystitis;
  • pyelonephritis, often a chronic form;
  • urolithiasis in men and women;
  • infertility of both one and second partner;
  • erectile dysfunction and prostatitis in men;
  • impotence;
  • various pathologies of pregnancy, including ectopic development
    and miscarriages at any time;
  • general destruction of the immune system, provoking development
    other diseases.

Do not consider the presence in the body of ureaplasma and
as the main cause of infertility. On the opportunity to get pregnant
it is not the fact of the presence of the pathogen that affects, but the presence
inflammatory process. If there is one, it should
immediately carry out treatment, and necessarily together with
as a permanent sexual partner, because ureaplasmosis breaks and
male reproductive function.



Diagnostics уреаплазмоза не представляет слишком большой
difficulties for modern medicine.

A visit to the doctor must be preceded by the preparation of:

  • 2 days before the appointment with the doctor, it is necessary to refrain from
    whatever sexual intercourse
  • Within 2 days before the inspection it is necessary to stop
    use of any vaginal suppositories, gels and other drugs
    administered vaginally.
  • It is necessary to stop douching, use of vaginal
  • On the eve of a visit to the doctor in the evening, it is worth washing with warm water.
    preferably without using soap.
  • On the day of treatment, washing is contraindicated.

For reliable laboratory diagnosis of ureaplasmosis today
use a combination of several methods selected by a doctor.
Usually several techniques are used to obtain more accurate

  • Serological method (detection of antibodies). This method
    diagnosis is assigned to identify the causes of miscarriage, infertility, and
    also inflammatory diseases in the postpartum
  • Культуральное исследование: посев на питательные среды
    microorganisms. A week later, calculate the growth of colonies
    и делают заключение: больше 10 в 4 степени КОЕ
    на мл — диагностически значимое количество уреаплазм,
    меньше — диагностически не значимое. Также с помощью
    этого анализа определяют чувствительность к antibiotics.
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Pretty expensive method.
    С его помощью можно определить даже незначительное количество
    бактерий или вирусов в сыворотке крови задолго
    до клинических проявлений болезни.
  • Иммунофлюорисценция (РНИФ — непрямая, РПИФ — прямая).
    Один из самых недорогих методов выявления патогенной
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) detects antibodies to proteins
    ureaplasmas. The procedure allows you to decide which infection provokes
    diseases of the genitourinary sphere and properly treat pathology. Via
    method, you can conduct a differential diagnosis and determine
    titer (the number of microorganisms in the blood).

Examination and treatment of ureaplasmosis need to go through and
sexual partner, even if he has no complaints.

Treatment of ureaplasmosis

Treatment is usually performed on an outpatient basis.  Causative agent
This disease is very easily adapted to various
antibiotics. Sometimes, even a few courses of treatment are
ineffective because to find the right antibiotic happens
extremely difficult. Can help in the choice of seeding ureaplasma with
определением чувствительности к antibiotics.

An important condition for successful treatment is the treatment of ureaplasmosis in
both partners. The main methods include:

  • use of antibacterial drugs;
  • the appointment of immunomodulators;
  • use of funds for local treatment;
  • physiotherapy.


The main means in the treatment of ureaplasmosis are considered
antibiotics. They are applied topically in the form of gels, ointments, solutions,
vaginal suppositories are taken orally and are even possible
intravenous infusions that improve the bioavailability of the drug and
creating the ability to avoid the many side effects associated
with the passage of antibiotics through the liver while taking pills.

Treatment with antibacterial drugs is carried out in
according to the sensitivity to them present in the body
microbes. Antibiotics of the following groups act on ureaplasma:

  • macrolides – means “Clarithromycin”, “Erythromycin”,
    �Oleandomycin and others;
  • tetracycline drugs;
  • antifungal agents;
  • linkosamines – Clindamycin, Dalacin;
  • antifungal medications.

Restoration of normal microflora

Intensive use of antibacterial drugs with
ureaplasmosis affects not only ureaplasmas, but also on beneficial
microorganisms necessary to inhibit the growth of pathogenic
microflora. Because the restoration of normal biocenosis of genital
pathways is a prerequisite for recovery.

For this purpose, appointed eubiotics prim drugs:

  • Khilak Forte,
  • linex,
  • Bifidumbacterin,
  • acylact.


Immunomodulators are also prescribed to the patient with ureaplasmosis.
(thymalin, takin, lysozyme, de-caris, methyluracil). As
immunomodulator can be used extract of Eleutherococcus and
pantocrine. At the end of the course of treatment, the patient is prescribed vitamins B
and C, bifidum- and lactobacterin, hepatoprotectors (stimulation of the function
liver and gallbladder).

Observe proper nutrition.

The diet aims to increase the body’s defenses and should
contain the required amount carbohydrates, proteins, fats, beneficial
vitamins and trace elements.

Основной целью диеты в данном случае становится укрепление
body defenses, so the food that forms the basis of the diet
must contain enough protein, fat and
carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals.

  1. It is very important to refrain from treating ureaplasmosis during treatment.
    drinking alcohol, even the weakest, because antibiotics
    and alcohol are completely incompatible.
  2. In addition, it is necessary to significantly limit, and better at all
    eliminate fatty, spicy and salty foods, as well as smoked meats and
  3. In addition, it is not recommended to use sweet and flour in
    large quantities.

Having completed a full course of treatment, a person must pass
analyzes again. If the disease does not recede completely, then treat
ureaplasma already given the fact that bacteria have developed resistance
to drugs taken earlier.

How to treat folk methods?

Treatment of ureaplasmosis народными средствами пользуется
popular among the population, because herbs are widely known and
plants whose extracts have antibacterial and
anti-inflammatory effect. However, it is necessary to understand that
medicinal extracts are not always effective enough
отношению к высоким концентрациям патогенных microorganisms.

  1. When itching and burning, a decoction of oak bark is used to wash out.
    such a tool relieves discomfort and contributes to the destruction
  2. With symptoms of ureaplasmosis, licorice root, kopeck, cones
    alder and grass series in equal parts crushed, mixed between
    by myself. The resulting collection is poured half a liter of boiling water and insist in
    Thermos 12 hours. It is necessary to take a folk remedy for
    treatment for half a cup 3 times a day.
  3. A whole range of medicinal herbs that are long in folk
    medicine called female, also gives a positive result for
    treatment of ureaplasmosis. This is the wintergreen, the uterine boron, the goldenrod,
    wintergirl. They are used both for making tea collections and for
    external use.
  4. Flowers mother and stepmothers, flax, sabelnika and leaves of olives are taken
    in equal proportions, dried, crushed and poured for 12 hours
    liter of boiling water, insist. Take with symptoms of ureaplasmosis
    such a remedy three times a day for half a glass.
  5. oak bark (two parts), Badana root (one part), pine wood
    uterus (one part), Kuril tea (one part): 20 grams of collection per
    one cup of boiling water, simmer under a lid on low heat in
    20 minutes, insist two hours, use for outdoor
    genital hygiene and douching.

Рекомендации при уреаплазмозе

An important condition for full recovery and its fixation are
The following measures are prescribed by the dermatovenerologist:

  • taking drugs to maintain the gallbladder and liver;
  • massage of the prostate gland (for men with a diagnosis
  • taking drugs that increase the function of the immune system;
  • observance of the correct mode of life (proper rest and
  • use of microflora reducing pills


What should be done to not and become infected with ureaplasmosis, and
if an infection has occurred, then what should be done to
avoid complications?

  • Reduction or elimination of casual sex.
  • For casual sexual intercourse (regardless of the type
    contact) need to use individual barrier means
  • Treatment should be complex and be crowned with negative
    the result of the control test.
  • Maintaining a high level of immunity will allow you to cope with
    this infection to the body itself.

Ureaplasmosis – a dangerous inflammatory disease that carries
for unpleasant symptoms and consequences. It is necessary to treat ailment
timely in the event of even the smallest symptom
characteristic of ureaplasmosis. Only then can the disease be healed and
avoid complications such as infertility.

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